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Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Get Into a Cat Fight


chris brown frank ocean fight

Trouble seems to follow Chris Brown everywhere. The past few years haven’t been the best for CB. He’s gone from beating up women (Rih-Rih), throwing bottles at soft R&B singers (Drizzy Drake), and now wrestling gay men (Frank Ocean). C-Breezy isn’t exactly boosting his bad boy image as much as he’s becoming a PR nightmare.

Last night, Chris Brown got into an altercation with the Grammy-nominated Frank Ocean at an LA studio. Frank took to his Twitter account saying C-Breezy tried to jump him in the parking lot. Police are calling Frank Ocean the victim, but other sources say he instigated the situation. Regardless of who started this brawl cat fight, CB really should’ve been staying as far away from controversy as humanly possible, but it seems he’s a pundit for gossip and drama.

Some sources say that this altercation stems all the way back from July 2011,

“However, this might not be just about a parking space. The two R&B singers have history.

The beef started back in July, 2011 when the singers exchanged words on twitter. What started as Chris Brown trying to give Frank Ocean a compliment, turned into something so much more.

The exchange went as follows…”

Click here for the history of alleged pop singer beef (that phrase is funny in itself).

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Are you tired of Chris Brown’s antics? Will he ever really serve some hard time for his actions? Do you think Frank instigated this fight?

UPDATE: Bossip reports, Chris Brown could be charged with a hate crime and/or assault with a deadly weapon. Read article here


  1. I remember their twitter beef, it was so out of nowhere, Frank totally took it wrong… And then it escalated because Chris can't just move on…
    But now this fight… I'm sorry i can't… How old are they? Like come on… And u didn't even report Frank's tweet… Dude was basically wishing Everest was there… (Everest is his dog)… Ok i'm done, this is ridiculous!!! I'm sure Frank started it, but Chris is the one with a record… I can see the titles from here "AFTER A WOMAN… A GAY!" (and then he's gonna have a tattoo of Frank's finger on his neck just to remember…) Ok i really am done… Someone help the kid Chris por favor, he needs help!!!


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