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SBM Reacts: Ray-J’s “I Hit It First” Kim Kardashian Diss


It’s no secret that Ray-J finds ways to rub it in to Kim K that they had relations.  Things have been pretty quiet between the two, until I saw the following single cover art from Willie Jr:

Yes, thats Kim being blurred out. You aint low Ray-J!

You can check the song HERE if you want a quick chuckle.

I think this is comedy to say the least, but the staff asked me to react, and react I will. Here are a few points/takeaways I got from this situation:

Unless You Broke Her Virginity, You More Than Likely Didn’t Hit It First

This is a simple fact of biology, but some men have trouble understanding this concept. To tout the fact that you were the first to touch a woman, when others have previously rented with an option to buy, is idiotic. They say that one man’s tras is another man’s treasure, and both men and women have been someone else’s “trash” or “treasure” at some point. So unless you know for a fact you were someone’s first, to sayt you hit it first is technically lying on your private parts

Why Are You Pressed Years Later To Make This Claim?!

I understand the premise of male testosterone and laying claims. It’s things we do, mostly when we are younger, when we practice one-upmanship amongst one another. I could even understand it somewhat if your interaction with Kim was recent, but it’s been years since the infamous sex tape. Now Kim is ina  relationship, successful, and has a kid on the way. You pick this time to come out with this single? It screams of a cry for relevance and insecurity. Yes we know the Kardashian clan owes you 100 favors for “exposing” Kim to the prospect of making millions. As an ex-lover, when you resort to making a parody-esque song to claim your stake, when no one even had you in their mind, is lame. As a matter of fact, Ray-J, you have to be top 5 lamest dudes in the game right now. What’s even lamer is denying that this was a diss towards Kim. Be a man and stand by your words. The majority of us aren’t that stupid to think that you arbitrarily wrote this song.

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You can’t be too pressed about what former lovers are doing in their current lives. Maybe the relationship ended prematurely, or badly. I get it. However, personal relationships evolve, and everyone should be able to move on towards the future. When you are still concerned about stating your claim to ghosts of dating’s past, you look like you are stuck in the times, and have nothing going on in your life. If a former lover is doing their thing, tip your cap and applaud them. No need to play the claim game for no reason. Being salty only leads to heart problems.


Have you been in a real life “I hit it first” situation? How do you feel about claims on former lovers? Is it fair or foul?


  1. Ray J is DUMB/LAME/STUPID/CHILDISH/*add every synonyms of these words*
    Where are his parents?! This is high school drama… I moved on already, i think everybody should do the same, he doesn't need more publicity…
    And please someone tell Kanye not to answer we all know he's another drama dude!!!
    I can't with these celebs seriously they act SO BAD arfff -_-'!!!!

    1. Kanye West? Prideful, cocky, arrogant, drama filled Kanye West? you already know Kanye is probably filming a diss video right now LOL

  2. I'm a big Ray-J fan. Despite not dropping an album since his reality show, he somehow manages to keep his name in the news. Any publicity is good publicity. He has people talking about him and that's what he wanted.

    1. Publicity leads to more opportunities, I mean Kim is the primary example of that, I just don’t see how this can pay off in the long run.

  3. Streetz: "As a matter of fact, Ray-J, you have to be top 5 lamest dudes in the game right now."

    Let's just go ahead and give him the number one spot.

  4. Honestly I laughed a little when I first heard the song. But really this is karma coming back to bite Kanye in the butt lol (remember all those disses and songs and comments about Amber and Wiz) Anyway

    Ray J is pretty lame for this. More guys than you think, feel they have ownership over the “box” once you give them a sample smh…Ladies this is just a lesson; be careful about what guys you have chex w/ because there are a lot of undercover lames in this world like Ray J.

    As far as former lovers; if I’m not with you I have no claims to you.

    1. With Kanye, it was more recent to the actual situation – which is not excusable, but understandable. Ray J is talking about something that happened YEARS ago. Which is like, just get over it, B.

  5. While everyone knew that Ray-J slept with Kim years ago, no one knew that Ray-J is a first class (or is that no class?) schitheel.

    Now we know.

  6. "So unless you know for a fact you were someone’s first, to sayt you hit it first is technically lying on your private parts."

    I'm thinking I may be the only person that interepreted the song incorrectly here, but I was under the assumption when he said that "I hit hit first" he was referring to hitting it before Kanye West….not that he was the first person ever to hit it. In which case then yes, he did hit it first (between him and Kanye). Yanno, kind of like, "Hey, I was the first person here in the office"….it wasn't the first time the office has been occupied…you just happen to get there before everyone else that day.

    Anyway, all that aside I originally thought this was some sort of internet joke hoax when I first saw it on twitter….unfortunately I was wrong, lol.

    1. I though it meant he was the first famous (I use that loosely) or artist to hit Kim K first or like you said out of the two of them he hit it first.

    2. I dont think Kim was on the map until that sex tape came out. Of course she was Paris Hilton's friend but no one really knew Kim. So when RayJ made that song, I think he was talking about all the dudes that came after him. Because even before the tape, Kim was married to a producer but she still wasnt famous… I mean infamous.

      My recent post The 5 Love Languages

  7. Kanye's next smash hit will be a full on attack against this song, LOL! Bet…

    The lame denial was weaker than the song, if you ask me. Man up and own your shenanigans!

    "I thought you were gonna play with my frog…" #ClassAct

    Let it go, RayJ. Let it go…

  8. We all know a “Ray J” in our own lives. They are usually lame AF and have one claim to “fame” which they hold on to for the rest of their lives despite never achieving much of anything else. Eg the guy who won a championship…in high school, the 40 year old (usually single) man still bragging about bad [female dogs] he knocked off….in college, and that guy in the office who implemented a new project…his first year but now he’s 10 years in the game and still an associate. We need Ray Js. Ray Js remind us that success is fleeting and no one cares about what you did in the past if you ain’t doing sh*t in the present and it looks like you won’t be doing sh*t in the future.

    Stay thirsty my friends.

    – sent from iPhone

      1. "Can we call them Al Bundys?"

        That's exactly who came to my mind while reading WIMs comment, LOL!

        Good ol' Al! LMBO! Smh… *hits Al pose*

        1. Al Bundy always talks about his 4 touch downs in one game at poke high. His one claim to fame.

  9. After reading this article and these comments, something must be wrong with me, because I not only see the point of the song, I also find it wildly entertaining and listened to it all day Sunday on repeat. Furthermore, I have always felt like the people of my past are part of my history, and I am responsible for what is on that list and vice versa. Does that make me a lame, like Ray J? That question was rhetorical, jerk. Her entire 100 million dollar career of her and her family was based off a chex tape where Ray J was the more famous celebrity at the time. Jaz-O hasn't really accomplished anything in the past 15 years. And sure he looks pathetic 'dissing' Jay-z. However, his resume should still include credit for birthing Jay-Z. Its like saying your father has no right to walk you down the aisle just bc you get married at 40.At the end of the day, We got three Rolls Royces outside and an indoor pool!

  10. First of all, Ray-J is a clown for doing this. It may work, as far as album sales (he's slated for Raydiation 2 coming out later this year) but if it backfires he can kiss his already fading career bye bye. Like Kevin hart said on his twitter, He is a prime example of what happens when you give a lame ni**a some pu$$y"_I totally understand you can't help who you fall in love with, but kanye should know the game, and he got it all messed up. How are you going to fall in love and have a child with a female who in the last 6 years has been linked to: miles Austin, reggie bush, and kris Humphries. Not to mention had her SEX tape with ray-J, and I'm sure there have been others who she's been involved with. I'm not hating on the brother in the least, she is a beautiful woman, but Kanye being a mega star for years should certainy know better. with that being said Ray-J being 30+ years old, we're a little too old for that aren't we? He better hopes Kanye doesn't retaliate because he'll be eviscerated this dude for sure.

    1. Hol' up. Just because you can name the people she's been with, doesn't mean she's not wife-able. How many people could Kanye have gotten with that have more than 3-4 bodies in the last 6 YEARS. RE: the sex tape. She was with Ray-J at the time, right? No shame in making a film with your bf. And (as far as I know) it was produced and put out by Ray-J. I dunno, I think Kim gets a bad rap.

      Kanye did fine. Ray-J is a lame.

      1. Kim K isn't wifeable because she values celebrity over relationship. If you look at all the dudes she has dealt with since Ray J you notice that she doesn't entertain a man unless he has celebrity or can help her maintain the spotlight. Aside from those men already known; Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries, Ray J and Kanye; people forget that after Kris she chased after both Tim Tebow and Jason Linn when they were at the pinnacle of the 15 mins of super fame. When Tebow was the topic of all media outlets Kim came out of now where making public how he is the kind of guy she wants and she wants her people to set up a date. Tebow shot her down saying she isn't the kind of woman he would want for a wife. When Linn was all over ESPN she did the same. Not going to Linn directly but making it a public [attention whoring] statement.

        1. You guys are forgetting Nick Cannon…. and Damon Thomas of the underdogs. and Tito Jackson, and Nick Lachey, John Mayer….. and Cristiano Ronaldo…. and Nick Cannon

        2. I see her as a serial monogomist versus a floozy. If I can name the guys she's been with over the last decade, I'm inclined to say that's fine. Obviously it's case-by-case, lol. So far we've named 10. That many in a decade (that's how long she's been relevant, right?) aint all that bad.

          Can't fault you for being turned off by her attention whoring. That's undeniable. BUT, everybody dates. So her saying 'that seems like the kind of guy I'd like, I will try to date him' seems like what we all do, except we know when she does it. If there was a camera on all of us all the time, we'd seem like worse people. I guess I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt.

        3. I could make a case that women chase some type of celebrity when dating or being interested in a man. its just different categories

          Wanting a man with a degree, good job, etc, is a type of celebrity or "wanting them for status"

          Men do it too

          Im snoring tho lol

        4. Well said. Kim is an Attention Wh0re. But I dont exactly remember Kris Humpries being in the spotlight. She kinda put him on. But with everyone else.. yup.

          Lets not forget about Miles Austin either.
          My recent post The 5 Love Languages

      2. ok so would you wife up AND have a child with a woman who made a sex tape that you already knew existed and 'X' amount of people have already seen it? It's not like something they taped and destroyed, YOU already knew she did it. And when I started my comment I did say that one can't help who he falls in love with

        1. Well, there are sites literally dedicated to homemade sex tapes like Kim K's…so I've heard. If you're saying none of them will get married and have kids, I think you're misjudging.

          At least Kim K looks like Kim K and is worth millions of dollars.

          I wouldn't JUST wife someone with a public sex tape. But if I really loved her, I could get over it. One tape seen by a million people is different than a million tapes seen by a few people, you know?

          Agree that you can't help who you fall in love with. Which is part of the reason I say I could get over it.

      3. +1 here, brother. So she dates other famous people or people with money. Newsflash: Many famous people do this! lol. People of all walks tend to date in certain circles, tax brackets, religions, races, level of fame, etc, etc… I agree with you, Kim K. is only guilty of wanting attention since this will help with ratings for her tv show and thus earn her more money , but outside of that the jabs at her are quite laugable.

  11. Lol Ray J is in desperate need of attention. Poor tink tink. And what better way to get that attention– make a song around that infamous sex tape.

    As for Kim, I dont feel sorry for her (well a little bit only because she preggers). But as long as her name is out and she receives attention from it, Im sure she will be ok.
    My recent post The 5 Love Languages

  12. This entire song is bad enough but lets add to the situation shall we. Its come to my attention that Mr Ray J was on the radio today and tried to actually sell us on the BS that we, the general public, are reading way too much into the lyrics. He says that its just a song to vibe to and isn't about Kim Kardashian.
    Really Ray J??? As the saying goes, "I was born AT night! Not LAST night!"

  13. I think what makes the situation so bad is because Kim Kardashian is the woman in question. Kanye West has made claims for Amber Rose in his music and no one gave him shit about it: did we forget the lyrics to Theraflu that quickly? As much as we want to criticize Ray J for coming out with this song, we got to realize that he isn't the first to make these types of claims on women in the industry. And you never know, maybe he doesn't give a damn about Kim K anymore. It's not like she's useful, pregnant or not.

  14. Haven't heard the song and don't plan on listening to it. The only thing I'd add is Ray J's obsession with talking about Kim is lowkey crazy. His only real claim to "fame" is nobody would know her had the sextape not leaked/been sold. But it's not her sex game that she's selling. With the exception of Reggie Bush and Kanye. the dudes she has aligned herself with, she kinda upgraded them, not the other way around. The casual gossip reader probably couldn't even point Miles Austin or Kris Humphries out in a photo 3-4 years ago. Damon Thomas hasn't produced any bonafide hits in awhile, so her marriage to him only gets brought up when it's convenient.

    I basically look at Ray J as the guy who will never grow up because he doesn't have to. As much as people criticize Kanye's ego and hubris, Ray J is just as bad. He's just in a lower tax bracket.

    1. Kim Kardashian was married?

      I guess it goes to show that I really don't know or care anything about her, other than she is, as Dr. J said, so disgustingly beautiful.

    2. but… Miles Austin was the star WR for the Dallas Cowboys. That is A list, he didn't get much. Kris is funny….b/c he happened during his break out season, but he was 5 years in with nothing to show for it…. the other dudes i named are all A listers without her.

      1. True, but my general point is more or less about immediate noticeability. Gossip readers/bloggers (who usually aren't avid sports followers/watchers) couldn't point out Miles or Kris in a line up before they started dating her. That does/says nothing for who they are as athletes, but she made them more noticeable.

        Never knew she dated Nick Cannon or Cristian Ronaldo.

  15. That b*tch is so bad.

    Excuse my ignorance, but I just can't help it when I see a woman so disgustingly beautiful.

    Instagram Translation: I would buy her used panties.

  16. It's all about publicity isn't it? I mean that's why they all do these things. To out do each other in order to get more attention from the limelight!

  17. Publicity stunt.
    Promotion for the upcoming album.
    One way to remain in the spotlight is to piggyback off of another who is currently in it. It is a fight for relevancy as much as it is a symptom of the napolean complex. A pull for status in an attempt to outrank her current and future suitors by reminding the world that he planted the flag before them.
    Immaturity and insecurity.

    Mr. SoBo
    My recent post I Don’t Care, I KNOW I Look Good: Men’s Fashions That Turn Women Off

  18. I have an ex who told me regardless of who I am with I am always his. I think men are just so bad at multi tasking that it hits them at different points of their lives that you are really no longer together and it feels like a fresh wound all over.

  19. Why are black men so quick to beef over white trash? She has artificial beauty conjured up at the hands of a highly paid plastic surgeon, she has a sex tape, and would sell her soul to the devil for fame and fortune. Why is she so highly prized and cherished to black men? Somebody help me understand.


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