unfaithful black woman

“I’m supposed to trust it, after he touched it?” — Beanie Sigel, “Bread and Butter”

If you went outside and polled 100 men on what would happen if his woman cheated on him, it’s a safe bet roughly 99 of those men would say they’d kick her to the curb. For some men (I’m playing it safe here), cheating is an unforgivable sin and the worst thing a woman could do to a man.

There are more than a few reasons why a man might view a woman as “damaged goods” after she cheats. The three I’m going to discuss are: 1) the male ego; 2) society deems it necessary; and 3) the fact that it was a deliberate act and the man found out about it.

Let’s start with:


Once a man decides to commit to a woman, he believes he picked the “right” woman. The woman who will pledge her undying loyalty (extreme? yeah…I know) to him and forsake all others in order to be with him.

Men believe this to be true because we understand women have the unique ability to create tunnel vision once they decide they’re interested in a man. I made a joke once that men will date and sleep with women almost all the way up until the point where he makes the woman he’s been dating his girlfriend. Women, on the other hand, will find a man that they’re really into and disregard all the other men who might come in between…read more.

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Are women better equipped, emotionally and mentally, to accept when a man is unfaithful? Do men take being cheated on worse than women?