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Child Born with HIV “functionally cured”


si-HIVTwitter is buzzing with comments about a child born with HIV that was “functionally cured”. This story is another scientific breakthrough in the ongoing battle with HIV. Through rigorous treatment she was seemingly cured without a trace of the virus. Doctors are hoping to replicate the treatment she received to potentially cure others affected with HIV. The findings offer hope for the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic:

For the first time, doctors are reporting that a child born with HIV and put on an unusually aggressive treatment regimen has been functionally cured of the infection.

Now 2 years old, the Mississippi girl has only trace amounts of HIV in her bloodstream and has been able to keep the virus that causes AIDS in check without the help of medication, doctors said Sunday at a medical conference in Atlanta.

If researchers demonstrate that the same treatment can work in other children, it could drastically alter the lives of the estimated 1,000 babies born with HIV every day, most of them in Africa, doctors said.

Read the article here

Does it seem like scientists are closer to finding the cure for HIV? If this/there is a cure, do you think the treatment will be affordable for those affected?

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  1. I can't read the article at work (damn blockers) but the articled I DID read never verified if the child was ever initially tested in the first place. They gave the child an aggressive antiretroviral treatment within 30 hours of birth and then reported the child had barely scant traces of the virus…except I haven't heard if the child was already born that way, so….

  2. Interesting. I read an article stating that the child was definitely HIV positive at birth, as was the mother, and that there are no traces AT ALL of the virus in the blood stream. I’m a bit skeptical, simply because I feel like this is not a reproducible result. At least not in the USoA. In order to do this again they’d have to aggressively treat for HIV with antiretrovirals, then completely cease medical/drug treatment. Which i can’t see being allowed here. I predict that if this is really going to be studied, it’ll be on poor sub-Saharan children.

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