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Doggone Shame: Couple Shot Dead by Elderly Neighbor Over Dog Poop?!



Two Texan households had been arguing over dog feces that the engaged couple kept sweeping onto their neighbor’s patio. Sh!t got real Things took a drastic turn when Chung Kim, 75, neighbor of engaged black couple Jamie Stafford and Michelle Jackson were shot dead yesterday over a dispute of “dog feces”.

Chung Kim took all he could take when he shot down the pregnant Michelle Jackson, then proceeded into the house and shot and killed her fiancee Jamie Stafford as he tried to flee. The couple left behind four children. This is a tragic story, it seems people tend to die over frivolous things these days:

A young couple from Dallas, Texas, were gunned down Monday after police say an elderly neighbor became enraged that they had failed to clean up after their dog.

According to an arrest affidavit, Chung Kim, 75, had been fighting with Jamie Stafford and his fiancee, Michelle Jackson, both aged 31, over dog feces being dropped onto his patio and front entrance…

The tragedy unfolded at around 8am Monday inside Sable Ridge Apartments in the 6100 block of Abrams Road in northeast Dallas after investigators say Jackson dumped their dog’s droppings at the front door on the patio of their downstairs neighbor, Chung Won Kim.

Read the rest of the story here.

Have you ever gotten into a dispute with a neighbor? Were they the neighbor from hell? What is something you’ve done to a past neighbor that you regret?




  1. That's very sad. It's horrible that the couple had children as well, because they have to deal with the fact that their mother and father are deceased.

    I've lived around people who play loud music, and that's an issue, but I wouldn't go as far as to shoot them. I can't comment much on dogs; I don't think I've had many neighbors who were dog people.

    I believe the couple was African-American and the man who shot them was Asian, correct? If so, that adds another element to this crime. I could go on, but this comment is long enough, so I'll stop here. This is just horrible all around.
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  2. This is why it is important to practice civility, common courtesy and basic respect for your fellow man.
    Definitely not saying the outcome was warranted or even right. Its unfortunate and disheartening. However, if the story is accurate, it would seem they were terrorizing the old man. Going out of your way to routinely enter someone else's property and put dog sh*t on their doorstep is beyond disrespectful. And these are grown adults doing this, not children simply playing a mischievous prank.

    Again, the outcome was extreme, but of course certain folks will bring race into this? Could it have played a part in the outcome, perhaps. But bad behavior is bad behavior and it shouldn't be overshadowed by race. According to the report, this was ongoing, not a random one time act of overzealousness. The all were wrong, but sh*t didn't have to turn out that way. So senseless…all of it.
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  3. this is some crazy sh*t!! people these days just don't have any morals or values but then you wanna complain about animal sh*t. I'm starting to find it very hard to tell the difference between humans and animals. A human being can take another persons life for ignorant reasons without any remorse at all where in the world is your self-control people? Good Lord give and ONLY The Good Lord should take it away. Why are we so quick to take away someone else life?..maybe because we are more vicious than the animals we complain about.

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