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A “Better” Diet


Wait!!!! This is not the usual diet article you’re used to.

In this article, “Diet” doesn’t necessarily mean what you have been led to believe by all the fads and trends in the fitness industry. It DEF doesn’t mean to start cutting this and starving yourself from that.  Our new definition of diet is simply this: a consistent and conscious decision of what you are fueling your body with in relation to your fitness/health goal.

With that in mind…  Here are 3 quick  tips to enhance your “diet” starting TODAY!

green and red healthy foodA) Eat More Vegetables

50/50: Half (or 50%) of your main meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) should consist of vegetables. You will be fueling your body with the nutrients it NEEDS, meet the daily requirements of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and if your goal is fat/weight loss you don’t have to worry about counting those calories.


B) Snacks & Water

There is nothing wrong with snacking! The issue comes with what we choose to eat as a snack. In my opinion, the best snacks to fuel you between meals are assorted nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts etc) and fruits/vegetables. Be aware of the serving size when it comes to nuts, which can easily be overeaten.

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Feeling hungry? Drink some water. Usually we confuse dehydration with hunger and therefore, OVEREAT. “Drink first, eat last” is a good motto to diet by if your goal is weight loss.

PS. It should go without saying that juices/soda (unless freshly squeezed by you or in front of you) are not your friend.


C) Portion Control (America’s biggest adversary when it comes to fighting obesity.)

Invest in a food scale. If you’d rather be a chef in your kitchen instead of eating out then you should be weighing/measuring your portions.  Here are a few rules or thumb:

Chicken/Turkey: about 3-4 oz. per serving

Fish: about 3-5 oz. per serving

Beef: No more than 6oz per DAY

Grains: 1 cup per serving

Vegetables: EAT IN ABUNDANCE per serving

Fruit: 1 whole fruit/1 cup per serving

If you are not weighing/cooking your own food here are a few visual contrasts you can make:

Chicken/Turkey/Fish: The size of your checkbook

Beef: a deck of cards/bar of soap (thickness also)

Grains: a baseball

Vegetables: EAT IN ABUNDANCE per serving

Fruit: 1 whole fruit/1 cup per serving

Be creative, have fun, TREAT yourself, and enjoy your BETTER diet!

– Mr. BeTheBetter


  1. Our diet plays an important role in keeping our body fit. The amount of fat we eat adds extra weight in our body(in case we do not include workouts in our schedule). Therefore, we should always keep an eye on the food which we are eating.
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  2. Maintaining better diet is very much necessary to control overall health and this issue is not so easy at all. Without having proper knowledge of selecting food for diet it can be possible and that's why every dieter should learn what kinds of foods are necessary to select on for better diet. Your provided article may be helpful to them. Thanks

  3. The issue happens along what we determine to nibble as a snack. In my estimate, the prime bites to wood you amid dinners are various hazels further fruits/vegetables. Be cognizant of the portion extent during it befalls to hazels, which can readily be overeaten.

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