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5 Reasons Every Man Should Support Girls Night Out


Girls Night Out

I’ve always been a fan of “girls night out” or “ladies night” or “no men allowed.” For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, as the various names imply, these are nights dedicated to women of varying relationship statuses hanging out with just their girlfriends. The themes, costumes, and group sizes may vary, but undoubtedly, if you’re a man, at some point in your life you’ve been rebuffed by their sworn by blood allegiance, “WE CAME TOGETHER, WE LEAVE TOGETHER!”

It’s come to my attention that some men, mostly insecure jealous men, aren’t fans of the girls night out concept. In their mind, a committed woman should never leave their side for longer than 15-minutes unless it’s to cook, clean, or tend to the kids. According to these men, a committed woman has no business having fun that isn’t inspired by them and them alone while in a relationship. For these reasons, and because this is a stupid way of thinking, I decided to try to persuade these men with five reasons for supporting girls night out.

1. Trust, Women Love Trust

Most people agree that great sex trust is the most important trait to have in any relationship. You can’t build a strong relationship without first having a strong foundation of trust. It’s true. It’s easy to trust someone when you’re monitoring their every move. True trust involves believing that the person you’re with will not only act right in your presence, but more importantly, they’ll act right when you’re not around. The only thing women love more than being able to completely trust the man they’re with is feeling like they’re equally trusted by the man they love. Nothing demonstrates trust like allowing your woman to hang out with her friends without monitoring her on a pre-installed GPS app or tracking her every move via FourSquare or texting her every 5-minutes to see what she’s doing. Of course, trust is hard to gain and easy to lose but you shouldn’t have to treat your significant other like she’s constantly on parole and one failed pee test away from going back to prison on her third strike. Given the opportunity to breathe, most women will tell you that confidence and trust in your relationship is sexy, and these qualities actually strengthen your relationship and make her want to be respectful of the trust you’ve given her.

2. Win Over Her Friends

eCardOther than her parents, winning over a woman’s friends is one of the smartest relationship investments you can make. Trust me, you don’t want to date a girl whose friends hate you, because every chance they get they’re going to be in her ear telling her how she can do better than you, trying endlessly to sabotage the relationship by making mountains out of every molehill, trying to hook her up with “better” men and male friends they know, and basically, doing all within their power to make your life a living hell. Friends aren’t looking to break-up your relationship in one swift move; they’re in it for the long haul. For a woman’s friends, it’s a war of attrition, so there’s really no point in trying to fight it. It’s easier to just get them to like you. You can do so by not being the guy that “steals” their friend away from them. Within reason, you can draw the line. They don’t need to hit the club every night, but if her friends are missing their wing-woman because you’re too busy knocking her head into the headboard leaving her sore and generally too dazed and confused to go out most weekends anymore, a girls night out from time to time isn’t going to make or break your relationship. These small investments in getting her friends to like you will pay dividends when some idiot (or ex-boyfriend) tries to talk to her when you’re not around. If her friends like you, they’ll be there to throw the ultimate [rooster] block for you. If they DIS-like you, they’ll be the first ones trying to get his contact information and share your woman’s Facebook and email with him, along with appropriate times to call/text when you’re away at work. Winning the friends over is simply the smarter route, bro.

3. S*x

One of the best parts of girls night out is the fact that your woman is almost guaranteed to drink. You might be saying to yourself, “self, why would I want my woman drinking around other strange men? Isn’t that a bad thing?” Clearly, you didn’t read reason #1 very well. If your woman is trustworthy, then no amount of alcohol or any other substance – I don’t care if she popped a molly and is sweating, WOO! – should make her want any other man but you. In fact, those substances should only make her want you more. She’s spending all night getting ready to come home to you and do all of those things her parents warned her not to do. You’re her man, you’re in a committed relationship, and you trusted her enough to go out and enjoy herself like she aint got no worries. Trust me, all she’ll do is spend the night coming up with increasingly crazier ways to thank you. I know a thing or two about a thing or three and this is a fact: no one is freakier than an intoxicated, happy woman coming home to a committed relationship.

Click here to check out reasons 4 & 5.


4. Men in the Club are Lame

Typical guy in the club.
Typical guy in the club.

One of the primary reasons you don’t have anything to worry about when your woman is on a girls night out is the fact that the majority of men are lame as hell. If you’re in a relationship long enough, it’s inevitable that you might start to think “maybe the grass is greener on the other side.”


But, it’s human nature to assume and your woman is no different. If you repress her, she’ll start having visions of grandeur about how some other man is just waiting on a bar stool somewhere to treat her better and whisk her away on an island hopping adventure. That crap only happens in romantic comedies and Disney movies, but unfortunately both those mediums have been poisoning your woman’s mind since she was barely able to crawl. That’s why every now and then, you have to let her go out into the world and remember how disgusting, idiotic, and generally lame other men are in reality, especially single men. Single men are idiots, and as far as keeping your woman happy and content in your relationship, they’re your best 12th man. One night out in the real world remembering that single men use pick-up lines that include the phrase “struggle snuggle?” will have your woman running home thoroughly traumatized and beyond grateful that she somehow found the one good man available in the cesspool of single men left out there.

5. S*x

After girls night out, women show up in the bedroom like...
After girls night out, women show up in the bedroom like…

I know I listed s*x twice, but that’s because I can’t emphasize the greatness that is post-girls night out s*x enough! Have you ever been at a bar pouring liquid beverages of varying alcoholic content down an attractive woman’s throat all night in what you thought was a sure investment of guaranteed coitus, only for the last-call lights to come on and she hits you with the, “well it was nice meeting you” swerve as she stubbles out of the door and into a taxi? Did you ever wonder where she was going?  I’ll tell you…TO HAVE S*X WITH HER MAN!

Now that man can finally be you!

If you play your card rights, you can send your woman out of the house looking attractive and sober only for her to return home horny and intoxicated. It’s like a magic trick! David Blaine isn’t this good! Girls Night Out is basically like Indecent Proposal without all that awkward s*x with another man for cash to mess with your conscience later. Some other chump spends all the money and invests all the time, yet you reap all the benefits! You’re like George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven. You just sit at home while the perfect crime is committed, and when last-call arrives the booty (that’s Pirate’s speak for reward, and WIM’s speak for booty) is delivered to your door like a hot Domino’s Pizza! Open carefully and enjoy, sir!

Well fellas, hopefully I’ve convinced you why you should support Girls Night Out, but in case I fell short, I’ll turn it over to the comment section for even more insights…

Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think of this list? What are some other reasons why men should support girls or ladies night out?


  1. 6. I appreciate my alone tiime
    7. I can just as easily go out with the team
    8. having a 3rd party Tell her things she’s tired of hearing from you
    9. They do things I don’t have to do with her
    10. and for a third time s*x

  2. Girls Night Out is harder than we think it is. In my experience, it's harder to get them to happen than we would like. I just think that at a certain point women go into a mode of wanting to spend all their time with their boyfriend. HUNDREDS of women will claim not to ever get to that place, the same HUNDREDS are the ones who intentionally have a girls night when they know they'd rather be home with their man just so they can check the box. I'm not saying all women are like this by the way, just that it's not usually the man who doesn't want them to go. Sometimes you have to literally force her to make plans and stick with them. I'm sure we've all sat there knowing that our girl had a girls night out planned and then she just decided she didn't feel up to it anymore.

    For the ones who do… I say, go have fun with your friends. I am wary of certain groups though because if you don't know your girl's friends you might be setting everyone up for disaster. Girls night out has to be girls night out, not 4 out of 5 girls going out to meet guys and bring along their girlfriend who is in a relationship. We just all have to know at some point, it's things that single and looking people do for fun that in a relationship and not looking people don't. Not to say those people can't hang out with one another but it's just about what they're choosing to spend their time doing.

    Anyway, I believe in the sanctity of Girls Night Out, because I calmly ask that we all respect Dudes Night Out.

    1. Dr. J…. I can't completely agree with your first part. But the last part could be a great explanation about why some girlfriends don't honor the sanctity of Boys night out.

    2. Dude: why in the HELL to you even date??? You have such an AVERSION to having a woman in your space, it is sad!!! Its depressing as HELL! You want her to get the hell out and go away to the point that you ORCHESTRATE the GNO.

      But THEN you want to know or control the group of girls, her DAMN FRIENDS that she chooses to spend time with because you want to try and control the outcome of her fun or diffuse any hanky-panky that may happen (that you will NOT be able to stop!).

      Then, for the CHERRY ON TOP, you can't just support whatever VICTIM (bless her heart!) that ends up dating you, and sit your arse home, NOOOOOO, you instantly have to COUNTER-ATTACK by throwing out Guy's Night Out, a ritual that men do wayyyyyy more then Girl's Night Out anyway!! Why does it have to be used as a Trump Card?? An "If you do Girl's NIght, THEN I do Boy's Night"????

      Dr. J, you are truly a sad and depressing individual, any woman that ends up with you must have the patience of a damn nun, you must be a Cancer. Only YOU can suck all the joy and fun out of a great article about the BENEFITS ALL GOOD BF'S, FIANCEES AND HUSBANDS GET FROM GIRLS NIGHT OUT! You are the Original Wet Dream Killer! Hell, I'm depressed even reading this note!!!

      Like I have said numerous times before, pppplllleeaassseee STAY SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I agree with J. I have a really really hard time wanting to spend time away from my guy. Not sure why though. I used to spend 3-4 nights a weeks with my girlfriends. Now, I have a hard time remembering to call all but my very closest friends. At first, I thought it was a stage in our relationship that would fade, but 3.5 years later :/

    I will say however, that the times I DO want to go out with friends is usually when I'm not happy with my relationship for one reason or another—-> but that's just me.
    My recent post Married Life, Gutter Fights: Can you change a man?

    1. I mean, it's not really a bad thing to some extent. There's two ways of thinking about it. In some ways, you've found the person with whom you want to spend your time with the most. In other ways, it can be crippling to other aspects of your life. I think that if you end up spending your life with that person, it's perfect fine, but if not, then it's problematic.

      I don't know, i'm on the fence.

  4. Girls night out is healthy. Give your man a chance to miss you and go out all weekend (or Friday night). Girl’s night out or day out isn’t always a club event. It can be shopping, going out to eat, traveling (weekend vacation), yoga, summertime in NYC etc…

    I like spending time with my friends. Of course when we get into relationships our partner becomes like a bff hence why you like to spend time together, but it’s never to the point where I want to cancel plans with my friends to sit up under a boyfriend. Even if it’s not girls night out I appreciate having time away from my “man” to rejuvenate. I also don’t want any friends that just hang out with you when their man is “acting up or making them mad”. Take the pity party elsewhere.

    1. I hear what you're saying and, before I met Mark , I would have said how he and I are is unhealthy. But actually being like that with him – feels great! So, I'm going with it for now. I can honestly say I've NEVER felt this way before.

      Also – Mark & I have different ways of interacting, which IMO helps keep our relationship *fresh*. I would say that 40% of the time we act like we're just friends and 50% of the time we act like lovers. The other 10% of time is split between being his room mate and his mentor/mentee.

      I think, because we have so many different modes of interacting, I just don't get tired of being around him when I'm not at work.
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      1. @Amicus. I’m not saving its unhealthy. I mean when you marry someone (looking at my parents) you basically spend all your time with them so being able to enjoy each others company outside of romance is important. I guess there’s just a thin line between spending healthy amounts of huge time with your partners v.s. friends and just being stuck up under your partner because their clingy (not in a good way).

        Granted I’m 22 so when I see the case of the “home girl gone missing” she’s usually up under her “him” to the point where he can’t even get a few minutes to hang out with other friends unless she’s included. Or she cancels on her friend’s to sit up under her bf to watch him clip his toe nails and watch sports center highlights for the 35th time. For the most part I love seeing my friends with their bf’s and understand that they’ll be together a lot, just don’t fake cancel on me for some b.s. then want my shoulder when he get’s you upset.

        1. Woah! Are you living my life right now? I am experiencing just this situation. I know when I am seeing someone, I will spend a lot of time with them. However, I don't respect the disappearing girlfriends thing AT ALL. I am so serious. If I spent time with you all while i was with someone, I expect the same when you are with someone. But we know how a lot of women are, first sign of a man and they are GHOST.

          My issue is, like yours, when issues/situations arise or even if it does work out (marriage) why should you expect me to still be there? This issue has hit close to home for me.

        2. ..Because it seems like many women are not very good friends to each other. Catty, envious, back handed comments….

          Can't even remember how many women I've heard say "I prefer having having guy friends." Stands to reason once they connect with a man emotionally and sexually it's *deuces* to the girl's club.
          I NEVER asked my lady to stop talking to or seeing her girl friends. After two years of us being to together, she barley spoke to ANY of them. It is what it is.

    2. Good point and I just want to clarify that *Girls Night Out is a misnomer, seeing as women can have a "girls night out" during the day – spa day, mimosas, breakfast. You don't always have to hit the club (it can even be as simple as happy hour). Point is, you're proactively and purposefully taking some time off from your man to spend with your girls. As J said, I think *Guys Night Out should also, within reason, be respected by women.

      Girls Night Out does give you a chance to miss your woman and catch up on your favorite adult films starlets' latest work the Wall Street Journal and other approved reading or chores around the house, etc.

  5. I generally agree with the list, especially 3 & 5. As Dr. J mentioned above, it’s not always easy getting your girl to go out for girls’ night. It can be even tougher if it’s your wife. If she doesn’t see the point of her needing time away to just enjoy womanly companionship without the kids, and husband, it can lead to stress in the marriage. She’ll just assume that a man will feel the same way…but dudes need to cut loose every once in a while.

    I know I’ve personally mentioned it to my wife that maybe she needs to get out, and that convo didn’t exactly go the best, but I think she understood where I was coming from. It’s a dicey issue, but if handled right it can benefit both parties, and the relationship.

    1. Didn't even think about this, but… "If she doesn't see the point of her needing time away to just enjoy womanly companionship without the kids, and husband, it can lead to stress in the marriage. She'll just assume that a man will feel the same way…"

      Great point.

  6. Girls/Guys night out is a healthy component to any relationship IMO. It forces you to miss each other and spend time with friends that you wouldn't otherwise because you are involved. It only becomes a problem when moderation isn't used. Moderation is key to anything. Please go out with your girls every once in a while. But don't make it a all-the-time thing. Too much of anything is not always good. But I agree with the post. And like Wisdom said, it makes the s*x when she comes home waaaay hotter. Be easy…

  7. Girls night out is cool once in a while. Between family, school and work…time is precious and has to be allocated wisely. This is why I don't have but a few friends. I am a genuine friend in that I try to talk to my friends at least once every other day and we at least hang out doing whatever at least once a month. This is time consuming when you don't have the “group” of friends.

    Although I love being with my man, I like checking out of wife/mother mode to get grounded in the "me" department. When I don't set aside time with the girls to catch a movie, eat lunch, or take a walk, I feel as if something is missing in my life, as if I am out of balance. I don't ever want to be that girlfriend that neglects my friends. As long as there is balance, a girls day/night out is definitely on my calendar.

    1. +1. I don't expect girls night out to happen every weekend (especially when husband and kids come into play) but it has to happen at least once a month.

  8. Hmm … I have to say, I like the content you guys put out here, but this one isn't one that I agree with completely.

    1. I agree that trust relationships require trust, but at the same time, neither party should do anything to arouse the other person's suspicion. If I was with a woman and she went out to clubs with rather short attire on, that would cause me to wonder why she's seeking extra attention.

    2. The woman I'm with should be enough of a free-thinker to date me regardless of whether her friends like me. If my friends don't like the woman I'm with, so what? I'm not going to stop dating her—unless she's abusive or something like that. I can understand family, but if her friends don't like me, I don't think that's my problem. Besides, the friends and significant other should exist in separate worlds anyway.

    3. You stated that no matter how much a woman drank, she'd come home to you. Uhhh … I doubt that. Alcohol impairs judgment, as do other drugs. It doesn't matter how much loyalty she has if she's not in the correct frame of mind. She will do something she regrets if she's consumed enough alcohol; one of the reasons why I wouldn't date a woman who drinks.

    4. The woman I enter a relationship with should want to be with me because she sees me as a person of integrity, discipline, and intelligence—she shouldn't want to be with me because every other guy in the club is lame. To me, that's a crappy reason to be with someone. "Oh, I'm with you because the men in the club suck." What? She should want to be with me irrespective of what else is out there. If she feels she can do better, she shouldn't be with me at all.

    5. Again, I'm not a big fan of inebriation at all. I don't agree with buying women drinks either, for one, I don't drink. Two, if a man buys a woman a drink, it's clear he wants to have sexual intercourse with her, and if she's not interested, she shouldn't accept it. It's different from something like candy or a card; which someone can't become intoxicated off of, but alcohol and other drugs are unacceptable.

    Now, my "guys night out" consists of analyzing Hip-Hop lyrics, watching Anime/old school cartoons/lectures/news stories/documentaries, or playing the next big RPG or Fighting game. Now, if her "girl's night out" were similar to that, it'd be fine, but I'm not going to enter into a relationship with a woman who has to doll up, show almost everything, and accept drinks from random men. No way.

    Again, I like the content on your blog, but this post I can't cosign. Of course, this is a somewhat conservative man's opinion, so make of it what you will.

    My recent post Black Men: Don’t Be The Standby Guy!

    1. Serious question. How old are you?

      Asking because a few things on your list scream, "I am super young" or "very insecure". Maybe both?

      I think a few of these were pretty tongue in cheek. The drinking thing is a very personal choice. I don't drink much at all, but would not judge anyone who did. I would also not put that on anyone I dated (as this would drastically reduce my dating pool, could be the same for you).

      1) Going out with sexy outfits would arouse your suspicion? Seriously?
      4) I think this is the tongue in cheek thing i was talking about earlier.
      5) I have been going out since college. This is not the case. If a man buys you a drink it does NOT always mean he wants to have sex with you. Unfortunately I think some women think like you too.

      I honestly took issue with your entire post, but only have time to address those three.

      1. I'm 21.

        As far as the sexy outfits, it's not so much that, but it's the intent behind it. I personally feel that a woman showing a lot of her body while she's in a relationship is an issue. How much of an issue it would be depends on the amount shown, but as my grandmother always said to my younger sister: "Don't advertise what isn't for sale."

        Also, my level of "insecurity" has nothing to do with my points. I wouldn't show my body (granted I'm 133 pounds, so there's not much to see) or flaunt copious amounts of money to attract the attention of other women; there are just certain behaviors that I feel have no place in a serious relationship.

        I'm not judging anyone for drinking, but if I choose not to enter into a serious relationship with someone who did, I don't see how that would be a problem. I don't drink for a multitude of reasons, and I don't like being around those who do. (This stems from childhood issues, and that's all I'll say now.)

        My recent post Black Men: Don’t Be The Standby Guy!

    2. Can't say I agree with much of anything you wrote here, but I guess we're just two different people with two different perspectives. Ironically, I wrote this post after my girl had a Girls Night Out this weekend. She not only inspired the post, but helped me write it and we laughed, as we often do, when I write post and she reads them and provides feedback. Different strokes for different folks.

      Best of luck to you and yours, sir.

      1. Southergirl and Wim. There are other girl’s hang out activities other than the club. You should be dating someone who you trust will handle themselves properly in any situation. Granted you don’t want your woman outside with the “Alltheparties.com” stripper booty dress on, I again hope you would be dating someone with enough sense to wear something sexy within taste. I don’t see anything wrong with two people in a committed relationship spending one or two nights out with their friends. It’s healthy and normal.

        1. I'm not sure where all this about the woman going out inappropriately dressed is coming from. That wasn't even in the original post unless I missed that part. It seems yall through extra stuff in the pot lol

        2. +1 larnel.

          I'll just re-quote myself from a comment up thread: I just want to clarify that *Girls Night Out is a misnomer, seeing as women can have a "girls night out" during the day – spa day, mimosas, breakfast. You don't always have to hit the club (it can even be as simple as happy hour). Point is, you're proactively and purposefully taking some time off from your man to spend with your girls. As J said, I think *Guys Night Out should also, within reason, be respected by women.</>

    3. I have to disagree with much of what you said here.

      1. If you are in a relationship with a woman who dressed in short attire BEFORE she met you is it not a bit selfish of you to think she now must change her style of dress? And it doesn't have to be short attire. It can be designer leggings or a form fitting dress. Anything that attracts attention. Is she now prohibited from dressing that way? Must she become conservative for you if she wasn't before you?

      2. No her friends dont NEED to like you but like WIM said, it makes life sooooo much easier. No woman wants to feel like the rope in a game of tug-of-war. No amount of free thinking will do away with that stress. And her friends WILL point out men they think are "better".

      1. 3. Alcohol is a truth serum. Its an excuse for people to do the things they really want to do. It gives them something to blame it on. "Blame it on the Goose/Got you feeling loose/Blame it on the 'tron/Got you in the zone". Truth is people want to be loose but fear judgement of their actions so they get drunk and then say it was only because they were drinking. That is BS. If your woman cheats "because she was drunk" trust its something she was already considering/contemplating it.

        4. He isn't saying that she would or should want you because everyone else is lame. He is saying that she might not go to the club much any more. Might get the feeling to go with her girls. while there she is reminded why she is no longer really entertained by it. Guys trying to holler endlessly. Pulling and tugging on them. It can make a woman appreciate that she has a good man at home and that the club life is no longer part of her scheduled rotation.

        1. 5. If you are dating a woman who excepts random drinks from men you have a much bigger problem on your hands. Girls Night Out can be so many different things but lets just say it includes going to a club with her girls. Just because she is dolled up doesn't mean she is looking for other mens attention. What woman decides to go out with her friends and half-a** on her appearance? And why whould you want her too?

        2. "If you are dating a woman who excepts random drinks from men you have a much bigger problem on your hands."


          "Girls Night Out can be so many different things but lets just say it includes going to a club with her girls."

          -So Girl's Night Out can be a ladies' chess tournament? Now THAT's something to see.

          "Just because she is dolled up doesn't mean she is looking for other mens attention. What woman decides to go out with her friends and half-a** on her appearance? And why whould you want her too?"

          -If she isn't looking for attention, why would she be? Again, since I'm outside of the partying sphere, you'll have to tell me.

          My recent post Black Men: Don’t Be The Standby Guy!

        3. "So Girl's Night Out can be a ladies' chess tournament? Now THAT's something to see."

          Okay now you are letting the young age and immaturity show. You do, or should, know very well what I meant. "Girls Night Out" could be them going out to eat, going shopping, museum, etc. Hell if you found the rare woman who was a chess addict then even a chess tourny.

          Now if you don't club or understand the club culture then do you really have any foundation to speak on it?

        4. I understood what you meant. Please, I would ask you to refrain from using ad hominem attacks.

          Again, people spending time with their friends is fine, I have no problem with that.

          When I stated that I didn't understand club culture, I meant that if the club is a place in which alcohol, drugs, fights, and people trying to engage in casual sex exist, then why do people frequent it? I know what happens in nightclubs, but I can't understand why people find them enjoyable.

          That's all, sir.
          My recent post Black Men: Don’t Be The Standby Guy!

        5. You make a sarcastic comment to me that displays immaturity and then ask me not to call it what it is? Really? Okay sir.

          Back to the topic, I have no idea where you have such twisted ideas that clubbing is about fighting and drug use. I've never used or been offered drugs in all the years I've went to clubs. And I've been to more than enough clubs where no fights broke out. Sure both do happen but its not as wide spread or reuglar as you seem to believe.
          And as for casual sex, I hope you don't mean sex INSIDE the club. If you do I will tell you that really really need to find a new source of information because whomever you are listening to has you all messed up.

        6. All right, last comment.

          I don't know where you're from, but in Detroit, where I'm from, I always hear of news stories about fights and shootouts at nightclubs. That happens pretty often here, not all the time, but too often not to notice. Also, for the few times I've been to parties, I've been mean-mugged and picked on by the other men there, probably because I'm the only "nerdy" guy there, and I don't belong, so to speak.

          Also, clubs are about drug use, since alcohol is a drug. Drugs are, according to the New Oxford American Dictionary "substances that have psychological effects when ingested or otherwise introduced to the body." Alcohol does this, though the amount varies from person to person, of course.

          Are there any clubs out there that don't serve alcoholic beverages? Maybe those are the ones you and the other people who've commented attend. I don't know about that, since I don't deliberately look for clubs, so maybe you know of other alternative venues. (No sarcasm here.)

          It stands to reason that if I hear negative things about clubs from news, friends, and my own experiences, and even receive acclaim from NOT participating in the culture, then I won't attend nightclubs, nor would I look for a woman who would. I'm not condemning you or anyone else for doing so, of course.

          And no, I don't mean casual sex inside the club, I mean that's what many people go to look for. People (at least single men, anyway) go with the intention of meeting someone for a hookup. I don't think men go to dance or anything like that.

          They could be looking for a relationship, admittedly, but I don't believe that to be commonplace.

          I don't know any of you personally, and I'm not trying to start a beef. I just disagreed with the article and offered a counterpoint. If I offended anyone here, I apologize.

          Obviously, this blog caters to extroverted people more than it does to introverts, so if you want me to, just say the word, and I can leave. I enjoy the content here, but there's no reason to stay if I'm not wanted.
          My recent post Black Men: Don’t Be The Standby Guy!

        7. Perhaps the reason I don't agree with much of this is because I don't understand it. Maybe, as an introvert, someone who doesn't like or agree with club culture, I'll never really understand people who do.

          For example, alcohol. I don't know why people need to blame something else on their own actions. If she wanted to cheat on me, why would she need to blame anything or anyone else? She should just do it and be honest with herself and me about it. I think this is a problem with people in general: no one wants to be accountable for their misdeeds.

          As far as appreciating a good man at home, I suppose. But if she has to expose herself to misery to see why she likes me … I see that as an issue.
          My recent post Black Men: Don’t Be The Standby Guy!

        8. Not understanding it doesn't negate the reality of it. I don't agree with either but the sinple fact is many many people use alcohol as an excuse or catalyst for them to let their inhibitions go. As much as people talk about having "No f**ks to give" the truth is they have more than enough "f**ks" to spread around. People are scared of judgement.

          And again its not her having to expose herself to misery to see why she likes you. Her going there may have absolutely nothing to do with you. Its that being there can possibly remind her why she is happy she has you. Same way you could go to a ball game and be sitting next to a couple you dont know. Maybe the dude's chick is being a complete nag and her actions will remind you how you are happy you have a woman that doesnt do that.

      2. Thank you Larry if she was wearing tiny dresses when you met her and you liked it, why should it stop now (if it didn’t bother you before)

      3. 1. I wouldn't deliberately hit on a woman whom I knew dressed in short attire at all. Then again, what do you mean by short? You, I, or some other woman may have a different opinion on what constitutes short. It's an ambiguous term.

        2. If she wants to listen to her friends and find someone better, fine. I'd rather not stay in a situation in which my woman thinks she can do better. If she feels that she can do better, she can leave. I'm fine with that. I don't want to be a woman's Plan "B" or Plan "Z" (the true last resort).
        My recent post Black Men: Don’t Be The Standby Guy!

        1. I'm feeling like southerngyrl is right and your opinions might be due to your age and/or experience. I will tell you, as a 34 year old married man, you do NOT want to be in a relationship where you cannot get along with you woman's family or friends. You may think you can do it and it will be no problem. But if you want a serious relationship with that woman you cannot….period! At least not with living with constant stress and confrontation.
          And I do not know what constitutes "short" for you but my point was that if she was dressing the same way when you met her then how can you expect her to change now? Now if you do not like women who show too much flesh then thats fine. You are entitled to that. But that opinion doesn't really speak to the point of the original post

    4. Morgan The Writer: You have have also depressed the SHIT out of me.

      You & Dr. J should plan a Guy's Night Out filled with Patron & Prozac.


  9. I so completely agree with todays post. I like most # 2, 3 & 5. After a night of my lady going out with her friends she always wants to come home and get a lot closer. I dont know if during the night out its due to the lames trying to holler at them, some of her friends complaining about how bad they have it and wishing they had a good man at home or what. But when their night/day is over she can't wait to get back home to me.
    I'll add, and I see it was already mentioned, it also makes it easier for whan I want to go hang out with my fellas.

  10. "One of the primary reasons you don’t have anything to worry about when your woman is on a girls night out is the fact that the majority of men are lame as hell. "
    "Have you ever been at a bar pouring liquid beverages of varying alcoholic content down an attractive woman’s throat all night in what you thought was a sure investment of guaranteed coitus, only for the last-call lights to come on and she hits you with the, “well it was nice meeting you” swerve as she stubbles out of the door and into a taxi? Did you ever wonder where she was going? I’ll tell you…TO HAVE S*X WITH HER MAN!"
    Younger dudes go to the club to be "the guy who got a number". It's about being the dude she went home to afterwards. I've been on both sides. The latter is better.

  11. you also forget to mention that bu supporting girls night out it encourages her to keep company with her friends instead of being up under you all the time and worry about what you're doing. Also her friends may have cool husbands/boyfriends that you can at least have a beer with or in some cases double up with…just make sure if you're out having that beer to not divulge ANY info on your relationship. Never know which of those dudes pillow talk with their girl, and then you're fcuked.
    My recent post And In Last Place, Here Comes Mr. Nice Guy,….Again

  12. I am all for Girls'/Boys' Night Out!!!! It's great for everybody: wife, husband, friends and the family. Everybody loves a group of smiling, pretty ladies. The husband gets to watch all the ESPN he wants. The friends get to hang out with their girl. The family prospers when mama is happy. Win-Win for everyone.

  13. Great post.
    Women need their night out and time away from their significant other as much as men do. A man who deprives his woman of such, is destined to bring about the very thing he is trying so desperately to avoid.
    As a man, the last feeling you ever want to evoke in your woman is one of deprivation and one where she feels she is 'missing out on life/fun/everything". At that point, the relationship is doomed, as she will undoubtedly depart emotionally, possibly physically(if she's that type of chick), and eventually completely at some point. Can't cage a bird.

    Anyways, good post and I agree with the points mentioned.

    Mr. SoBo

    My recent post And In Last Place, Here Comes Mr. Nice Guy,….Again


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