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5 Things Good Writing Can Teach You About Your Job Search via @IAmRichJones



If you’re reading this, you enjoy reading interesting or helpful content. You probably visit other sites with solid writing that meet a variety of your needs. Have you ever considered what the sites (and books) you read can teach you about the job search without talking about it directly? Here are five lessons I’ve learned from good writing…and I ain’t even know it…until now.

The ability to tell stories increases your ability to find work.

Storytelling is the essence of what writers do. Even if it’s an informational article, there’s a story to it. At the very least, you’ll notice the format: an engaging intro, a hook, a body, and a conclusion. When you walk into interviews, you should be armed with engaging success stories and lessons learned.

Stories that exhibit your thought process, self awareness, resilience, and ability to follow through will intrigue interviewers and have them thinking about you long after you leave their office. Just like you think about a good article or book long after you’ve read it.

Eliminating unnecessary words eases the reader’s burden.

Good writing is succinct. Devoid of unnecessary words. When you read tutorials and hear writing advice from the gurus, they always talk about making every word count. You need to do the same with your résumé and cover letter. Excessive prepositions, adverbs, and gargantuan words or phrases when a simple word will suffice can disrupt the reader experience. If you’ve ever found yourself rereading a sentence in a story or blog post a couple times to understand it, that’s what I’m talking about. The more filler you cut out, the easier it is for the recruiter or hiring manager to see who you are.

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If you don’t promote, you don’t get chose found.

Whether it’s your blog or your book, people can’t read what they haven’t seen or heard about. And with word of mouth being the best marketing you can get, you’ll get none if nobody knows about your awesomeness.

The job search is no different. People can’t refer you for a job if they don’t know you’re looking. They won’t think of you for that perfect project if they don’t know it’s your passion. Make use of social media and your email contacts to let folks know your interests and your plans.

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  1. "The ability to tell stories increases your ability to find work".

    Interesting (and good) advice. Thanks 🙂

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