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Who Got the Hook-up? Wealthy White Guys.


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Let me lay out some statistics that, considered together, seem quite improbable. First, 91 percent of college students agree that their lives are dominated by the hookup culture. Second, the median number of hookups for a graduating senior is seven. That’s fewer than two hookups a year. Only about 40 percent of those hookups include sexual intercourse so, technically, the typical student acquires only two new sexual partners during college.

If students agree with the rest of the panicked culture and the recent New York Times story that they are embedded in an alcohol-fueled, porn-soaked, party scene that welcome casual sex, how is it possible that their actual sexual activity can be described with numbers like two and seven?

This was the question that led me to rethink what was really happening on college campuses.  The vast majority of published research on hookup culture, mine included, focuses on the gender dynamics: the extent to which college women are empowered or disempowered by their experience with hookup culture. Media coverage of the phenomenon has followed suit.

Gender, however, is not the only way to slice the data. Buried in the statistics is information about who is participating in the hookup culture more or less actively. And, it turns out, not everyone on campus embraces the scene equally. Only 14 percent of students hookup more than 10 times in four years and these students are more likely than others to be white, wealthy, heterosexual, able-bodied, and conventionally attractive, according to quantitative studies of hookup behavior. Students who do not fall into these categories hook up significantly less and are more likely to disapprove of or be uninterested in the whole endeavor. To give you an idea of why, I’ll briefly discuss what we know about the attitudes and behaviors of African-American versus white and working-class versus middle-class students.

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African-American students are less likely to hook up than white students…

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  1. makes sense, i had my fun in college but i also knew i was on the hook for thousands of dollars and really couldnt afford to slip up, sistas were typically in that same boat. My white peers were able to drink and wild out as they were on their parents dime, or just really didnt give a damn about college

    1. Seriously! After the way my parents were wildn' out about my lackluster grades the first semester of my freshmen year, I played no games with my education. I still had my fun too, but them fairskinned folks definitely went above, beyond, and further over when it came to partying — not giving no types of nothing.

      And as far as dating went: I went to a PWI so all the minorities sort of dated each other, and I wanted no parts of that drama. And in regards to the rest — I just wanted no parts of them. Plus, the Boston dudes I came across in general were SO WACK, so I already knew not to even waste my time.

      1. I went to a PWI, and these stats align with my experiences there BUT most of my family went to HBCU's and my experiences there (because I was always on their campuses and hardly on my own) are the exact OPPOSITE of this study. So, basically I wonder where HBCU's fall. Are they as wild as they seem or is that just a stereotype? A lot of them – no offense to anyone that went to one – seemed pretty no holds bar when it came to the "hook up" scene.
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  2. I agree with Trist….My college education was funded by my family. I did very little partying and no real serious dating in college. Because I had no student loans and grants and was paying out of pocket, I definitely took college more seriously than most.
    I also think that "we" don't have the same support system and "cushion" to fall back on should we fail, as opposed to our white counterparts. Many times people take for granted that which comes fairly easily.
    In our culture failure is not an option. We swim or sink.

  3. I went to a PWI. I wanted to have more random secks, but I didn't really get a chance until the i got access to groupies.

    Even in college, chicks don't check for you unless you have money, status, or some type of dominant/badboy personality.

    I'd be in the lab working on an engineering assignment with the bluest of balls. "Once I get the money…" I'd say to myself, "…then I'll get the muthafuggin power!"

  4. IDK, I think black people hook up a lot in college but they're just more undercover about it. It is true that Black Americans have been hyper-sexualized in society so as a black woman you have to be very careful about how you come across to others because a bad rep can ruin your entire college life. You will hear white girls openly admit they were sluts in college. They don't care. It's like a joke to them. lol

    Also, I go to a public university and so many students work their way through school and/or have loans including many white students. While most rich and privileged students are white, the other white kids have to pay for college with loans and money out of pocket just like everyone else. College is way too expensive now for just about anyone. None of us have anything to fall back on except for a big a$$ black hole of student loan debt.

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  5. The "white and wealthy" requirement doesn't apply to female students.

    Girls can be average looking, belong to any race / background and hook up regularly, quite easily.


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