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Disturbing Pictures Show White Folks #Trayvoning


I think I speak for all people, regardless of race, gender or class, when I say…


Now I know, i’m not the only one who wonders if this is real or not. I’m just a bit skeptical that people are this ignorant. However, I realize that the current state of racism in our country has shifted from being about hate to being about getting a laugh. I have long thought that many of these recent racist offenses aren’t born out of hate, but an insensitive approach to telling a joke.

Doesn’t matter what I think, what do you guys think? Are these pictures offensive? Do you just skip over them? Or, should more be done to ensure that this doesn’t become a new fad in white America, or any America for that matter?


  1. Please. Of course it comes out of hate. Black people are so in denial that many don't even want to acknowledge that there are a large percentage of people from other races that hate blacks. If they don't do it this out of hate then what is it….love? lol gtfoh

  2. Of course this is racist. There is absolutely nothing funny about people "Trayvoning" and trying to get a laugh. You didn't see any one "Sandy Hooking' or "Boston Bombing." These things are deliberate and white people get on my freaking nerves. They need to be handled. Stupid sons of b******!!!

    1. "You didn't see any one "Sandy Hooking' or "Boston Bombing."

      Of course not. Because people are sensitive to these sorts of things. Innocent white people were hurt and killed.

      A young Black youth on the other hand is par for the course. Business as usual. Garners no sympathy from the masses. One less dead negro to worry about.

      In this country, there is only White, and then 'other'. If it doesn't affect the majority, it doesn't matter. So then we end up with intentionally insensitive things such as 'Trayvoning'. A mockery of his demise treated as some viral internet sensation like 'planking'. Disgraceful.

      This trial and all that surrounds this will reveal to those in denial in America, that racism and hatred for Blacks is very much alive and thriving. In this age of political correctness, racism has only been hushed in the public domain. But don't take its silence to mean it doesn't exist. This trial will reveal just how racist this country is, and I'm not referring to the outcome of the trial, but more so the American public's views about it.

      Wake up.

      Mr. SoBo

      My recent post Dear Hip Hop, We Hardly Knew Ye

      1. I agree.

        Racism is alive and very well, but I don't believe that people are being silent about it. I believe they know those that are the victims of it are not going to do anything about it, so they can continue to do what they want. African Americas have no power. We have no influence. We do not hold any weight to make decisions. Therefore, it is easy for us to continuously be treated as though we do not matter. Thus, making us easy targets.

  3. As disgraceful and shameful as this phenomenon is, I have to understand that I will never be able to change what's in a person's heart. That said, I'm sure that these occurrences aren't taking place in front of black people. While we can't tell people how to think and feel, we can check hate and racism when it's in our presence. However I don't suggest we call in Al or Jesse to come march for this, I'm sick of seeing that every time like we're supposed to get offended by ignorant act like protesting will change what's in a person's spirit.

    1. Protesting will not change what is in a person's spirit, but it will change what is happening to African Americans in this country. You are stronger together than you are apart. The only reason why the gay community and the Hispanic community are getting all of these rights is because they show that they won't take it. They band together and force their voices to be heard. Look at what's happening in Egypt. When people are tired enough, they do something about it. Many AAs are trained. We have been conditioned. I would love to right a dissertation on the subject, but I won't today. Lastly, you should always be offended by ignorance at any end of the spectrum. But you should especially be offended when it is directed towards you. I'm saying "you" with regard to your people and community.

  4. This is so hurtful, in so many ways. Hopefully his parents never get to see the mockery that they are trying to do and bring upon their son in this tragedy.

  5. @misskay

    Said it all. Blacks have no power. Influence. Economic base.

    And as long as we are not on the same page, I have no problem with it.

    I like my white people honest. And he’ll yes, black folks are in denial about racism and its derivatives.


    1. I like my white friends too. I have no issues with anyone except African Americans, and my issues are exactly what you mentioned the "denial" that we continue to live in. I'll never understand how the majority of these beautiful people can all say in unison that "equality does not exist, and there is no no justice for a black people in America" yet, they continue to choose to do nothing about it.

    2. No power you say? The presidency, the attorney general, supreme court justice, 95% of the athletes and musicians, etc… etc… Go peddle your “America is racist” crap somewhere else. This is the least “racist” place on planet fucking earth – the only people perpetuating racism are blacks and liberals who only care when a black person gets killed if a white person did it – and even if it turns out that white person was Hispanic and actually was defending himself – they’ll ignore it.

  6. God’s Law of Reaping what you Sow, is what keeps me from being outraged by such ignorance…Its the ONLY Law that’s INESCAPABLE, so why make into a war, whats a minor battle in the eye of the Lord?

  7. I'm convinced there's more black people saying whitey this whitey that then there are racist white folks.

  8. They do this because of how you tried to sell Trayvon to us… We respect a tragedy, but will play along with a circus…

    1. Yeah I tend to agree. Instead of a trial we got a bunch of race hustling carnival barkers and a media that used a baby picture for Trayvon and edited Zimmerman's 911 call to make him appear racist.

      This whole trial is an offensive joke. 'Trayvoning' is simply the result of a disgustingly handled story.

  9. It is a horrible trend – but this is what has become of America. It is no better (or worse) than the thousands of threats to riot or kill Zimmerman if he is found not guilty – as he should be.

    Trayvon's death is a tragedy. The death of any young person is tragedy. However, this case has from the start been promoted along the most racially divisive lines possible. It has been an intentional effort. Even the President's comments were an effort to divide by race. This is why many do not respect this farce of a trial. It is not about justice. It is about racial division.

    'Trayvoning' has been going on for about a year now – so why the sudden interest? To promote racial division even further?

  10. As a Black person I find it interesting. I think the point is lost when you look at it defensively. This is innocence stolen. These young white boys might be traumatized. reinacting scenes they could not witness in efforts to develop a perspective. It is interesting for me to see white people mimicking such a horrific position. In malice there would be much more interest in the killer and his role than just the murdered. Is anyone trying to play zimmereman? I wonder how their parents would feel to see them that way. Or their neighbors… I feel one problem with this injustice is that race is assumed to be about race as if it has a solid foundation. The only real race is subspecies. Everything else is superficial. So the use of race is what is really to be concerned with. What does Trayvon Martin being a young Black Male mean to the moments that cost his life? Not nothing. Something.

  11. Something that could be replicated by a non-black, older person of a different sex/gender, to someone it offends. Men In Black comes to mind. When Will Smiths character question the situation of Little Susie, a white female child walking down a dark urban street alone carrying books. She stood out. Did not belong and that made her suspicious. Unfortunately Zimmerman was a bigot enough to believe Trayvon didnt belong. He was walking around a neighborhood that is considered safe because of his absence. That was a violation to Zimmerman. And defining of self defense and stand your ground to this does make the point that these laws only serve to violate black people. Not just Black the race but blacklisted. Anyone who ever faced someone who accused them of not belonging. Its because Trayvon was black in race that the justice system failed him. The many bigots it took to do so, and the many it takes to keep trying to defend an armed person stalking and then killing someone even after he had been advised not to.

  12. Regardless of his delusions, any reaction Trayvon Martin had to him was nothing more than what any brave young person would do in that situation. Not a cocky, voilent or demented person but an average person. And the question is does standing up for yourself to a "well meaning" bigot entitle them to your life or just this young Black Male's…

  13. Hahaha that IS funny. If you have to explain to someone why something is funny then chances are they will never find it funny – but I’ll try.

    Ok – the reason it is funny is because the media has tried (and in large part succeeded) in making Trayvon a “victim” who was just out for some watermelon fruit juice and skittles. In reality – most people recognize how profoundly absurd this even despite the repetition 1000 times a day by the race baitors out there.

    George Zimmerman was a guy who spent his free time volunteering in his community. Trayvon was a guy who spent his free time getting kicked out of school (3 times in a few months), doing drugs (including a drink made by mixing codeine with watermelon flavored juice and skittles called “lean”), fighting, vandalism, and stealing. His twitter and Facebook messages (before being deleted by his attorneys) also indicate he was trying to buy a gun by illegal means and sold drugs.

    “Trayvoning” I think is the humorous reaction to the absurd story we have been spoon fed by the media about what happened that night.

    Love it.


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