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What I Don’t Love About Love And Hip Hop



Before I really begin I want to give a quick shout out. I attended the 2013 Blogging While Brown Conference here in New York this past weekend. I had a great time and it was certainly very helpful. If you’re an aspiring blogger I implore you to try and check it out next year.

Now, back to the topic at and. Let me first start off by saying that I love reality shows. When I do watch TV it’s usually sports related or reality TV. I consider myself to be a pretty liberal guy. So when I see many things that may cause other people some outrage I don’t flinch. This past week I was catching up on one of my favorite shows Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. My qualm this week surrounds the hot and cold relationship between Mimi and Stevie J; stay tuned…

If you haven’t watched the show here is a synopsis of their relationship in a nutshell. Mimi is the baby mother who always holds down her woman juggling boyfriend. She continues to go back presumably because of the proverbial “D.” Stevie being a normal creature of habit doesn’t ever change because he hasn’t yet been required to.

In this stage of the season Mimi and Stevie are not together and Mimi has “moved on.” Her new boyfriend gets her what in her eyes is a lackluster Rolex as a gift. Lackluster because his Rolex has diamonds and hers doesn’t. She has a little bit of a fit over this. I can understand it but still wasn’t feeling that. This theme of materialism fixing all problems just irks me. But still that really isn’t what sent me over the edge.

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Stevie gets some news that Mimi might not be totally satisfied with who she’s currently with. Stevie shows up to a club where Mimi is with her man. Long story short Stevie presents Mimi with keys to a brand new BMW. As if to say in my Mark Henry voice “that’s what I do!” He trumps Mimi’s man’s effort at a gift by then saying that the Rolex was fake anyway. Mimi loves the gift and accepts it. So far goes the episode.

This picture that was painted that episode makes me cringe.

It makes me cringe because it makes some women out to be people who look past the thought that might go into a gift rather than the gift itself. For a man like Stevie who I think should have exhausted all of his chances, he still gets a pass.

When will women put their foot down with dumbass dudes?

After all Stevie has done, a new car shouldn’t be a part of some forgiveness package. The gesture wasn’t genuine, it’s simply a part of his game.

For we peasants on planet earth who actually have to work for a living, these gifts aren’t realistic. I think it’s scenes like this that might give women this grandiose idea of what a guy is suppose to do. Nothing comes before your self respect ladies.

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Accepting the car was not a smart move, it showed weakness.

Someone should make the point in that show to tell Mimi that. But then again that ain’t no ratings booster is it? Love the show, but I’m not going to believe anything good can truly come from that gesture.

These are my words and I make no apologies.

Have you all ever been in such a situation? What are your thoughts if any?

DamnPops is a writer on the staff at SBM. His bio: “I’m not a biter, I’m a writer for myself and others. ” Brooklyn born dude trying to figure out this life just like you. Come on this journey with me. Follow me on Twitter @DamnPOPS

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  1. As per usual you touched upon the exact point I would bring up. I actually saw the episode and nothing about it said Mimi has moved on. She uses the fact that she has a child with Stevie as he leverage to still interact with him and with the possibility of mending things between them in mind. The new guy is a decoy and she’s proven that. I don’t blame him for telling her about herself. BMW or not accepting a gift from your ex says that you’re clearly not over them. But we are aware of the ratings BS and so the story will never be told in an angle that will shed light on the better choices that should be made but highlights relationship(s) that are unhealthy. Sad truth

  2. I know many people dont care about reality but truth be told there are millions that do (including me). If people did not take an interest in reality tv, VH1 wouldnt try so hard to find the next big thing.

    But I do agree with your post. Shows like BGC and BBW can shove it. I use to be a fan of both until the got way out of pocket.
    My recent post Signs You’re Falling in Love

  3. I still can't believe there is another season of this show and people are still actually watching. Anyway, I agree with this post. The fixation on material items is problematic on so many levels. It goes to show that people will put money over pride and self respect. There is no 'D' in the word money. And 'D' stands for dignity.
    In any event, you have to truly wonder what percentage of these 'reality' shows are scripted.

    Mr. SoBo

    My recent post Dear Hip Hop, We Hardly Knew Ye

  4. I agree 100% I really wish sometimes that ladies will look at this (as entertaining as it can be) and see that at some point you have to take responsibility for your bad choices and stop blaming the other party!

  5. I'm sorry, I guess i'm alone in my thoughts, but over it or not, i'm not turning down a free new car, especially a luxury car. Period. Doesn't mean anything more than the car is a CAR! I can ride it, sell it, soup it up, put it in a garage, but at the end of the day, it does me more good to have it than to not have it. And it wasn't like all of a sudden she was banging down Stevie's door to break him off afterwards, she really was just accepting something that she was given. I agree somewhat with the whole being grateful thing, but you shouldn't have to pretend to like something you don't just because someone gave it to you, and as a gifter, if you don't know if that person will like it, you shouldn't be spending mad money on something that you want the giftee to appreciate, or be mad if they say it's not their taste. It's just as offensive to know someone that should know you very well (she said they knew each other for like 12 years) doesn't know what you like.

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