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SBM Sports – Why Tiger Woods Will Win 18 Majors



Well, that was a letdown.

Tiger Woods put himself in position to win his long awaited 15th major this weekend at The Open Championship in Scotland. Sitting in second place, just two shots behind the leader heading into the final round, Woods proceeded to wet the bed, leaving puddles up and down the course on Sunday. Woods’ major drought has now reached 17, each loss raising doubts that he’ll ever catch Jack Nicklaus for the most of all time.

A lot has been made of Wood’s struggles, but the debate over whether Tiger can get back to winning the only tournaments that matter to him breaks down very simply. Here are three reasons critics say Woods won’t get to the coveted 18 majors:

Tiger won’t do it because:

…he’s now 23 shots over par in the final two rounds of majors over the last two years

If you believe this, you think Tiger has lost the killer instinct that made him great in the first place. Now more than ever, analysts mention that golfers no longer “fear” Woods, even when he’s in contention. The best supporting argument here is that many of golf’s best players were too young to play against Tiger. Instead, they are facing this mortal version. Why would they have the same reverence for him?

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…he’s getting old. Old people get hurt –

…which Tiger has done with alarming frequency since 2008. This weekend’s tournament was his first since injuring his elbow in last month’s US Open. Woods is 37 years old, an age where most players stop winning majors. He is, of course, better than most players, but the wear of his aggressive swing early in his career seems to be catching up to him.

…he needs a slumpbuster –

Not an argument that you’ll hear on ESPN, but every man reading this just nodded his head. Tiger’s public incident with his ex-wife exposed the wake of bodies that Tiger (along with Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan) left in Florida, Vegas, California, and, really, every city with a nice golf course. I’m sure there’s research that would support his, um, exploits, had a positive effect on his play. Woods is a family man now, very publically dating Olympian Lindsey Vonn.

I’m not saying she’s bad for his game, but Tiger used to have a mistress for every major win. Now? He still does, but both numbers sit at zero.

LV and TW

All hope is not lost for Tiger. He’s still one of the best players in the world, and he’ll have another four or five years as an elite golfer. That gives him about 20 more chances to win majors. You can’t say that Tiger will definitely catch Nicklaus, like you would have pre-2008, but it’s still possible.

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It’s not like Woods’ play has been terrible either. Despite his shaky finishes the past two years, he has finished in the top-6 nine times since his last major win. If you’re around the top of the leaderboard often enough, you’re bound to break through. I believe winning his next major will lead to a run. Tiger’s run of dominance was stopped for a variety of reasons; I think it’ll take one big success to get him back on track.

If I had to put my life savings on it, I’d bet that Tiger does get to 18 majors. He’s been successful too long for me to count him out at this point. What do you think? Will Tiger catch Jack Nicklaus in his quest to be the most decorated golfer of all time? Does he have to catch Nicklaus for you to consider him the GOAT? Are you even rooting for him after his infidelities were exposed?

Hit the comments and let me know what you think!


  1. Absolutely. I believe he will win 20 majors, he just won’t do it on our time. And that is okay.

    And infidelity is good for your relationship.

    Hernandez was catching touchdown passes from a HOF quarterback & alledgedly shooting people in the face as a hobby.

    Tiger was winning majors, while conquering white h*es in his spare time.

    You tell me who winning in life. I say both. But I give Tiger the slight edge.

    Tiger will be fine, but when he gets that 17th major, the racists will represent heavy!!!

    1. I'm giving Tiger a massive edge because he's free right now. Once someone wears a piece of clothing with "Free (Your Name)," you lose automatically.

  2. Tiger is a fit 37, unlike most sports he can play another 10-15 years, that’s up to 60 majors to win 5. Simple logic says he should be able to pull it off, especially with no dominant players in the field. He’s not the old Tiger but he’s still a very good to great golfer who without the fame and accolades you seen as a normal player would be given a punchers chance in every major.

  3. Personal failure for a man is often too much to overcome. Unfortunately, Tiger’s public exposure of his failed marriage may have cost him his career. I don’t think he’ll get back to where he once was.

  4. Tiger will catch Jack. Tiger will become the GOAT, according to the media, once he catches Jack. But for him to be the greatest of all time in my book, he has to get 19 majors and 7 Master's. That wiould put him above Jack all around and for the most prestigious tournament.

    1. The Master's part is the least realistic IMO. They specifically reformatted the course to make it hard on him. They really are racist at Augusta aren't they? Lol

  5. I'm pretty Tiger will catch Jack. He can sneak a few in. Quiet as it's kept Tiger is in contention in all these majors more than any other golfer. He can catch fire and win a couple quick.

    In other news, it really ain't shit going on in Sports.

    Except Ryan Braun, that lying sack of shit.

    1. Yeah…I mean I wrote a post on just how boring this time in sports is. Thankfully, we'll have World Cup this time next year. I've stopped pretending I'm going…every free cent I have is paying for my wedding. So I'll be writing up a storm about it.

      Just a few weeks to football season.

  6. At this stage in his career, if Tiger can win 5 majors in the next 8 years, he'll beat Jack. That's 5/32. He's been through some ish, but if anybody can get his golf game back, it's him.
    My recent post What’s In A Name?


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