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Brandy’s Brother Drops Official Video: I Hit It First


I Hit It First cover

The moment we’ve all been dreading is upon us. Brandy’s Brother, Ray J, has followed-up his High School themed anthem, ‘I Hit It First,’ which SBM (with much regret) addressed here, with an equally wack video of the same name. The video, complete with Kim Kardashian and Raz B look-a-likes is somehow even worse than you might have imagined. Enjoy the video below for nothing more than the laughs or sadness that it will undoubtedly invoke.


Ray J, what you’ve just created is one of the most insanely idiotic songs I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent, lyrically-lacking stylistics were you even close to anything that could be considered a half-decent song. Everyone on the Internet is now dumber for having listened to it. You had sex with a hot chick before she was well-known. So what? It happens. Everyone on Earth has moved on except you, sir. You may have “hit it first” but you are in last place. We would hate you if you were relevant enough to hate. Instead, may God mercy on your soul, Brandy’s brother.


  1. Let the church say Amen……in other news…Ray J you were probably number 11…Boondocks should totally parody this.

  2. I facepalmed myself so hard watching that video, that I gave myself "the iron claw." The most gifted linguists of the English language have yet to formulate the words to describe how lame this dude is.

    Is he still trying to say this isn't Kim K?

  3. I'm confused by his expression at the very end; does Brandy's brother think he just did something clever?!

  4. This is so immature but you cant blame him for it b/c everyone has been doing it lately (not whole songs but quick shots in a verse or two) and even though a lot of ppl find it childish lets remember we have little brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, or nephews who find this to be genius. smh

  5. http://cdn.straightfromthea.com/wp-content/upload

    yo SBM has been hating on Ray J so heavy, you would think she is carrying Wis baby inside her. I find Ray wildly entertaining… and if Kim didn't want her brand associating with Ray in 2013 she shouldn't have started her brand with Ray in 2007! Why is it a diss to be brandy's brother? That look alike could get it though…..if Kim don't bounce back right from Wis baby, people should start looking for alternatives.

    1. Lol -1 [African American]!

      Also, its not an insult to be Brandy’s brother. I call Ray J “Brandy’s Brother” because 1) he is Brandy’s brother; and 2) he is only where he (annoyingly) is because he is Brandy’s brother. Otherwise he would be in his rightful place as a non-mother f***king factor. So, the same way he continues to capitalize on this almost decade old video escapade with Kim K, is the same way ill refer to him until he stands on his own merits but he seems quite content being Brandy’s brother, so it is what it is.

      – sent from iPhone

      1. What you don't realize is that Ray-J is waaay more relevant than Brandy. He's had more chart topping tracks, a sex tape scandal, and beef with Fabolous and his own reality series. Ray-J is carrying the Norwood brand right now. 99% of the people calling him Brandy's brother don't even know that Brandy dropped an album last year.

        1. way more relevant than Brandy? LMAO you lost me there. Has that guy ever won a Grammy? has he ever won ANY ward for that matter? GTFOH with this b.s.


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