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Five Things the Super Bowl Commercials Told You About the Actual Game


Chykie Brown

Let’s have a moment of silence for the end of a great football season.


Sunday’s Super Bowl turned out to be a great game after what started to looked like a historic beatdown. In the end, the better team won and the game was exciting, which is all you can ask for (unless you are a fan of the Niners).

Many have and will continue discussing the game’s key plays, Beyonce’s performance (and wardrobe malfunction?), and the 34-minute blackout delay. I said my piece on each of those via Twitter already, but since noticed the parallel between the famous Super Bowl commercials and the action in the game. Here are five Super Bowl moments reflected in Super Bowl commercials:

Audi “Prom” commercial versus Jacoby Jones’ concussion –


jacobyLook. I’m all for making the NFL safer. Repeated head trauma, CTE, and early-onset dementia are issues that could seriously threaten the popularity (and profitability) of professional football sooner than we all think.

However…that hit was incredible.

That’s the issue the NFL faces in the coming years. How do they balance what we want to see (big hits and choreographed violence) with what we don’t want to see (former players with crippling mental and physical injuries)? It’s impossible to maximize both, and finding the balance is Commissioner Roger Goddell’s most pressing duties.

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The obvious link to the commercial is the haymaker that kid took from the Prom King. He did, of course, stay on his feet (unlike Jones), but each went home with something to cherish.

Tracy Morgan’s Mio Fit commercial versus Paul Kruger’s Sack Dance –










This is basically just two fat guys being more active than I gave them credit for.

More pressing questions: who approves Tracy Morgan as a pitchman for a new sports drink? Did the person with the idea get a promotion? Did Tracy have to get in shape for that role? How many things do you associate with Tracy Morgan before you get to “sports drink,” “electrolyte,” “good health,” or “exercise?” A thousand?

Dodge’s “Farmer” commercial versus the 34-minute Blackout –













Both dragged on longer than necessary and had me checking the clock. A couple times.

I actually didn’t hate the Dodge commercial; I just wish it were cut in half. To me, this was a nod to the super-successful Chrysler/Imported From Detroit commercials…except designed for people in the Midwest and Great Plains. That’s fine for Dodge to do, but it risked alienating broad groups of people. I imagine re-airs of this commercial will find their way to The Outdoor Channel or CMT.

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The blackout struck me in a similar way: the first 11 minutes were Twitter Gold. Props to those who had Bane photoshops going viral in minutes. The last 20 minutes were a mix of recycled Bane/Beyonce jokes and way more Steve Tasker than I was ready for. This was a moment that will ensure we remember this Super Bowl forever, but not your best work, All-of-Twitter.

Tide’s “Miracle Stain” as the Niners’ Failed Comeback –



One of the surprisingly entertaining commercials from Sunday, Tide and the Joe Montana Stain made their appearance just as the Niners began their comeback. I guess we should have known how things would end up.

The Miracle Stain and the actual Niners both inspired hope in their fans before being snuffed out by the Ravens. The Stain fell at the hands of the worst wife ever; the Niners lost after the missed hold on Michael Crabtree in the end zone. While I recognize that Crabtree was held on that play, I don’t think any ref in the world would make that call. The Niners had their chances inside the five yard line. They should have cashed in.

I’m FAR more concerned with the safety of that fictional wife. I’m just glad she wasn’t fake-married to Chris Brown.

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 GoDaddy’s “Big Idea” commercial and the Ravens’ Big Idea –


Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens

In the final game of the regular season, the Ravens suffered a big loss on the offensive line. Starting Guard Jah Reid went down with a season-ending toe injury, forcing the team to adjust. They did so with a series of moves instead of plugging someone into Reid’s position; a risk that many teams wouldn’t have considered.

The moves turned out to be the boost needed to propel the offense to a new level and, ultimately, a Super Bowl ring. Joe Flacco had one of the best postseasons ever, posting 11 touchdowns against ZERO interceptions and eight sacks in four games. Not bad for a team missing their starting guard. This bold decision put the Ravens in the captain’s chair asking for more everything.

That’s what I noticed in the Super Bowl, what were your favorite commercials? Did any of them win over your Super Bowl party? Is anyone happier than that kid who got to kiss Bar Rafaeli a bunch of times?

Hit the comments below!


  1. I thought all the commercials were good. One that stood out to me was the godaddy commercial. It was enlightening to see the nerd actually win!!!!

    1. Funny you say that because A LOT of my friends were disgusted by it. They turned up the "smack" sounds of the kiss, which was hilarious to me. I thought GoDaddy had two good ones instead of the usual T&A.

  2. I liked the VW commercial. Makes me laugh every time I see it. And I always pay attention to the movie trailers. Thats my favorite part of the commercial slots.
    Now as for that hit…LAWD!!! We had to rewind and watch that a few times. That hit was beautifully vicious but fully legal. But in regards to safety, the sad reality is that there is NOTHING you can do to prevent concussions. Because they are caused by a shifting of the brain INSIDE the skull no helmet around the outside can truly fully protect you.
    And what about Randy Moss? Can we talk about this fool who boldly claimed to be better than the GOAT Jerry Rice yet was a complete non-factor this past Sunday? Letting up on plays. Dropping balls. Missing opportunities to make game changing moves. But he thinks he is better than "Do-It-All" Jerry Rice?

    1. Di land a' ten tousand lakes! Lol…like that one as well.

      Since you don't think they can do anything about safety…do you think football is doomed? I know I have some pause about my not-yet-existing son playing. I wonder if, like boxing, it will fade toward the margins instead of being the marquee sport that it is now.

      I don't fault Moss for thinking/saying he's the best. I'd be surprised if he DIDN'T feel that way. I don't think he was good Sunday becuase he's old. And I think that pass on the INT was overthrown, I cut him slack for that. He'll go down as one of the best 3-5 WR's ever. That'll work.

      1. I dont think football is doomed but at some point people must (or will) realize that playing has serious occupational hazards. Brain trama being amongst the highest. And that there is nothing more that can be done other than to take the gamble. If they try to water down the game too much then its not the sport we love anymore.

        I think you are being too leniant with Moss. I think he could have at least made an attempt on the ball. Reach for it at bare minimum. Dude is like 6'5" with hops but soon as the ball sailed a bit he put his arms down and gave up. And did he even make a play to tackle Reed when he intercepted it? I dont remember. He also had the chance to bail out Kaep when he scrambled to the right in the red zone. Moss was in the endzone and COULD have broke to the back corner to give Kaep a target. Instead he gave up on the play. And there is more but you understand what I'm saying. Maybe Top 5 but definitely not #1.

        1. I hear what you're saying about football…I just think there will be less people willing to take that gamble. OR less people willing to watch when they know the guy whose unconscious on the field might be headed for dimentia in his early 40's.

          Regarding Moss…I probably am being to leniant. The guy is, and will always be a physical freak. And he did admit to "playing when he wants to play" in Oakland. I actually think Kaep WAS throwing to him in the back of the end zone on that scramble. Crabtree just reached up.

          San Fran obviously has enough to get there next year. Just wonder if Moss will be along for the ride.


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