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Tiger Woods Wants His Ex-Wife Back. She Wants an Anti-Cheating Clause.


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Word on the green is that Tiger Woods wants to get back with his ex-wife Elin Nordegren. As we all remember, the two divorced over Tiger’s infidelity and Elin left with $750 million, the largest celebrity divorce settlement ever, which is nothing to sneeze at. Now Tiger wants to do it all over again and has even offered to give her a $350 million “anti-cheating clause.” Either Tiger Woods is madly in love or he’s just crazy. Read more about the arrangement below:

This excerpt is from Fox Sports:

“According to the National Enquirer, Woods wants to remarry Nordegren and he’s offering a huge chunk of change to get her back. The magazine also reports that Tiger even proposed to her over Christmas, getting down on one knee and presenting Nordegren with a ring.

Nordegren is reportedly considering the proposal from Woods, who is desperate to get Nordegren back, but wants a $350 million anti-cheating clause added to the contract.

Woods’ proposed deal reportedly is worth over half of his estimated $600 million fortune.”

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So #SBMFAM, if someone cheated on you would you get back with them? Would there be new stipulations to the relationship? What would you require in your new arrangement? Is Tiger Woods crazy or is he just trying to do right by a woman he did wrong? What do you think of her “proposed” anti-cheating clause?


  1. Poor baby. He really believes if he can get everything back to the way it was, everything will go back to the way it was.

    1. the money thing wrong ,it all a Set up Tiger did wrong, but u think his ex was was not sleeping around, with the coal guy, small bj on the side, sure maybe she allow wood to do what he wanted, because She gave up for the money and kids, she lost the love until she met some on els Elin didnt know how to espace Tiger ,.So she play her role on waiting for tiger big mistake, But Come on, , but Elin kept a secret lol Date her own neighbor . ,that a motive right there, There are clues tiger and Elin, his EX wife l ?She wanted him to cheated on her, in order for settlements ,,

  2. if someone cheated on you would you get back with them? NO….ever.

    Would there be new stipulations to the relationship? read above 😉

    Is Tiger Woods crazy or is he just trying to do right by a woman he did wrong? He's INSANE…ima leave it at that.

    What do you think of her “proposed” anti-cheating clause? It's garbage…WHY does it have to come down to money? She basically want's 350mill for 'wasting her time' if he was to cheat again(or this time, he can even be simply 'accused' of it = negative 350mill) I'm Positive…If Tiger would've somehow lost the rest of his fortune and proposed to her…no clause would've been brought up, she would've simply said NO.

  3. Dear Mr. Woods,
    Wow Tiger. No matter how good "it" was, "It" aint lined with gold my friend. And if you have to pay her $350 million to be with you, is this a person you really want to be with? Yeah, yeah, I know you done effed up and regret your actions and miss your boo. You wanna make things right, I get it. But resorting to bribery, coercion, incentives, and balloon payouts for some cooch just aint worth it. She's making dollaz while you aint making sense. Besides, if she accepts, its the money she's marrying…not you. Walk away man. Just let it go. Let. it. go.

    One Voice of Reason,
    – Mr SoBo
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    1. My man SoBo with the representation. We know it's not lined with gold: if it were, he wouldn't have cheated and gotten himself into the situation. He also makes a point with the fact that he can't make it right if she doesn't want to – which we can tell by the $350MM request. Tiger needs to go the Nino Brown route: cancel that girl, and buy another one.
      My recent post Truth and Te'o

        1. Jesus Christ, she is not just some "cooch"! She's the mother of his children! "Buy another one"? It's so wonderful to see how women are really thought of. I can't.

        2. Going to answer both of y'all at once. Kopa, I would say that a lot of men – hopefully the majority – love women for non-physical reasons. However, neither SoBo's comment nor mine was not about "men". Both were about Tiger. Amaris, she is just a body part…to Tiger. If she had the respect – from him – that a wife and children's mother should have, he wouldn't have cheated. You obviously consider those positions to be valuable. So do I. He didn't. It's not about men in general, it's not about me: it's about Tiger. "It's so wonderful to see how women are really thought of"…funny how you used sarcasm, but did not see the facetious nature of my New Jack City quote usage: and that's to say nothing of the assumption that my statement is an indicator of my sentiment toward women.
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  4. It seems like the men on this thread are trippin on Elin! For what? Tiger is in love and wants his woman back period. But he should move on and just realize that ruining his marriage was one of the greatest mistakes he ever made. Oh well, you when some, you lose some. We all gotta learn.

  5. We all read and heard that Tiger Wood cheating on his ex-wife back on 2009. I find it hard to be believe that Tiger's comment about getting back with his ex-wife Elin and offering her $350 million and to add even more "Why would she add "anti-cheating clause" I think and feel that if she is willing to make it work, than money shouldn't be involve in the relationship. Love should be a testament for two people are willing to work harder and understand each other. Money only talks. There is no trust in any relationship when it comes down to money.. Family is all we need and happiness. So whatever Tiger decides I pray that he would think twice and just focus and learn from his mistakes.. That's just my option.

  6. Once a man has cheated on his woman, the bond is broken. I know, I personally experienced that. The love is torn down to the point there is no love at all. Just disdain along with feeling of resentment. I would be willing to bet that if Tiger and Elin reunite, it will be for a very short period of time. You just cannot revisit what was once. So, I believe that she is expecting to eventually walk away wealthy. I say, good going Elin.

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  8. Wait a second the settlement was nowhere near that much Tiger's wife only got a little over a hundred million not seven hundred

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