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SBM Sports – An NBA Finals Recap from the Media’s POV



Confession time: I didn’t watch Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday. I had (free!) tickets to the Governor’s Ball in New York City, and went to see Kanye.

I might have skipped the show for a Game 7 but, despite the mud, I made the right choice.

The problem here is that I don’t write on SBM as a music reviewer. If I did, this would be easy. Instead, I had to catch up on the game through highlights and written recaps from my favorite journalists and sites. This is one of the only times I’ve had no idea how a Finals game played out before seeing highlights. I had a fresh perspective, which allowed me to see the game completely through the eyes of others. Here’s what I gathered about Game 2 from the media’s coverage:

It is REALLY disappointing when the Heat win –

Especially on ESPN. The network’s coverage centered almost exclusively on what the Heat weren’t doing through the first half…James Dunkdespite having a five point lead. It’s obvious from the box score that the Spurs had a tough time offensively. Danny Green should never – and I mean never – lead his team in scoring in the Finals. He didn’t even start in college! He was more famous for this than his play on the court. So yeah, that’s bad. But given the Spurs’ struggles, it would have been interesting to see what Miami did to disrupt what made San Antonio successful in Game 1. Instead, there was a focus on how poorly Miami played, which was odd.

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Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh is apparently holding Miami back –

A lot was made of the Miami second half run that blew the game open. Some noted that it was preceded by a few key substitutions, specifically Wade and Bosh heading out of the game leaving LeBron James in with the team’s role players. From my reading of things, the Heat immediately turned a close game into a 19-point rout behind James and the “other guys.”

Wade chipped in a measly 10 points with only two free throws attempted. While he didn’t have to do a lot once the game was broken open, he still had a pretty crappy game on paper through three quarters. Bosh was a little better, and I suspect his numbers would have been better if he’d have played his usual amount of minutes.

Was it a coincidence that Miami went from playing a close game to coasting to an easy victory once Wade and Bosh sat down? Maybe. But you have to wonder if the amazing game Wade and Bosh are “due” to have is actually coming.

The Block –

James Blocks Splitter

Admittedly, this is the only play I’m upset to have missed live. I can only imagine the pandemonium on Twitter. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports wrote about 500 words on just that play. You know something is impressive when you can wring an entire column out of a two second snippet of the game.

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This will go down as one of James’ greatest plays. Something that will go into his career highlight package once he’s retired. There isn’t too much to say about this other than “wow” and “hopefully Tiago Splitter was able to get some sleep Sunday night.”

That’s what I saw in Game 2 based on highlights and written recaps of Sunday’s action. Looking ahead to Game 3, Miami’s keys to success seem to be continued all-around play from LeBron James and hot shooting from the role players. I don’t think Miami can count on a superstar performance from Wade and Bosh, especially on the road.

For the Spurs, the analysis is easy: play a million times better on offense, which should help the defense by slowing Miami’s attack.

Did I catch everything important from Sunday’s game? What did the media recaps miss that you found interesting? Most importantly, who you got for Game 3 and the series?

Hit the comments and let me know!


  1. I bet you had more fun with Kanye than i had watching this game…
    Tiago Splitter… *SIGH*… I i saw the block i was like poor dude… Internet is the devil… Only some seconds after it happened, it was already everywhere… smh, he'll be remembered as "the guy that Lebron blocked during game 2"…
    The Spurs were pretty horrible though, i expect way better from them tomorrow. All these turnovers, a lot of BAD (very bad) shots… Olala -_-'!!!!
    I don't know about game 3… But yeah Miami will win this serie -__-'!!!

    1. I wouldn't get too down about the blowout. Losing by 1 or 30 is only one loss for SA. And Popovich is definitely the coach you want making adjustments. I still see a long series ahead.

      Aaaaaaand yeah, Tiago Splitter is now dead as far as the internet is concerned. Pour out some liquor for him.

  2. i think Bosh and Wade had good first halves…because if i'm right, Wade was leading the Heat in scoring at halftime with…10 points. Spurs probably would have been up at the half, if they didn't have so many TOs

    but that run…Miller hitting threes, Allen hitting threes, James doing his thing pretty much put a close game out of reach.

    i think the key for the Heat, and i'm sure one of y'all touched on this, is that that Bosh and Wade gotta get their looks and get into the flow of the game, when they're on…then James can do his thing, because he knows he can take over at will.

    1. Man…we lowered the bar like crazy for Wade. Highlighting his good first half? Yikes. Obviously I didn't see it in context, but the 2 free throws attempted makes me most worried.

      Bosh and Wade have to be better, but getting them involved can't slow down the rest of the offense. Tough balance.

  3. Series is going as expected. But I probably picked the wrong team tho.

    I still got the Spurs in 6. And it would be a miracle if Manu G is MVP.

    Will not be surprised if I am wrong.

    1. If Manu is MVP, I'll Paypal you $100. He's basically Dwyane Wade in a couple years. Picking his spots in relatively limited minutes off the bench. Either could swing the series by picking up his play too. I wonder if Manu is energrized playing at home tonight.

  4. "… it would have been interesting to see what Miami did to disrupt what made San Antonio successful in Game 1.."

    I've been waiting for this analysis/breakdown on ESPN…NBA Countdown…Mike and Mike…anywhere! Buuuut… .*crickets* . The fact that the Spurs had the 2nd best offense in the league during the regular season and have shot fairly poorly (to be put it nicely) the first two games says volumes about the Heat's defense, in my opinion. Yet that part of their game gets no due. Interesting.

  5. The funny thing is I watched the game, but didn't look at the box score, and I thought Wade and Bosh played great. Bosh was hitting open shots and getting rebounds, Wade was aggressive and scoring. Clearly they didn't need them in the second half, because Miami's shooters got so hot. But it appeared that Wade and Bosh played well, if you watched the game.

    I'm still trying to figure out how analysts, who presumably watched more than one playoff series before, are pronouncing doom and gloom for the Spurs. Does anyone really think Popovich cares about a blowout loss? It is still only one game. The Spurs accomplished what they wanted: a split in the first two games in Miami. Miami still lost home court advantage. By going to SA tied 1-1 instead of leading 2-0, it just means the Heat are in a fair situation instead of a hopeless one.

    1. Caveat: Splitting the first two is less of an advantage in the 2-3-2 format of the Finals, but it still comes down to a best-of-five series, with San Antonio having home-court advantage. Miami can win one in San Antonio, especially considering they play three straight there. Hard to imagine the Heat losing three games in a row.

  6. 1. It was Tiago Splitter! That dude isn't nobody that we should be concerned with Lebron getting a dunk on. If it was Blake Griffin or even Tim Duncan, it would matter, but nobody will even know who that is in the highlight twenty years from now.
    2. The Spurs didn't get blown out. They were down 1 in the 4th quarter when Pop pulled his starters and put in the bench players. If you saw the game, you'd know that Pop basically packed it up and decided to let the Heat win. They got the split they needed and have THREE straight games back in SAS.

    Spurs in 5.

  7. I have to totally agree with Dr. J, it was Tiago Splitter. If he did that to Dwight Howard. Funny because people were all on deAundre Jordan for dunking on Brandon Knight…big deal.

    Kawai Leonard has done a pretty good job on Lebron and Danny green has been shooting the ball well. San Antonio has to hope Duncan doesn't start to show his age and Ginobili has to come back in the series. San Antonio has to get one more win because I don't see them going to Miami for games 6 and 7 being down 3-2.

    Bosh has to stop thinking he's larry Bird because he's clearly not, get your a$$ in the post and help rebound.
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