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What My Boomerang Sequel Might Look Like

Is It My Turn....
Is It My Turn….

So last night, Boomerang came on Encore, and of course, I had to watch. Boomerang is one of those flicks that it’s impossible to turn the channel from. Watching it last night, 21 years after it’s original release, I couldn’t help but think how amazing a Boomerang Sequel might be. Apparently, I’m not the only one.

This time last year, as the film hit it’s twentieth anniversary, Director Reginald Hudlin talked about why the sequel never happened. Basically, it didn’t happen because of all sorts of Hollywood racism and BS, but that’s not what I wanna focus on today.

As I got to tweeting through my viewing of Boomerang, I decided to work through what the plot would look like if I actually got to write the sequel to it. It was a fun exercise, so I figured I’d share with y’all:

















So that’s my sequel Boomerang y’all. I think it’s dope. What y’all think? If you could write a sequel to Boomerang, or any one of your favorite films, what would it look like? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Martin/Tyler being gay??? Hell no! Just allow him to play a sidekick role like he did in the original. I couldn’t see Martin Lawrence going for that at all. Remember Martin left thanksgiving dinner to go get with a chick.

    **tyler talking to Marcus **…”remember ol girl I met at the hospital….baby got her stitches out”. Lol

  2. Chris Rock has to be in the corner office. You got to have the mailroom success story. And Nasty Nelson would be married to Strangé.

      1. Gold star for Hugh! (had to throw in another Boomerang reference). She had a minor role, but you got to squeeze Lela Rochon in there somewhere too.

        1. It'd be cool for Teisha and Martin to be married – their chemistry – from their television show, would be dope. Maybe they have an arrangement. That would be crazy.

  3. Boomerang is one of my favorite movies!!!! I can't get with Martin turning out to be gay…not Martin. I could see Gerard gay before Martin, lol. But, I like your storyline for Gerard…gotta stick with that. I'd rather see Martin "pu$$y whipped"! LOL! And don't make Halle a housewife…maybe she's teaching art to college students instead. And gets tempted by a handsome professor when Eddie starts tripping over Robin again. 🙂

    But, make sure Gerard's parents make a cameo, LOL…with more pig feet and more bang bang bang!

    1. Cyn that's a great twist especially since Halle taught art classes to children at the center in the original movie.

      Maybe Halle could fall for one of those younger “hip” professor types. (Preferably one that looks good naked on screen) or if she’s could get with a foreign professor (I said foreign just so Idris could be in it and use his accent)

      1. That's exactly where that came from, Smilez! LOL.

        I was gonna say kids again but professor show's growth and progression! 🙂

      2. Oh yeah, I had Halle and Eddie as married, but maybe they're in a long term on again off again joint. Either way though, Halle's definitely not a house wife. Her characterization from the original doesn't fit that. She's a high powered something. Maybe she makes the jump to digital publishing — staying ahead of the curve.

        I think DAG as a playboy would be so ill. Maybe he's divorced, IDK. But somehow, he's single and smashing everything in sight. It would be such a different role for him. I think he'd go for it and nail it, and I think audiences would love it.

  4. I actually like the idea of “Tyler” (Martin) being Gay ( a good twist for this era) The only thing is IDK if you could get martin Lawrence to be affectionate with another man on screen. Plus would his partner be more feminine or masculine than him. Maybe he could be with a Transsexual in the squeal. Like he knows it’s a Transsexual but he keeps fronting like it’s not and his friends find out type of thing.

    I like DAG as an older wiser playboy. I wonder how his parents would take it, they seemed like they were dying for grandchildren.

  5. Maybe Halle and Eddie are 'separated' going through some tough times. And maybe this is where Idris Elba comes in. He reports to Halle and where ever they're working, and he's putting real pressure on her.

  6. But, remember…high-powered made her cold and…I don't know…less Angela-like. She really shined teaching and giving. 🙂

  7. Not likely. The reason you didn't see them together from the last season of "Martin" had to do with her lawsuit regarding chexual harassment, I think. I doubt she'd want to be doing any more scenes with him.


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