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Why Do Good Men Become Dogs?


how men become dogs

I was introduced to a new web series last week by @lincolnablades called How Men Become Dogs. The series is an Issa Rae (@IssaRae) production. Some of us are familiar with Issa Rae from her work with the Awkward Black Girl series. You can also read more about her and her various projects on her website IssaRae.com. Her latest work is only two episodes in, so I thought this would be a good time to highlight the videos. The series follows three “good men” as they make the transformation from good men to dogs as a result of their tragic dating experiences.

[Ep. 1] How Men Become DOGS | “A Dog Is Born”

[Ep. 2] How Men Become DOGS | “Right vs. Wrong”

What are your thoughts on the first two videos in the How Men Become Dogs series? Do all men start off “good” before making the transition to becoming dogs or are some dogs born that way?


  1. Pretty decent episodes. Setting the stage and interesting enough to anticipate the third installment.
    Not sure if ALL men start off as good guys, but plenty to begin that way before transforming as a result of their own experiences and/or observations of the more successful suitors.

    If the remaining series is anything like the first two episodes, I don't think the female audience will take too kindly of the depictions of them. The push back will be interesting but certainly not unexpected. Being taught that you are sugar and spice and everything nice and now being portrayed as 'villainous' will ruffle some feathers I'm sure.

    Anyway, some men are taught to be dogs. Others are taught to be gentlemen…who may go the way of the dog after encountering women like the ones portrayed in the films. Dogs and b*tches go together anyway, so its a win win when they find each other and leave the nice folk alone.

    Mr. SoBo

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  2. meh. more of the same. nothing here for me to really care about. As a man, I find this every bit as corny as those "there are no good black men" movies.

  3. Have friends or known men who…
    – were taught to be dogs
    – are dogs because they feel their peers and manhood require it
    – were fiercely loyal till having their heart broken by a woman

    In short there is no real specific reason as to why it happens. However of the 3 examples I cited the last one is the likeliest type of guy to change and become a loyal man. Its who he originally was and his current actions are usually based off of fear of being hurt again

  4. Lol! Comedy….I think it's pretty clear there is a heightened level of hyperbole to each specific story/situation told for entertainment purposes, but the underlying message/point of each case is fairly obvious. (in my opinion at least)

    Do all men start off "good"?

    I'm going to go with no…not "all" ….although many, I believe, start off with good intentions….and we all know what the road to hell is paved with, lol.

  5. I agree with wildflower, usually it's from men who gave their hearts to a woman and got played. Same with women who gave their hearts, got played and MOST TIMES..let me make that clear most times become one of three things: promiscuous (to keep it PG,) become bitter and spiteful and have a negative generalization towards men, or find love in the arms of another….woman. Some guys are really dogs at heart and we're never "good" guys to begin with.
    My recent post She Really Came Out The House With That?! Women’s Fashions That Turn Men Off

  6. I'm gonna throw out a third theory. I think there are men out there who have seen other people get played and try to avoid the same fate by behaving like dogs.

  7. its not always due to a broken heart….some of the doggity ways are what people saw in their homes growing up and for some, like father like son. I know several who's dads were also major playas and the sons fell right in to those footsteps long before their hearts were broken…and some never had their hearts broken, they always had their main lady [most became their wives] and screwed around on the side….it is what it is.

  8. Finally watched, lol. Its not as well written as ABG but its entertaining. "Deuces and middle!" LOL!

    I guess Hammond thinks he's Tariq Nasheed, huh? LOL

    I think both men and women become jaded and guarded as they experience heartache…just plays out differently.

  9. Eh.

    Clearly this was done, 'tongue in cheek'. Pause. Very entertaining…and some grains of truth, as we've seen/experienced/heard of situations like these. I won't generalize and try to put the answer to the question in a box. Reasons are as numerous as lies…there's a million of them.

    Entertaining clips tho! I want to see more of them…so keep 'em comin'.


  10. Everyone gets hurt, but not everyone acts like a "dog." It is probably a combination of internal and external factors.


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