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20 Ways Black People Act When They Go Out Versus Their Counterparts



What happens when you go out? I know when I do, I live for the nights I won’t remember with the people I won’t forget. If you’re like me, you notice a difference when you’re hanging out with your “white friends” and when you’re hanging out with your “Black friends.” Personally, I made a decision to never go to any club that may play Rick Ross at any point of the night. You just know when that music comes on, something is going to go down you don’t want to be a partied to. I took the time to jot down a list of the differences that occur when you part with people of the different skin tone. (Save Lightskin Nation, they blend in and get in where they fit in.) Check it out!

  1. White people go to the club and go straight to the bar, Black people go to the club and go straight to the bathroom.

  2. White people dance their own dance, Black people dance the popular dance to a song, or not at all.

  3. White people will drink everything that’s available including rail, Black people have their drink and stick to it. We’re convinced that we know how we react to our drink of choice.

  4. White people “get weird” when they go out, Black people get “trippy mane.”

  5. White people don’t understand why you pay cover to buy drinks, Black people pay $40 to get into the club because it’s a holiday weekend.

  6. White people go crazy on St. Patrick’s Day, Black people go crazy on the First of the Month.

  7. White people’s favorite other race’s song in the club is “Put Your Ass Into It,” Black people’s favorite song in the club is anything by Justin Timberlake.

  8. White people get wasted, Black people get throwed.

  9. White people’s favorite bar song is “Sweet Caroline,” Black people’s favorite bar song is “Juicy.”

  10. White people drink until they drop, Black people say, “Somebody gotta drink this ish.”

  11. White people are convinced that their song is the story of their life, Black people are convinced that “he ain’t talking about me.”

  12. White people love “All Gold Everything” but have to miss a few words, Black people don’t care where they are they’re always going to hit ALL the adlibs…

  13. White people don’t care who’s watching them when they’re in the club, Black people just don’t give a f*ck.

  14. White people snap pictures all night long to post on Facebook, Black people tell people, “Hey! I said NO PICTURES!.”

  15. White people make out on the dance floor, Black people send “what you doing after this?” texts after the club to keep it on the low.

  16. White people get horny when they get drunk, Black people get horny when they get drunk.

  17. White people get drunk and smoke a half a pack of Marlboro Lights, Black people get drunk and smoke half a pack of Black & Milds.

  18. White people are convinced that all their great nights are “legendary,” Black people are convinced all their great nights are “movies.”

  19. White people refrain from eating to save calories for drinking, Black people drink and then pig out at the local diner at 4AM.

  20. White people say, “Last night, I was drunk so I don’t remember anything,” Black people say, “Long as my b*tches love me…”

Now regardless of where you fall in, know that it’s all good when you’re hanging out and getting it in. The purpose of going out is to let go and cut loose. “Don’t hold the wall,” like seriously, don’t ever hold the wall.

What are some things that you do when you go out that are traditions for you, but you think no one else is doing? Also, how do you prepare to hang out with your “white friends” or “Black friends,” I know we all prepare different.

Cheers, it’s the freaking weekend.

– Dr. J


  1. I’ve seen this first hand…I’ve gone out with predominantly white coworkers and my day one ninjas main takeaways….

    1. White guys by a round for everyone in the proximity, black guys are only buying drinks for themselves and shorties

    2. White women will attempt to yell over the music, sistas will whisper in ya ear

    3. White people love early 2000s rap songs, black people will say the DJ sucks

    4. White people will Foursquare, black people will just tweet some rap lyric that correlates

    5. White girls will dance with you all night and not even ask your name, you dance with a sista longer than 3 songs #yallgotogether

  2. I have some more:
    1. White people don't mind spending at the bar black people ask "damn that much for a remy and coke?!" (I've seen that too)
    2. White folks grind to virtually every song, blacks for the most part, just reggae or a slow hip hop beat
    3. Usually blacks people can put themselves together and accessorize, whites ummmmm not so much
    4. Maybe it's just me but black people will tend to buy hard liquor, white people beer all day every day
    5.white folks usually will dance to any and everything blacks usually clear the floor unless their song is on
    My recent post Liquor, Lust And Love: Escapades Of An Alcoholic

  3. I learned a lot in Boston for the time I lived there…thank you white people…

    1. White people will drink like a fish before they get to the bar and drink even more when they get there, black people pre-party to avoid spending too much at the bar.

    2. White women walk barefoot after a long night, black women keep their flip-flops within close proximity

    3. White people leave when it’s time to go, black people will post party in the parking lot

    4. White people like to make friends when they go out, black people believe in the motto “no new friends, naw we don’t need that”

  4. 1. White girls wanna make out with each other as soon as they are drunk…never seen a clique of black girls do that.

    2. White folks fight over car keys…Black folks be like oh he drive better drunk. (sad but true)

    1. LMFAO at #2.

      #1 – I seen Black girls do that. Just let it be one lesbian in the group and trust me afterparties will get weird.

  5. Im a little new to the site, but this post cracked me up. Lets not forget how black folk tend to act out rap lyrics in the club

    1. True Religion Jeans right there.

      They act it out in the club, not realizing that it's music for entertainment and half the stuff in the lyrics is dumb as hell.

  6. Hilariously great post!
    White people just throw on some jeans and a t-shirt maybe a button up. Black folks gotta get a “fresh fit” for the club tonight.
    White people go to bars, pubs and taverns to party. Black people go to sports bars, clubs and “hole in the wall”

  7. Hilariously great post!
    White people just throw on some jeans and a t-shirt maybe a button up. Black folks gotta get a “fresh fit” for the club tonight.
    White people go to bars, pubs and taverns to party. Black people go to sports bars, clubs and “hole in the wall”

  8. I always wondered why my friends go straight to the restroom when they get to the club, I don't drink so I didn't know.

    I think white people go out and just let loose and have fun I have more fun partying with them. Where I live black women around my age (mid 20s) don't really dance. They typically only dance with guys they would typically date or attracted to. So its a lot of hit and miss where white women usually don't care, they just want to have fun.

    I do think in a lot of white clubs the women bring their boyfriends which is a drawback, black clubs you don't really find that from what I've seen.

  9. Change "Sweet Caroline" to "Don't Stop Believing" and this list is the truth. That song is their ANTHEM

    1. Yes! AS SOON as "Just a small town girl…" starts, white people FLOCK to the dance floor in droves, not to dance, just to yell the lyrics at the top of their lungs. As the lone black person in my department this song has made for many epic "look at the white people" moments during happy hours.

  10. White women's response to getting their butt grabbed is "[email protected] aye man!". For black women it's either "the look" that lets you know deep down there's a hood chick that isn't above throwing a bottle at your head (if she's a young professional) or "**gga hold up…(insert a slew of expletives here)" if she's ratchet.

  11. Black people seem to have darker shades of skin than white people. On the other hand, I have noticed that white people tend to have the lighter skin tones. It must have something to do with genetics. Either way, it is nothing worth arguing about.


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