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How Should Women Handle Anger And Arguments With Her Man In Public?



How Should Women Handle Anger And Arguments With Her Man In Public?

When writing about relationships, it’s important to keep in mind a great deal of advice depends on the situation of the people involved. Given the unique nature of individual relationships, it’s often difficult to find a “one size fits all” answer. With that in mind, there are situations which can possibly be considered universal “no-no’s.” The question posed in the title is one of them. Ladies, would you like to know how you handle arguments with your man in public? Here’s a simple solution.

Don’t ever argue with your man in public.


I can hear the peanut gallery starting up right now: “What do you mean don’t ever argue with a man in public? Ain’t I a woman? Don’t I have rights? This isn’t the damn 1950s, if I got a problem with my man I need to address it as soon as it happens so he doesn’t think he can run over me, right?” The answers to the aforementioned questions being, “I meant what I said. Yes. Yes. No, you don’t.”

Unless you’re arguing for the sake of arguing you never want to start an argument with anyone, let alone a man, in public. It’s counterproductive, unbelievably tacky, and it’s akin to running on a treadmill. Yeah, you’re getting a good run (of the mouth) but in effect, you’re going nowhere. Fast.

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Growing up, my mother taught me there was a time and place for everything. As an adult, I’ve learned certain places are better matches for certain types of activity. I need peace and quiet to study, so instead of heading to the nearest Starbucks when I needed to learn something, I went to the library. In order for me to optimize my workouts, I need to go to the gym. The gym provides all the appropriate tools in order for me to effectively exercise. Sure, I can make up my own routine in my house, but the chances of me succeeding in doing so are significantly higher if I’m in a place conducive to such activities.

Ladies, arguing with your man in public is not conducive to anything other than ill feelings and the brewing of bad blood.

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  1. I had my ex husband do that to me in public while we were married. I mean he totally blew up on my a$$. I should have left him right then and there.

    I would never cause so much attention to myself, so that is something I would never do.
    My recent post Closet Freak II

      1. Why must you say 'like a woman', as though it's perfectly acceptable for men? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to say like an adult? Both sexes should keep their emotions in check while in public, it shouldn't be a 'woman' or 'man' issue – it's about maturity and anger management.

  2. If ur a woman or a man who would blow up on your significant other in public….ur a damn clown!! U obviously have no repect for your mate & u seek attention for all the wrong reasons!! As it relates to this topic tho women should just avoid arguing at all cost in public. Unfortunately women nowdays are heavily influenced by those "hoodrat favorite" vh1 reality TV shows LOL. (Insert ur favorite one here). So now having a confrontation in public seems to be the thing to do smh. Getting loud,swearing,throwing drinks or wuteva they feel is necessary to embarass someone is now trendy….wrong!! If a chick tries to embarass me…im leaving her right where she stands LOL. Lets see how cool she looks hoping on the bus or cab to get becuz her man left her. #time n place for everything ladies

    **ratchet chicks voices**…"well it works for evelyn lozada….until she got head butted" lmao!!!
    My recent post How Should Women Handle Anger And Arguments With Her Man In Public?

  3. Arguing in public? Blowing up? Making a scene? I don't know this life ***waits for next post where I can effectively contribute my experiences***

  4. Did Chey B ghostwrite this? I'm just really confused as to why a blog centered around the black *male* keeps blogging about what women should do. Arguing is tacky, period – doesn't matter if it's the woman or the man who indulges.

    1. "MadameNoire is a sophisticated lifestyle publication that gives African-American women the latest in fashion trends, black entertainment news, parenting tips and beauty secrets that are specifically for black women. Black women seek information on a wide variety of topics including African-American hair care, health issues, relationship advice and career trends – and MadameNoire provides all of that."

      At MadameNoire's solicitation and topic-list suggestion, we wrote this particular post. Aside from the fact that we can write about whatever we want, SBM's tagline is "the urban, male, perspective." I'm pretty sure women are a part of that perspective.

      I hope this answers your question.

  5. Nobody should be arguing man or woman in public. Yes we are human and while we may disagree a little in public, we shouldn’t be having a full blown argument in isle 12.

    Men if your lady argues with you in public there’s only 2 steps you can take.

    1)ask her to calm down and tell her it’s best that yall finish the argument later
    2)if she doesn’t listen to step one, leave her standing there yelling at the air.
    3)If she chases you, then you’re dating a crazy woman and I have no sympathy for you because you saw the signs and ignored it.

    1. "ask her to calm down"

      HELL NO! I'm not adding fuel to that fire. I'm pretty sure there's been a dozen articles on here that have even talked about the effect of asking a woman to "calm down".

  6. A person can't conduct an argument by themselves. If they do, they're just going on a rant.

    In order for a chick to argue with her dude in public, he'd have to be arguing back at her. And in doing so, he'd be just as complicit in the tackiness as her.

    Men, you can easily take the lead here. If she tries to argue with you, just don't indulge her. Shake your head, chuckle a bit, don't interrupt her. Wait until she's finished then give a composed reaction, or just ignore it and change the subject. The emotions you show when a chick is trying to goad you into an argument are aloof amusement or calm dominance.

    I kinda think of it like the very few times i got an attitude with my mom in public when I was a little boy. She didn't argue back. She only had to give me a look or body language that told me everything i needed to know. And i shat up and sat down.

    Don't fall for the okey doke– it takes 2 to argue.

  7. Yeah, I had this happen at a get together once….I just left…disappeared. When I saw her again I let her know that kind of shit can't happen again. ….but…it did. I was done after that. Some situations only get worse – follow the signs.


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