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Don’t Embarrass Yourself: Simping goes social


For those of you who have grown with me and the site, you remember “simping” and my hatred of all simps, living and dead. I wait for the day where I can freely throw around “simp” and have it understood by all, but until then … you get the definition.

Simp: A man that puts himself in a subservient/submissive position under women in hopes of winning them over, without the female bringing anything to the table.

Courtesy of Urban Dictionary & UGK

Instagram has taken simping to a new level. Put up your average booty shot and get ready for men promising to commit lewd acts in the name of what is really a “6” or “8” at best.  Luckily, my friends shared with me the ultimate compilation of Instagram simping and now I want to share my favorites.

A slave? I’m sad and kind of offended!
10 G’s? A Kia for that booty?
Kill Jesus? For the chick in the skully!? DAMN THESE SIMPS!!!!

I want to say more … but I need to throw up and then thank God that I’m not in these streets anymore. More to come … later.

– SBM aka MBM aka A Simp’s Worst Enemy

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    1. Gurl, PREACH!!!! lol. I couldn't help but laugh though at some of those insta-comments lol. Aside from the men making fool of themselves gawking over these women, I think it's equally pathetic when women post excessive sexualized "selfies". As a woman myself, I understand that at times we ladies want to take a cute pic, but when the pic becomes "duck faced, booty on the sink, arched back, and boobies out" kind of picture, that just screams "desperate for attention" to me.

  1. I was curious to know what a simp was (heard of it, but didnt know the meaning) so I decided to view the post….this is ridiculous! I’m glad I’m not on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.
    A slave, too many unwanted slaves. 10 stacks for somebody with a fake back….maybe it’s not fake (I could care less either way, it came to mind and it rhymed). 10 stacks of pennies.
    And talking about killing someone Who is omnipotent (maybe he meant his relative who’s name is pronouced Hey-sus, still no bueno though/muy mal, muy mal).
    I won’t return to see the rest, because this was too much for me! Thanks for the simp warning/info though.

  2. A Kia for that booty?

    I’m weak!

    This post reminds me of Jenna Shae, whom I spoke of before on this website on a post I can’t remember the name of. Anyway, for those of you who are unfamiliar, Jenna is a well-known and self-proclaimed industry escort. I believe she was most recently associated with a college ball player (who had a girlfriend and got exposed). Now what fasinates me about Jenna’s literal “started from the bottom” now we here lifestyle, is that she was on Twitter with a couple hundred followers bragging about bagging mix tape rappers for $350. Now she has over a million followers and claims to charge a few Gs a night. From a strictly logical, financial viewpoint, The economies of scale and return on investment on this girl’s VJJ are amazing. I’ve actually debated writing a full post on what the “Jenna Shaes” of the world say about us, our priorities, and especially, men. Specifically, simp-y men.

    I don’t understand. I’m really baffled. They need to conduct a scientific study on this phenomenon and this escorts rise to “fame”. Anyway, if interested, her Twitter:


    Wild stuff, bro. Wild stuff.

    1. On a related note, I've heard about Jenna Shae's and pornstars receiving gifts from these simps off of their Amazon Wish Lists!

      Could you imagine just sitting on the couch and having an iPad or Macbook show up at your door, completely paid for by a stranger? Here I am in a cubible worrying about Sallie Mae.


  3. It's garbage. I don't think these dudes think they can actually talk to the girls. They do it for the likes. Thirsty cats with no life. That is all. Carry on.

  4. Funny enough you posted this. I was just reading through those. Yuo should have put the guy that wrote a damn novel with no punctuation. One extra long, super thirst, perverted comment. So damn long the voice in my head lost its breathe trying to read the foolishness.
    But anyhow, call it "simping" or call it "thirst", either way its extremely pathetic. I couldn't even read through them all as that page seemed to go on forever.

  5. Eff what y'all say them first two pics made me wanna grab some A! LOL let me stop BWD – blogging while drunk

  6. The sad thing about this, despite publicly emasculating themselves, is what do these simpletons think the woman's reaction is going to be?

    Reading comments about her picture and talking to her friend: "Guuuuuuurl, he said he'd eat Cap'n Crunch out of my a$$ crack! That is so hot! Let me send him my number and arrange this rendezvous right now! As soon as he sends me the money from taking out a second mortgage on his house, I'm flying right out to see him so we can make hot monkey lovin!"

    Said no woman ever.

  7. I don't wanna start no mess, but wasn't it said a little while back that Amber Rose was the ideal woman? Either way, I'm glad you've seen the light, or rather, the truth about these type of women that are getting over on soooooo many rich black men. They realize how bonkers black men are over that a$$ (real or not) and also know that certain men lose their entire minds and don't mind losing large amounts of funds to them…….

    1. Lovely Black Lady: "I'm glad you've seen the light, or rather, the truth about these type of women that are getting over on soooooo many rich black men."

      Hey, don't knock the hustle of these women. SBM isn't talking about the women, he's talking about the men simps. A fool and his money, and all that.

  8. Everyone has their place in the world, simps included. Glad to see tricking is still alive and well; it helps stimulate the economy (see Joe Sargent's comment above for example).

  9. Everything on this page is hilarious… The post (The Kia line is just too good), the comments… Thank yall this is pure comedy!!

  10. You won’t catch me out here on that wack shit.

    You will however catch me doing dabs in a s4 :p

    But for real, what happened to self respect? Niggas need to quit feeding the greedy and help the needy out here, some of these females don’t deserve .0000005BTC (even if it was below market value my baby). I bet they be the first to ask where the weed/k/m0lly/jenkem at lol #savages

  11. The thirst is real. There are lots of dehydrated men out here afflicted with a thirst so severe, they make vampires appear slightly parched.

    Simping has replaced Game. It has replaced Charm. It has replaced dignity.
    Prostituting oneself to no end is the nature of some of these young men and even older men out here.

    Simps make it hard out here for a pimp. Unjustly inflating the ego's of nickels, ultimately throwing the dating market place completely out of wack.

    "Who fillin' em with octane, got em gassed up…." Biggie would be turning in his grave.

    Mr. SoBo
    My recent post My Rants On Twerking, Interracial Relationships And Celebrities

  12. Men have been "Simps" since the beginning of time. Since Eve convinced Adam to disobey God. Wars have been fought over women, men have died over women, men have become homeless and broke because the root cause was a woman. Unfortunately I always just figured this was the nature of man and it will be what it will be. *shrug* I doubt calling men out about it will change it.

  13. I knew I wasn't crazy. Those were just some of the examples of how a guy would play himself sumn terrible. I'll admit that I'd really like to be with a well proportioned woman….but I still consider myself to have value, thus self-respect too.

  14. Simping is fundamental to the negro subculture. Maybe it has its roots in slavery and plantation life, when the female slaves who looked like anything lusted to be bedwenches for massa and massa’s sons, while the biggest and strongest mandingo male slaves lusted for them.

    This gave the bedwench enormous power within slave ‘society’, if it can be referred to as a ‘society’. The bedwench enjoyed power over the strongest and meanest slave brutes, while simultaneously being a slave to massa and massa’s sons. Blacks have carried this over thru the centuries. Notice how millionaire black athletes and intertainers, and even African heads of state will, spend fortunes on black big booty bimbos, and even commit murder to get rid of potential rivals. The thing is, other than a big shitty ass, these bimbos have no redeeming value.


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