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10 Quick, Yet Hilarious Observations from Last Night’s Grammys



Let’s take a quick look at what transpired at the 2013 Grammy Awards last night — here’s a quick list of 10 observations that stood out to me:

1. Whatever in holy hell Frank Ocean was talking about during his acceptance speech had most of America like, “Is Frank Ocean getting ready to put down an offer on Neverland Ranch?”

2. Ryan Seacrest lacks the male urge of “Damn look at those t*tties!” … but Ellen doesn’t.

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

3. What the hell was Rihanna talking about at the end of her red carpet interview?


Go to 1: 45

4. How come nobody told me the Oompa Loompas had a clothing line?


5. Can we all please stop giving Kelly Rowland 93-octane premium gas when it is clear that 87-octane regular ass gas will do just fine?

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

I’m sorry, [rant starting], I just don’t see it. It’s not that I’m a hater, or a Beyonce stan, or have complexion issues. Kelly Rowland looks like girls I see every day on the street, the train, the bus, in a broke down 94 Ford Escort. She is not all that. She’s pretty, fine – so are a lot of women. (Not for nothing she did her own nails last night on the way to the Grammys.)

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6. Favorited Tweets:

This too:

7. Nas isn’t the Susan Lucci of Hip Hop. He’s the Jim Kelly of Hip Hop – good guy, solid performances, one of the greats, just never been the best.


Also, his stans need to pipe down. He’s been nominated for the award four times and hasn’t won. Jay-Z has been nominated for the award nine times and only won once. Yeah and we know that Nas has been nominated for 13 Grammys in total and won nothing; Jay-Z has been nominated 51 times and only won 17. Think about that for a second, who’s really getting robbed?

(Just to address this here; I think 2 Chainz should have won Best Rap Album. According to the criteria for the award, he had the best rap album of the year. Take Care sounded like something Nicole Simpson could have made. Not to say it sucked, it just wasn’t rap music.)

8. Jennifer Lopez is filming a reality show called, Death Becomes Her.

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

This also ends the debate on Latin women and their shelf-life – Jennifer’s 43.

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9. Stop it LL.


No really, stop it.

10. Justin Timberlake ‘bout to win another BET Award, y’all.


Cheers. – Dr. J




  1. I missed the "Grammies" because I live on MST and for whatever reason the Grammys weren't live, so by the time I read/saw all the EST Tweets/pics on the show it seemed pointless to watch.

    I have a theory on why people love Kelly Rowland so much. Basically… *internet connection lost*

    1. "I have a theory on why people love Kelly Rowland so much. Basically… *internet connection lost*"

      Naw, son, lol.

      Y'all don't have any ghost-poster screen names or anything?! LOL! SHARING IS CARING!!!!

  2. Umm, Dr. J…

    HOW are you gonna shout out your own tweet as a favorite?! LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!!

    You are sumthin else…

    1. Could probably say the same thing for using Sprads quote too since he's a writer here.

      But they were funny tweets, nonetheless.

      And thank you, you're welcome.

  3. 1)Kelly was looking good… (steals dress)
    2)I would like too see Nas in one Grammy before he retires (at least on)
    3)JT just going to try and take Robin Thicke spot while he’s on “Real husbands of Hollywood”.
    4) I think Miguel should have won Urban Contemporary over Frank Ocean. I like Frank Ocean, his album was cool, but I enjoyed the mixtape a little better. He’s an alright live singer. His performance was different.
    5)Hov saved black history month, between the yack in his cup and commenting on the Dreams hat, Malcolm , Martin and Marvin would be proud . (Marvin Gaye)
    6)Katy Perry nice rack if I must say

  4. I did not find anything on this list hilarious. At all.

    I think my sense of humor is broken.

    Plus Kelly Rowland is beautiful to me for exactly that reason! She looks like a girl I would know. A gorgeous girl that’s approachable. She looked amazing last night

    1. Exactly…Look Dr. J, Ima call you out and say, "Yes, you got a complexion issue. PERIOD!"
      Only becuz Kelly runs circles around ur girl (Rosa) ANYDAY of the week!
      I know I know, Ima lady and probably can't understand the difference between them from a man's POV, BUT I had to say it!

      1. +1000
        If you have to say you don't have an issue, then you do!
        ..and don't give me that my preference spiel. Preference=conditioning!!!!!

  5. Nas has actually been the best in his craft before. The Jim Kelly comparison is more of an insult to him and his catalog. thats just being real.

    PPl will have to come to grips that he wont win a grammy. thats about it.

    Ellen is >>>

    1. I actually researched this before I said that. Jim Kelly led his team to the Super Bowl 4 straight times. That means for four straight years he was the best AB on the best team in the AFC. Unfortunately when he got to the big game, he just lost to a better team.

      In addition to Nas, to give this some perspective, there are three other people who've been nominated 4 times and never won. Missy, Lupe and The Roots, not for nothing, but that was ironic to me. So I looked at the years Nas was nominated…

      I am.. was not better than Slim Shady LP.
      Hip Hop is Dead was not better than Graduation.
      Untitled was not better than Tha Carter III.
      Life is Good is not better than Take Care (which I still don't think should have won, but even still Life is Good is not even better than Undun.)

      It's not really a controversial statement. When he was nominated for the award, he just wasn't the best. I can't think of a year in hip hop when I would say, Nas is the best rapper in the game right now. Like not once… I bet if we put that to a vote nationwide, you're not going to find a year over his career where he was. Not to say he's trash, just saying, he's never been higher than #2.

      1. "I can't think of a year in hip hop when I would say, Nas is the best rapper in the game right now. Like not once… "

        Grammys weren't around when Illmatic came out. That album was rated the best hip-hop album of all time by many people and organizations. That also means Biggie and Tupac were never in the running for best rapper in the game at any point.

        And using the Grammys to determine the best in the game? Since when have the Grammys been an authority on hip-hop? If that's the case, Eminem is undoubtedly the best rapper ever, because five of his six albums won Grammys, including Relapse and Recovery. Still want to use that metric?

        And I know you were trying to sucker us old folks into a response. I fell for it.

        1. "Life is Good is not better than Take Care"
          awww por favor?! :O!

          "Since when have the Grammys been an authority on hip-hop?"
          thank you!

        2. I would like to remind people…. Reasonable Doubt didn't win. Ready to Die didn't win. Biggie has no grammy as a solo artist.

  6. Rihanna was on another level of highness i mean not only she didn't make sense, but she could sing…
    I'm still not over Drake winning that award… -_-'! Take care really wasn't a good RAP album… I was very frustrated not only for Nas, but for The Roots (Undun is sweet as sugar!)
    I personnally think that Kelly was/is beautiful. I love how now everytime u have to say that there is nothing wrong with the complexion, lmao you know they are coming for you… It's ok you have all the right in the world to not find her that fine. We do though :D!
    JT is back i'm so happy!!! I see where the comparison between him and Robin Thick is coming from… But EUH… Have you ever see Robin Thick dance? L-O-L….

    And just for fun: http://instagram.com/p/Vkm3RGxDjo/


  7. 3. What the hell was Rihanna talking about at the end of her red carpet interview?
    ~ No…how about what the hell was she talking about in the BEGINNING of the interview? She searched for the right words for almost 30s. It was painful to hear. *sigh*

  8. Jennifer Lopez is past her shelf-life? Is that what you were saying? … She still looks beautiful to me, albeit that dress was not the best choice ever. Also Kelly Rowland was one the prettiest ladies there. Obviously we don't share the same taste for female beauty.

    Ellen is awesome. That's what everyone wanted to do anyway.

  9. Em…..I've watched the Rihanna interview about three times now, and it totally made sense, there's nothing puzzling about her words or articulation…basic Rihanna speech.


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