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Asian Girlz: Racist or Insensitive?

levy tran
Feature: Day Above Ground’s Asian Girlz model Levy Tran.

Last week, the band Day Above Ground released their single and “tribute” to Asian women called, Asian GirlzThe video went viral, but for all the wrong reasons. Many found the song offensive and accused the band of being racist. With lyrics that include, “”I love your creamy yellow thighs / Ooh your slanted eyes,” and “it’s the Year of the Dragon / Ninja p***y I’m stabbin,'” it’s little wonder why some might be offended. The band eventually released a statement stating that the video was simply “satirical.” Plus, according to the band, there is no way they can be racist because they have an Asian friend – one of the band members is Indonesian. Below is the video in question.


While we’re on the topic of possibly racist video, I was reminded of Mighty Casey’s Uncut BET video classic, White Girls. I don’t remember anyone calling this video “racist,” but maybe the superior lyrics and clever adlibs of Mighty Casey blinded us to the blatant racism. Also, Mr. Casey had the benefit of releasing this video before social media sites like Facebook and Twitter dominated the scene, which allow angry mobs of people to more easily amass behind a wall of temporary outrage through Facebook status updates, Tweets, and Change.org petitions.

Are these videos racist? Have people gotten too sensitive or insensitive about race? And the question on everyone’s mind…why is there no “Black Girls” music video (unless this counts)?


  1. I'll be honest. I can't even watch the entire thing. I did read an article about this song on Gawker. I do believe that often times it seems almost acceptable to fetishize Asian women. It seems like even in the more mainstream beliefs, there are such idiotic perceptions or stereotypes about Asian people, women especially. Often times it is disgusting and absolutely WRONG. The lyrics( I did read the lyrics) were horrible. I can't believe someone didn't clue them in on this foolishness.

  2. I don't give a fuck as a Black man with yellow fever. Asian women will continue to worship white men and shit on black men (not literally, as some of them are into scat, but I mean disrespect us).

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