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#GreatMaleSurvey 2013: AskMen Captures Men’s Thoughts on Women, Sex, and Relationships


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Despite the vast worldly knowledge of the many men who contribute to SBM, maybe you’re still convinced we just pull facts and opinions from our nether regions. Maybe you think we’re bold-faced liars. Or maybe you just think we’re idiots. Whatever your opinion of us, perhaps you’d like to hear opinions on women, sex, and relationships from more men than SBM provides. This isn’t to say polling thousands of different men will provide you with any more clues, clarity, or insight on how men think, but at least you can rest comfortably knowing that the responses are supported by a few thousand men who have no affiliation or loyalty to SBM. AskMen.com’s “Great Male Survey 2013” even had the courtesy to breakdown responses by country. Now you can confirm your suspicions that all the no good, misogynistic, no manner having, incapable of courting, excuses for shells of men reside in the 150-square miles surrounding your residence. We’ve taken the liberty of highlighting some of the more interesting responses below.

Use Condoms! Men Aren’t Getting Tested

how often std tested

Men Still Believe In Marriage

institution of marriage

Men Would Rather Lie Than Argue

liar liar

Men Would Use Birth Control Given the Option

male birth control

If you’re wondering what the hell “male birth control” is and when it’ll be available, check out SBM’s post on the subject here.

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Men Want Women To Come…


When Looking for Love Intelligence Is Not A High Priority

relationship material

Want to Impress Your Man? Keep it Simple.

romantic gestures

Men Are Still Lying About Their Sex Partners

sex life lies

Only 17% of Men Are Satisfied With Their Sex Life

sex life satisfcation

49% of Men Think Weight Matters

weight gain

68% of Men Would Continue Dating a Woman They Don’t See as “Wife Material”

wife material liar

If You Sleep With More than 10 Men, Lie When Asked!

womans sex partners

Share your thoughts on the survey results below. Which response(s) surprised you the most? [Check out the full survey at AskMen.com]


  1. [email protected] the STD tests. I can understand tho– peep the logic:

    1) Girls get tested ALL the time at the gynecologist (not really, but sometimes)

    2) If you are frequently intimate with a girl with no protection, and she never catches anything, that means you're probably clean (not really, but most likely).

    3) So instead of getting an STD test, just have more unprotected intercourse and let the girl take the test since she's always in the gyno office anyway.

    Its cheaper, and its like 2 birds with 1 stone. Work smarter, not harder.

    1. 1.) Not quite. In fact, if a woman has one partner she may even decline a test, or decline a test because she's at a doctor's office and it may cost more and there's no major reason to get it done.

      2.) Bad logic. Some STDs don't rear their ugly heads until much later after initial infection.

      3.) Still bad logic. Who says she's just sleeping with you? What about with other women, but she doesn't count that? It's shudder worthy, but possible in today's sexual marketplace.

      While it's interesting to read the logic behind why some men feel comfortable not getting tested, I disagree that it's working smarter. Too many tests are free nowadays.

      1. Suni please school em and help save a life.
        Get Tested!
        Let me point out this as well. Men always tend to take womens word for it when they tell them
        "they're on the pill" or "they can't get pregnant" for whatever reason. And 8, 8 & 1/2, or almost 9 months later…..BAM!
        That right there should be a lesson to you all.

        1. As a guy, its important to be a good judge of character and not get it poppin with ol dirty loose booty girls too often. Women seem to think that men cant tell who's a ho and who isnt.

          But guys are actually pretty good at figuring it out. I can pick out the good girls in a heartbeat– even better if i have a conversation with them. Now I may not be always able to tell which girls are bonafide kumdumpsters, but i CAN tell which chicks have good a moral balance, are too socially awkward to be deceitful hos, or who value their bodies enough to not be an easy lay.

          If we're messing with a lying conniving ho, we're at least aware that she aint no saint. I've never been surprised by a chick's behavior if i get a good read on her.

          Looking at the menu, I might not know what tastes bad, but i DO know what tastes good.

        2. …………..
          this kind of attitude SPREADS diseases. you DO know MOST STI's don't have any actual symptoms right?

          and as for women getting tested, i don't know about the US, but since physicals are covered here, i can say as someone who goes 1x/year – not all STI's are tested during the pap test. you have to ask for that.

    2. Not every woman gets tested all the time. Women get annual exams (I think it may have been changed to every 2 years). STD tests are extra and you have to ask for it. It isn't automatically included in your pap/pelvic exam.

      Not all women are as up to date on their gynecological practices. You'd be surprised how many grown women are still scared to go. Men should definitely go and get tested. My view is, it should be done everytime you get a new partner, or right after the old one.

      1. I know women who don't go because its painful. Also with Health Insurance Companies not wanting to pay for Dr. visits nowadays unless they are absolutely necessary, I've heard that unless a woman has a history of abnormal pap smears they only have to go to the Ob/Gyn every 3 years.
        In case you didn't know, the US is one of the worst countries when it comes to preventative health care. It cost money and insurance companies do not want to pay.

        1. This is very true. The US is one of the worst countries when it comes to preventative care, but because of our great president Obama, The Affordable Care Act allows individuals to see their physicians for some preventative care services at no cost. Many screenings and other tests are avaiable.

        2. This is true Peter. But it depends on the Co u work for, your health insurance provider and your plan. My job does provide free preventative healthcare thankfully, not all companies do though.

    3. @12 point Buck – This is why HIV/AIDS is running ramped especially in our community. A man should care enough about his own health not to be lazy and go get tested himself.

      There are a lot of STI/STD’s that stay dormant in one partner but might be reactive in another. There are free clinics and other ways to get tested. If you don’t have money to get tested you better be using condoms regularly or you don’t need to have chex. If you’re worried about cost you don’t need to be doing anything unprotected, a baby cost more than a test.

      Ladies at this point your safest bet is going to the clinic as a unit and getting tested if yall don’t want to use condoms.

    4. y'all taking what 12 point said way too seriously lmao

      dude just aced the test on hood logic 101, doesn't mean that's how he feels tho

      1. I think what the ladies are just trying to correct and clarify. As women we know the truth about women and ob/gyn Dr. visits. People need to know that "hood logic" is not necessarily good logic and "hood logic" can kill you. That is something I deem serious.

      2. IMHO, It's one of those topics I prefer not to ease up on. As a people, blacks especially go through way too much to take ourselves out with slow suicide.

      3. i dont understand this comment.
        based on the above stats – there has to be a reason (or several) why men aren't getting tested.

  2. -Lie if you sleep with more than 10 partners>>everybody is lying about their sex partners regardless, I didnt know men still ask questions of such nature

    -Only 17% of men are satisfied with their sex life? Gotta ask my man if my bedroom skills needs improvement

    -50% of men never get tested??- 0____0 – Now thats scary

    1. men ain't really going to ever tell the woman that they're unsatisfied. just peep your internet history. that's the best way to find out. if that don't look like what you guys do but he watches it frequently (like the style) that's prolly what he would like to be doing.

      1. That is the truth. U can tell a whole lot by a mans porn collection and the type of porn he watches.
        Ladies instead of complaining pay close attention….ijs.

    1. Also I was shocked to see only 40% was happy with their chex life. <— I think if you ask women the same question you'd get about the same number of responses. Sometimes people confuse men having a lot of partners or access to chex with them actually having a great chex life. I think someone said it on here once. Sometimes you have chex just to calm your needs. A woman could be wack in bed but some p*ssy is better than no p*ssy.

      Or they could just be sticking out and not getting any.

  3. The irony of “sense of loyalty” being the number 1 characteristic men want from their women, lol.

    Overall good survey and largely on point.

  4. This right here should answer womens burning question – Why Do Men Lie? "Men Would Rather Lie Than Argue."
    Hopefully ladies who have this problem will realize the solution is Stop Arguing! (please)

  5. "68% of Men Would Continue Dating a Woman They Don’t See as “Wife Material”

    Hum….now that's interesting. Does this mean he's not ready for marriage anyway? Don't think there's enough good quality of "marriage material" women? Because she's good in bed? or Because he knows she's not looking for marriage either?

    But….If the woman is looking for a Life Partner, and the man she is dating knows this….Why would he still pursue the relationship? Knowing it's going nowhere.

    Brotha's..can you help me out?

    1. My take on it is that men don't always date for the purpose of finding a life partner. So even if she isnt wifey material, if she's good to kick it with, it's a win.

      And as to why a man would maintain a directionless relationship when he knows the woman wants a life partner– it's probably the same mentality that a guy has if he's willing to tell a little white lie to avoid an argument.

      That blowup where all the issues come to the surface and the relationship dies because he never committed fully– that is a relatively small point in time in comparison to the whole relationship.

      I'd rather keep kicking the can down the road until it reaches that breaking point, while enjoying an awesome (albeit temporary) relationship…. especially if the alternative is to decide to end it early on. Think of all the fun outings, secks, and experiences you two can have while she's in a good headspace… just know that it'll all end in an explosion.

      But it's well worth it. Trust me. If she would make good wifey material, she prolly makes excellent dating material too. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

      1. and men wonder why women are so f*cked up in the head. She thinks you love her and can see yourself marrying her but you think of her as temporary. smh

        1. Just because I give her some peenus and hang out with her doesnt mean she deserves to be my one and only for ever and ever. When her feelings of entitlement backfire, she has noone to blame but herself. A chick can be good enough for the peen but not good enough for the ring. Happens all the time.

          Something similar happens to guys too– when guys feel entitled to secks just because a chick is nice to him, and she doesn't give it to him, then he gets mad and says she friendzoned him. Even tho he's putting in time and effort to impress her, hoping that she'll share her goodies… usually the chick has no problem keeping the guy around to do stuff for her or listen to her problems.

          So yea, men and women are both messed up like that.

        2. ahh yes because not having sex with someone is the same as having a full on relationship with someone and leading them to think you actually love them when you don't, right? I never knew men ended up emotionally damaged and heart broken from not having sex with someone.

        3. "I never knew men ended up emotionally damaged and heart broken from not having sex with someone. "

          Well, now you know. lol.

          Failure to smash can slowly eat away at a man's emotions, confidence, and ambition.

        4. and wanting to marry the person you've been in a relationship doesn't mean you have feelings of entitlement it usually means you want to start a family with them. But I guess it would be seen as "feelings of entitlement" to you since you're only using her. smh

        5. It's only entitlement if she acts like she deserves it and feels like he's being unfair by not providing it.

          You can want half of my cheesecake all day. I wouldnt blame you for desiring it.

          But if I refuse to give it to you, and you get an attitude and feel a certain way… THATS entitlement.

        6. LMAO!!!

          Sorry I'm just getting around to reading your reply. You are funny, but it sounds real.

          RandonRN88: Don't get too discouraged by his logic. I also took the 68% as the percentage of men who don't know what they want (yet). Not until it happens. It can start off casual, than they got to know you, and fell in LOVE.

  6. "My take on it is that men don't always date for the purpose of finding a life partner. So even if she isnt wifey material, if she's good to kick it with, it's a win."
    So very true 12 point. Thanks for giving us true raw insight into the mind of men. 🙂

  7. Since my "Hood Logic" reasons for not going to the clinic to get an STD test were frowned upon, I present an alternative: my "More Better Logic" reasons:

    1) When you donate blood, they test you for the nasty stuff (HIV, Herpes, Bubonic Plague)

    2) They also test your bodily fluids for these conditions when you get life insurance and when you go to the sperm bank.

    3) So don't go to the clinic to get tested; just give blood, get life insurance, or beat off into a cup for $5. You will also be doing something positive in life by being responsible and helping someone in need.

    Its like indirect STD testing. Very clever– people will be impressed by your resourcefulness.

  8. Disgusting at all these dirty d*cked men not getting tested but expect women to sleep with them after two weeks of knowing them and have the nerve to get mad when they ask if they've been tested. smh


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