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SBM Sports – Be Honest, You Don’t Care That Riley Cooper is an Idiot



When video of Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Riley Cooper surfaced of him dropping the n-word (language NSFW), many were outraged. When we learned Cooper was yelling at a Black security guard who wouldn’t allow him backstage (more NSFW language), that outrage only intensified.

I couldn’t muster the anger.

And you’re not really mad either.

Despite articles like this, tweets like this, and media members wondering aloud if he will lose his job, Cooper is just an idiot who exposed himself after drinking too much. He wasn’t the first, and he won’t be the last, and he isn’t worth the calories burnt spewing Faux Anger across various media.

For one, Cooper has been in the league for three seasons, and has a total of 46 catches in 40 games. Cooper could have been in the league or not the past few seasons, and nothing would have turned out differently for the Eagles, the league, or anyone’s fantasy team. He’s never caught more than five passes in a game (three times). Cooper is so easy to ignore (on and off the field) that it doesn’t matter how well he’s able to get along with teammates or avoid becoming a distraction. Chances are, you were doing an excellent job ignoring him your entire life, until last week. See how easy that was?

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If this were a player that exerted some control over his team, Drew Brees for instance, this might actually be an issue.  The Eagles haven’t depended on Cooper for anything, and even with starting receiver Jeremy Maclin hurt for the season, that won’t change much. Cooper’s production over the past three years is easily replaceable.

riley-cooper-black-racist-memeForgetting that Cooper is an NFL player, we have a drunk white guy saying “nigger” at a country music concert. Hardly seems like news, right? As a Black person, I’m acutely aware that every .7583 seconds, a White person says the n-word. One probably just read “n-word” in that last sentence and said “nigger” in his head. Sorry to set you up like that.

I’m also acutely aware that, despite progress, there are prejudice and racist White people of all ages. The comment section of any mildly controversial YouTube video tells you as much. These are made up stats, but I’ll take them to the grave.

Since I (and every other Black person) knows this already, why bother pretending to be upset about it?

I can actually understand White people being outraged moreso than Black people. From my (not) very extensive colloquial research (basically, me living 29 years and observing things), White people really, really want other people to know they aren’t racist. Johnny loudly proclaiming his outrage against Cooper is basically him proclaiming that he isn’t racist…you know, like Cooper.

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It’s not a bad tactic. It’s the same one I used as a kid when I served my little sister up as a human shield. But ultimately, it’s unnecessary. An incident like this only reinforces my made up stats. Your non-prejudice doesn’t cancel out Cooper’s action. Sorry.

Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay BuccaneersFinally, an incident like this always comes back to the use of the word. I won’t defend the use of it as something “reclaimed” by Black people because I think that’s dumb. I wish I could go back decades ago to the Black Delegation Meeting and suggest we claim books instead of reclaiming the n-word, but alas.

I haven’t been called the “-er” form of the word with the same vitriol Cooper showed. Maybe if I had, I could find the passion to pretend to be upset about all of this. I know it sounds bad, but if someone did hurl the word at me, I don’t think I’d start a fight. First of all, I’m not getting Zimmerman’d. Secondly, I have stuff to lose. I’m not going to jail because of an ignorant racist. Plus, I’m not going to punch tolerance into him. He’s only going to feel more entrenched in his backwards ideology.

Count me in the minority, but ignorance doesn’t make me angry. That goes for Cooper, internet trolls, or the next drunk White guy to be caught on camera.

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That’s how I feel on this Cooper situation. How about you? What were your thoughts when you first saw the video? Are you still angry? If you aren’t upset like me, would any set of circumstances change your mind?

Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I think sometimes I’m the only one who feels the same way. It’s good to know I’m not. To be candid, I’m desensitized to it *shrug*. I mean, I definitely have feelings about the Zimmerman verdict, the Evers case, and the Till case. However, my ability to be concerned about fools such as Cooper is low. I automatically start from a place that at any point in time, any person not of the black diaspora can have the balls to call me, or any other black person a “nigger”. This alleviates much of the angst that seems to have befallen others.

    1. Yeah the actual physical violence/killing of a Black person hits home for me as well. I mean, I listen to A LOT of Juicy J…so I can easily compartmentalize ignorance. This goes right into that category for me.

  2. I said this weeks ago regarding the word itself, I’m not overly outraged about it. As for Cooper himself I think as a professional athlete, on a team with primarily black players, with a farily diverse fan base, he has to go, not because im overly offended but its just not a good look. Factor that in with an NFL that will suspend players for anything that makes them look bad, Cooper seemingly getting a pass makes it that much worse. Whats sad about a lot of these situations is that no one else around them seems to check them, like no one could’ve told Riley to chill

    1. Couldn't get your link to work. Probably my horrible work computer.

      I see what you're saying about it just being a bad look, but Cooper is so average I think they can get by with him on the team. If they feel they need him, they will be able to keep him on the team and the buzz will die down. Especially since they sent him to Racism Rehab.

      Was interesting that the reaction on the video was just an "OOOOH!"…then people seemed to move on, lol. Not even an "calm down, bro" or anything.

  3. I could'nt agree with you more here, brother!

    When I first saw the video I actually just laughed…and mostly b/c I knew a huge sh*t storm was coming for dude and many people really couldn't care less beneath the surface.

    But yes, you're correct. I really don't care that Riley Cooper is an idiot.

      1. Compared to The Zimmerman case. I am actually feeling not so outraged about it.

        If I am white & my workplace is filled with 70-80% negroes who can legally maim me and/or kill me once work starts,

        Keep in mind, Ray Lewis (who, like Mike Tyson, I would never in a million years want a physical confrontation with) is short & slow for his position (MLB) and the negroes on that defensive front are bigger, faster, stronger & ANGRY (because in order to play at the highest level, you have to go Super Saiyan.)

        Why for the life of me, would I allow myself to be out of pocket at a concert.

        I feel bad for the guy. But I am glad we all know who wouldn’t piss on me when I am on fire now. I appreciate him coming on out the racist closet.

        Racist thinking/ideology is a mental illness/dis-ease.

        I have personal issues in my day-to-day life to be concerned about.

        Riley Cooper will be fine, and he will get his comeuppance.

  4. Same here Joe. I really could care less that Cooper showed how ignorant he is. I am sure those boys on sundays will give him his "due diligence" on the field. lol

    Man, this is when I wish Sean Taylor was still alive. Could you imagine the pounding he would lay on this dude if he caught a pass across the middle?? lol

    1. It will be really annoying when they make a big deal out of the first guy to lay Cooper out. I agree there will be a couple people out to "Sean Taylor" him, but guys get laid out in general across the middle, lol.

      They DB's will have to answer quesitons about tackling a guy. "Was there a hidden agenda???"

      Blah, lol.

  5. He isn't the first athlete to use racial epithets or be out right racist Ty Cobb and John Rocker are just a couple names to pop up. However, he screwed himself up, brother it's not the 1950's anymore, it's a new milennium. While racism is still alive, it's not nearly as tolerated as it was then. Sad thing is, at least 80% of his teammates are black. and he's going to if not already cause a locker room divide. Some teammates are going to forgive him and move forward, some won't let it ride. He's a clown period. Just cut him and move on, I doubt he's going to the the X-factor as to whether or not Philly wins this year or not.
    My recent post Saving Black Love: 8 Ways To A Better Us…Not You…US!

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