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10 Signs She’s Definitely Not Wifey Material


brideIt’s hard out here on the dating scene for men and women. Sometimes you might even find someone who holds your attention for a while, but then you really have to sit down and think “Is she really wifey material?” If you find yourself in that position, the crew over at EliteDaily pens their 10 Signs She’s Definitely Not Wifey Material:

She’s selfish and wants all the attention on her at all times.
There is nothing worse than a beautiful woman who is insecure. We all have our insecurities, but some women take it way too far. If the girl you are dealing with is constantly all about ‘me, me, me’ then it’s best you run. This will lead to a one-sided marriage that is all about her.

Marriage is a commitment between two people who are willing to compromise their extremes to be with each other and live a happy lifestyle. Someone who is selfish has no ability to compromise and it will without a doubt lead to many arguments and eventually a nasty divorce in which she will try to take all your money.

She’s really jealous and picky about whom you associate yourself with.
If you never gave her a reason to mistrust you, yet she acts weird when you are around certain girls that you have befriended, then she’s just jealous. If you think putting a ring on her finger will change anything, then you are sadly mistaken.

Don’t think it’s going to get better just because you are her husband now. Her possessiveness is only going to increase and there is nothing you can do. So if you think she’s needy and jealous as your girlfriend, then be prepared for a world of pain when you guys get married.

She doesn’t get along with your friends.
While this is the most difficult part of any relationship, it is imperative that she gets along with your friends. It is hard to find the proper balance between friends and a girlfriend in any relationship. She may not like your friends, but it’s important that she knows how to respect them because these are the people that have been with you through it all.

If someone doesn’t love you for who you are, then they don’t deserve you. Period. There is no reason why you should have to change for anyone. While compromise in a relationship does encourage some change, these are usually just some minor adjustments. There is no need for you to drastically change the way you go about things because your other half wants you to.

She tries too hard to change you.
If someone doesn’t love you for who you are, then they don’t deserve you. Period. There is no reason why you should have to change for anyone. While compromise in a relationship does encourage some change, these are usually just some minor adjustments. There is no need for you to drastically change the way you go about things because your other half wants you to.

She can’t cook your favorite dishes.
Now, we know it’s 2013 and feminism is the latest trend taken up by American women. For some reason, women find everything a man asks them to do offensive. Nowadays you can rarely find a woman who takes pride in cooking for her man, it is truly a lost art.

Nowadays you can’t even get a simple sandwich without getting an ear full. If she doesn’t know how to make at least 3 of your favorite dishes and doesn’t plan on putting the effort into learning how to make them, then she is not wifey material.

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  1. welp. looks like im good wife material. give me a minute to learn your favorite dish. I don’t cook but I will.

  2. LMBO! That first pic though?! LMBO!

    I was wit'it till the over 19 one…for obvious reasons, lol. I get the premise but the same can be said for the fellas. Men are not exempt from baggage of all kinds…believe that.

  3. Yeah, the last two reasons (she's over 19 and she doesn't look back/cup the balls) made me question the whole list. I can't take this sh*t seriously.

  4. Young men nowadays don't care if a women can cook. You won't hear them say, " She fine as hell but I can't mess with her because she can't cook" LOL Sure it's a nice bonus but not a deal breaker. Men now have learned how to do domestic duties themselves. My boyfriend almost cooks and cleans more than me. And yea once I read the 19 yr old one I disregarded the whole list lol.
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  5. Over 19 years old?? are you kiddin me. This guy is a biased loser who has issues and prejudice attitude towards "American women" he can kiss our ass lol.I would not take advice from a person who cant give an objective opinion that is not based on prejudice viewpoints. And as for cupping balls there are many guys out the who wont eat a woman out and do not know how to last long… should we not marry them?? lol

  6. I for one care if a woman can cook…I can definitely hold my own in the kitchen, but she has to know how to cook. I'm not saying be the female version of G. Garvin but damn….especially if/when we have a family I want to know our kids are well nourished and not constantly waiting in line at the nearest KFC or popeyes. As far as my favorite dishes, well let's say I'm of a certain ethnic background and she can't make those dishes but if she can throw down on most anything else, and at least tried to make my favorite dish, I'm cool.
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  7. Most women can cook though. I’ve never had a female friend or girlfriend whi couldn’t. Just bc it ain’t 5 course meal…hiw do you think they eat?

    Yeah,don’t try to change a man ladies,but admit it Some women care tpo much and want to help. A many have picked up a brotha!

    Now,if you are a good and responsible man cut her loose if
    she tries to change you OR talk about it and if she can’t take a damn hint….tell her to hit da bricks

    Some dudes have shitty immature friends who hate any chick who tries to “infiltrate” the brothahood and it comes off as
    bitter. WhenI got engaged one of my oldest so called friends
    told me she was tryna put the chainz on….wtf I asked her bra.

    Hangin wit the boyz,24/7 will get yo azz left!
    But ladies we need to have some male friends to kick.it with. Underdtand that.

  8. The cooking part sounded very chauvinistic. The 1950s are way over, sorry. In this day and age, there should be no gender roles in domestic duties. My mother was the breadwinner and my father cooked and cleaned and did a very excellent job of it. I myself prefer the sharing of those responsibilities. If I cook one night, I expect my man to clear the table and do the dishes and vice versa. Some women like doing all the domestic chores and that’s perfectly fine if it’s been agreed upon by both parties, and some men, like my father, prefer to do domestic chores, and that’s perfectly fine, too. I myself, would never get with someone that didn’t know how to cook. That’s just lazy to me. I can throw down, but I refuse to be the only one doing it. Unless he wants to do ALL the cleaning. Oh and guys, if you know how to pick ya damn pants up off the floor, you won’t hear much complaining. There’s nothing more annoying than a man who wants you to play the role of his mother(unless you’re into some kinky s**t. I don’t judge, lol.)

  9. If cooking is such an issue….then a man better be able to change the oil in my car and rotate my tires. Hey I"m not asking for much….just be a man every 5000 miles LOL

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