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The Sensitive Side: 5 Reasons Why Men and Women Cry

Overwhelmed with joy!

Editor’s Note: The fellas and I were talking about old posts and I remembered this one from years ago that I thought our new readers would enjoy. You old mofos will be able to reminisce as well. Throwback Wednesday!


So I find that in our macho ways, a lot of men dismiss the notion of crying. Some people see it as a sign of weakness. I’m here to tell you that both men and women cry for many different and valid reasons. I’m sitting on the west coast trying to phase into PST, and while I’m up in the air I thought I’d reflect and think on some things that make me and most men cry. Made a list about it. Like to read it? Here it go!


If you’ve ever been in a roast session with any man, you know that some jokes are liable to have dudes doubled over [||] in laughter, faces wet with tears. Any Chris Rock or Martin lawrence stand up will have me crying! Some jokes make you laugh. These jokes dehydrate from all the crying we do! Excellent times had by all!


I always said that if I ever was caught in one of these I would cry and hop on the first plane back to NYC. This happens yesterday at 4:04AM in LA. It woke me up but I didn’t know it was a quake. Friends didn’t tell me for fear that I would chuck the deuces and get the hell out of dodge SoCal! It was a 4.4 so it “wasn’t that serious” according to people here, but all I will ever think about is this clip.

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Men love sports. That’s no secret. From a young age, we find common ground with a team that represents our city, or for you traitors out there, with a player or what team is hot at the time, and we support them as if they are our family.  We ride with our teams in good times and bad. Their struggles becoming our own. We are elated when they win, and heartbroken when they lose. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. If and when the Knicks win there next NBA title, I will cry like a 16 yr old heartbroken girl. Straight tears and no shame! *Waits for Knicks/NYC hate to appear in 3..2..1*

Severe injury or pain

Some pain you can tough out. Others will have you express your feelings with tears and cries of agony. For me, stomach aches and toothaches are the worst. The after effects of a root canal had me in the fetal position screaming to my mom to make it stop, while she gave me a side eye and told me to man up, smh. Anyone who’s done the P90X program, or any other strenuous workout will tell you that some of those exercises will make you cry out “Why God, Why?! as you attempt to get one more rep in! Pain is temporary and pride is forever, but do believe a brother will tear up if that ish is too much!

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S*xual Athletics

Have you ever heard Olympic commentators discuss the beauty of a dance, dive, or figure skating/gymnastics competition. The poetry in motion is enough to make any art connoisseur tear up with joy. The same can be said for men’s appreciation of s*xual athletics. Have you seen a women with a behind that flows like the finest water in the Nile river? Have you ever seen a stripper perform an aerial maneuver that made dollar bills reign from the Heavens like meteorites entering the Earth’s atmosphere, while she displayed X-Men like supernatural abilities? This is pure art and will warm even the biggest @$$holes’s heart to the point of tears.

As for women, here are five things that they will make them shed a tear:

Anything & Everything!

I think that about sums it up.

Men what else do you find will make us cry (whether good or bad).?Women, why do you cry at 99.99% of things that happen in life? Am I exaggerating? Is it only 99.89%?  Let’s chat.

“Don’t cry, dry, your eye!


  1. lol…I cry about everything!but the only lucky people who get t see tht is usually the ones closest in my life such as my dude;my friends all think I'm bad.however it has happened @ the most inopportune times where I'm just like aww f*ck tht was embarrassing..all in public & really for no apparent reason;idk why we're like that!but I know if we could control it we would;I've never seen any dudes cry in my life but I do f*cks with rough necks.I can tell whn they're hurt tho

  2. I only need one hand to count how many times I've cried in my lifetime, but I found my self engulfed in tears during a sermon at church a couple of weeks ago.


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