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The 10 Signs She’s The Perfect Side-Piece


she's the perfect side-piece

Every now and again you get bored with the love of your life and need to dabble outside the lines a bit with something fresh – a sidepiece. However, you just can’t pick any woman and think that she’s the perfect side-piece. Your side-piece has to compliment you, your relationship, and your lifestyle or else she might cause more stress than she’s worth and blow up your spot.

The 10 Signs She’s The Perfect Side-Piece Mistress:

You have to make sure she’s perfect for you

She’s between the ages of 25-35.

You don’t want a mistress that’s too old or too young. The problem is that you don’t want to deal with a woman who is inexperienced because the chances of getting caught with someone who is a little young are higher — and you really don’t want to deal with a woman who is too old. You need a girl at a ripe age who’s going to give you good sex and is mature enough to be comfortable with the fact that she is just your mistress and nothing more.

Under no circumstance should she be uglier than your current wife.

You are treading on uncharted territories and it’s important that you understand that you may get caught. Aside from that possibility, how dumb would it look if you get caught with a mistress that is not better looking than your current wife? This makes the whole experience pointless and it is truly disrespectful to your wife.

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You will not find her on any major social media networks.

The key factor in keeping your mistress under wraps is to make sure that she is not a social media whore. You do not need any publicity on social networks because you never know who’s watching. You do not want anyone from your office or your wife’s social network to see photos of you and your mistress.

The less publicity the better, you guys aren’t in this type of relationship to be seen, you are meant to enjoy each other’s company and to partake in the physical pleasures.

She’s comfortable with the fact that you have a wife and knows her role as your mistress.

The whole point of having the side dish is to be able to have some fun without your marriage getting messy. The best mistresses are the ones that know their role. She knows you’re married and knows that her needs cannot compromise your marriage because it will mess up the whole flow of things.

She will be aware of when you are with your wife and take caution when it comes to contacting you. Cover your steps as much as you can, make sure she knows she’s your mistress and nothing more and nothing less.

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She stopped believing in love back in high school.

If she doesn’t believe in love, then you my friend are in the clear. This shows that she won’t catch feelings and the likelihood of her getting attached are slim to none. This is the ideal situation and nothing can be better than a mistress that has no desire to be anything more. Your biggest worry in this situation is making sure you don’t fall in love.

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  1. For cripes sakes, if you are going to cheat, please please please let her be more attractive than your wife. I don't condone any of this foolishness of course, just tired of seeing the opposite occur.

    1. lol The thing is 9x out of 10 in some cases the wife was the best he could get, that’s why he wifed her. So side pieces who aren’t as cute maybe the only thing within his grasp. Plus let's say a man does get a better looking side piece, a JLO or Kerri Washington, now he knows the extent of his woman pool and will probably leave if the option opens up. Now the wifey/girlfriend is not only crying and hurt because he cheated now she has to watch him be taken away from the woman who looks 10x better than her. at least with the ugly chick she can be like (he downgraded lol)

      (Not that I condone cheating)

      1. I guess I expect these guys not to hustle backwards. How are you going to go from sugar to sh**? I just don't get it.

        I am not just talking about looks either. The new trend is the come up of the hood chick. That is another story for another time.

        1. Its like I tell my younger friends, "Faces are for relationships". If you're just using her for her body and no one's going to know, then who cares what she looks like. So long as you can stomach it (and not knock her up).

    2. Southerngyrl_: "For cripes sakes, if you are going to cheat, please please please let her be more attractive than your wife."

      I'm looking at you, Eric Benet.

  2. 1. Lol at the folks taking this super serious.
    2. I can't get down with #2. Looks are subjective and most folks aren't getting a sidepiece for the sake of dating her. she has a role and knows it. her looks are not a priority. Just like folks always claiming that that their ex is with someone that looks worse than they do. To that I say "Says who?" and "I bet she isn't the bitch you were either".
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    1. Sidepieces are meant for in the dark activities everyone looks good when the lights go out. Now if he wants a full blown mistress to go out of town with on secret vacations and take to dinner in a low key spot, then aiming for looks should fall higher on the mistress check list.

    2. Animate: "1. Lol at the folks taking this super serious."


      "2. I can't get down with #2. Looks are subjective and most folks aren't getting a sidepiece for the sake of dating her."

      Looks aren't that important, it's new pu$$y.* Not that I condone it (re: point 1).

      *Exception: Eric Benet stepping down from the woman that was considered the most beautiful woman in the world for like five years by both white and black men's magazines.

    3. "I bet she isn't the bitch you were either"

      This is the first in a long time, I had to wipe water of my screen LOL.

  3. Lmaooo!!! Comedy. If one were to go this route (which EYE wouldn't nor recommend) the advice provided isn't terrible, lol.

  4. Ladies, don't be so upset!

    1. Be it as it may, it's a website intended for male perspective. Not everything is going to be what we would love for it to be.
    2. If he is even considering a sidepiece, then you didn't need him anyway
    3. Laugh at it, being so serious all the time can cause a stroke! 🙂
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  5. LMBO!

    I think its hilarious that people are getting mad, LOL! As much as I don't condone it, gotta respect that list…its actually not horrible for making sure you don't get caught.

    I'd also throw in, "She doesn't want children any time soon…if ever". That way, you're sure she's about her birth control business…and won't pull a fast on on you. People do hide 2nd families…but that money trail leaves crumbs.

    I think a guys list would be mad short, LOL.

    1. See, I think the issue these days is that most of them don't necessarily want kids, but they will get you on that 18 (now 21) year plan quick if you start backing away. That is where the problem lies. Dude dealing with some chick on the side for years and just when he starts to back away a little bit ,BOOM, baby on the way. I am starting to see this more and more with older guys too. Your kids just graduated from high school and here comes old girl with a baby in her arms. SMH.

  6. I've been the other woman a couple of times. I only agree to being the other woman if the man is paid and I am receiving monetary benefits. I understand my role and use them as an opportunity to get ahead. I'm not going to be with anyone for free. It's give and take.

  7. Under no circumstance should she be uglier than your current wife.
    You are treading on uncharted territories and it’s important that you understand that you may get caught. Aside from that possibility, how dumb would it look if you get caught with a mistress that is not better looking than your current wife? This makes the whole experience pointless and it is truly disrespectful to your wife.

    OH MAN! You got THAT right!

    Ugly jump-offs carry a swifter sentence should wifey find out you've been dunking your beefcake in another meow. end. of. case.

    1. But if she has a bigger booty, then that trumps ugly.

      But if her gut is bigger than her butt, go back to the starting position.

  8. OMG this is so funny! On another note, its funny how people can be understanding and permissive of other antiquated and prescribed gender roles, but get up in arms about this. Believe it or not, being a mistress, side piece, etc..is a lost art in our society today. I am in no way condoning this activity, just acknowledging the reality and substance of what the article pertains to.

  9. It's funny how people are saying they don't condone it, but then turn around and throw in more "ratchness".I do take this seriously because the fact is, it's happening, in real life, not just online in a foolish article. The fact is, people are still coming in contact with all kinds of STD's; families are being torn apart. Especially in the black community. The words perfect and mistress shouldn't even be in the same sentence. Ready for something new? Be single. Anyways, this article was pure garbage. So disappointing.

    1. Well, excuse those of us who can analyze things objectively, lol…

      Go on and be mad about this silly article. That's your right…but I refuse, lol…

  10. I see a lot of people keep saying the side piece should look “better than the wife”. Let’s be realistic. Let’s say a man cheats on his gf/wife and the side chick is bad, I mean a 10 in every physical way possible. Unless you s/o is trying to turn the side piece into a girlfriend for both of you to share, she will not be comfortable with the side piece being prettier especially if you guys stay together after the cheating.
    1)She’s already sad, mad and doubting herself because you cheated in most cases.
    2)She might not care if she’s prettier if you guys decided to break up. But if you guys decide to work it out, she is going to be very self conscious for a while. Especially if the girl you cheated with is the exact opposite of what she looks like. Side chick tall, she’s short, side chick wears a 34DD, she wears a 36B, side chick as booty on top of booty, she has a cute booty just enough to squeeze, etc…

    1. I think most women just say the “she better be prettier than me” to stroke their ego. The best side chick is one that can run (looks wise) neck and neck with wifey. Not to ugly( Sha nae-nae) but not to pretty Kelly Rowland/ JLO/ Nia Long.

  11. It's kind of sad that what's described as truly disrespectful towards your wife is cheating on her with a woman that's uglier than she is, and not cheating on her IN GENERAL! If the author wants to give men tips on how to cheat maybe he or she should tell them to wrap it up so that you don't end up impregnating another woman or coming home and giving your wife a disease.

  12. List is missing a big one:

    Must have something to lose also (job, relationship, etc).

    This is essential…or so I have heard 😉

  13. I enjoyed reading this post. I AGREE WITH IT! I am every example. 29 years of age soon to be 30 met my partner two years ago. I was fully aware he had someone, I’m okay with it. I do not do social media. We are both attractive women. I have never met her and have no plans on meeting her. I respect his phone and his time, I never calling randomly. He calls and text me when he is ready, I do as well but rarely. I am single meet new people often but sexually he satisfies my needs. We have developed a fwb relationship I can talk to him on a deeper level but at no point do I believe we will more than what we are and I am perfectly with fine with it. I do believe in love but when it comes to this relationship I have accepted and expect what we have been. If it’s not broken we feel no need to fix it. These examples represent people who do exist.

  14. I've been the wifey and the side piece and I gotta say… being the side piece is A LOT more fun! Never again will I be the one sitting at home worrying if my hubby is with HIS side piece, no thanks.
    I'm much better looking than the wife and we both know it. I have no desire to trade places with her, she can keep the ring and the headache that comes with it. I'll take the trips and the gifts.
    If anything I'm helping her out. When he's with me he feels happy and free gets to "let off steam" Then he can go home to his boring ugly wife where he belongs 😉

  15. Good read but now I have to wonder…how do you find out if she’s willing to play the role of side piece?
    Like you know she’s attracted to you but is she attracted enough to make a move? What are some signs I can give to let the side piece know I’m interested?


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