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The Inaugural March Movie Madness Hood Classics Bracket #MMMHC Presented by seveneighteen



It’s the inaugural March Movie Madness Hood Classics Bracket! Over the next month, William H. Strafe, Ness, J. Mikey, Dr. J, Midtown Mo and Streetz will determine the best hood classic movie ever made. Of course, we completely ripped off the NCAA Tournament bracket to do so, creating a 68-team tournament.

Check the brackets below:


There Can Only Be One

After picking the play in game winners, we chose our first round winners last week, which you can check out here.

DOWNLOAD here | (Right-click or Ctrl-click and hit “Save As.”) to listen to the podcast.

Since we know you’ll totally disagree with our picks, here’s your chance to vote on what you think should have advanced.

Check out the Seveneighteen Round 1 voting for the Hood Classics HERE! Get your votes in and spread the word. Round one closes Tuesday! SBM will keep you posted on the next round of voting!

Be sure to use the hashtag #MMMHC and @WilliamHStrafe on Twitter to follow along with the reader’s choice bracket!

Once again to vote on round 1 of the #MMMHC click the link below

TheSeveneighteen Voting link

“I don’t know no f*ckin Kiona!”



    1. If Nas and DMX had dreds …Belly and Shotta's would almost be the same movie. There was'nt even a real script in Shotta's just " gun shot, dutty wine, more blood".

  1. Is there any way that Coming to America doesn't win? Maybe my pic gives away my bias, but there are a lot of bad movies on that bracket!

    1. In almost every simulation Coming to America, Do The Right Thing, Boyz In The Hood… those are all going to be tough movies to beat.


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