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SBM Sports: 5 Quick Look Thoughts on NFL Week 1



Due to a Thursday-to-the-next-Tuesday wedding/honeymoon, I am writing this on the last leg of my trip. My wife (still getting used to typing that) has given me exactly 15 minutes to write this post. After forcing her to sit through NFL games last night, I’m required to call her the best wife in the world.

For the record, she knew she was marrying a sports fanatic.

Since I was able to catch up on Week 1 of the NFL, I’ll boil it down to the five biggest happenings. The clock is ticking….here we go:

Commenters on this article can eat it –

I was roundly criticized via comment, text, phone call, and radio interview for giving even faint praise to Tony Romo. He finally exorcized his fourth quarter and “NY Giants in Dallas” demons, leading the Cowboys to a 1-0 record. Obviously he still has 15 games to make me eat these words. Until then, I told you so.

These commenters can also eat it –

There was a lot less vitriol for my prediction of the Packers to win the Super Bowl, but it was there. With a Week 1 matchup against the San Francisco 49ers on the schedule, they had a chance to prove me right early on. Although they didn’t get the win, the Packers proved they can score on anyone, and their defense (while not perfect) is improved.

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If not for a controversial extra down to the Niners (which resulted in an Anquan Boldin touchdown), this game could have swung the other way. I’m looking forward to the rematch in the NFC playoffs.

Reggie Bush did Reggie Bush things –


The Detroit Lions acquiring Bush seemed like the perfect move. He projected to be a better version of Jhavid Best – a dual-threat running back who could take pressure of Calvin Johnson in the running and passing game. Since the Lions are the Lions, though, I was skeptical. They have a habit of ruining everything, including a 4-0 preseason in 2008…followed by an 0-16 regular season.

For one week at least, Bush did everything fans like me envisioned. Here’s hoping his injuries are minor and the train keeps rolling.

Terrelle Pryor is…good? –


Well, not really. Good for Pryor for playing effectively against the Indianapolis Colts. He won’t be able to keep that up as defenses adjust to his style, though. Plus, everyone else on the Raiders sucks, so it’s not like he has any help.

File this one under “good job, good effort,” and watch the losses pile up.

Hard Knocks swindled us again –

The Bengals tricked me and most of you into thinking they were no longer the Bengals. Instead, they gave up a field goal at the end of the first half, and flopped on their final possession.

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At least the show was interesting again this year.

What’d I miss from Week 1? I need to end this now so I can stay married. Let me know in the comments below!


  1. @Joe Sarge

    Well wishes on your matrimony. Do your best & let the chips fall where they may.

    1. Tony Romo & Dallas can eat it. The score was supposed to be 56 – 24 the way the Giants were playing. I am not a Giants fan, more like an Eli Manning fan.

    And they will be fine, they just need a playoff birth & and decent health going into the playoffs.

    Here is my week 1 picks.

    NFL Week 1

    Bal vs Den = Denver (W)

    NE vs. BUF = New England (W)

    MIA Vs. CLE = Cleveland (L)

    SEA Vs. CAR = Carolina (L)

    CIN vs. CHI = Chicago (L)

    MIN vs. DET = Minnesota (W)

    OAK vs. IND = Indiana (W)

    KC vs. JAC = Chiefs (W)

    ATL vs. NO = Atlanta (L)

    TB vs. NYJ = Tampa Bay (L)

    TEN vs. PIT = Pittsburgh (L)

    GB vs. SF = San Francisco (W)

    ARI vs. STL = Rams (W)

    NYG vs. DAL = Giants (L)

    I still don’t believe in the Cowgirls.

    PHI vs. WAS = Eagles (W)

    This particular pick was the one I was most proud of. I picked because of Philly’s new look offense, but also, I forgot RGIII Is going to need a few weeks to get in rhythm. The Redskins will be fine also.

    HOU vs. SD = Houston (W)

    I pick Houston to win because they are a Superbowl contender. I didn’t know they were going to come from all the way from behind.

    (9-7) this week. definitely no Svengali.

    1. NFL Week 2

      Thursday, September 12

      NYJ vs. NE = NE

      CAR vs. BUF = BUF

      CLE vs. BAL = CLE

      MIN vs. CHI = MIN

      DAL vs. KC = KC

      WAS vs. GB = WAS

      TEN vs. HOU = HOU

      MIA vs. IND = IND

      SD vs. PHI = PHI

      STL vs. ATL = ATL

      DET vs. ARI = ARI

      NO vs. TB = NO

      DEN vs. NYG = DEN

      JAC vs. OAK = OAK

      SF vs. SEA = SF

      PIT vs. CIN = CIN

      Good day

    2. (10-5) In Week 2, still pending.

      I was on Mollies when I picked Washington over Green Bay. (Sarcasm)


      Pittsburgh will beat Cincinnati tonight.

      PIT vs. CIN = PIT

      Week 3

      KC Vs. PHI = PHI

      Only because PHI lost last week & they are at home. But advantage KC with Andy Reid.

      HOU vs. BAL = BAL

      HOU been playing with fire with these close wins. They get burned in Baltimore

      CLE vs. MIN = MIN

      Because it is Cleveland.

      NYG vs. CAR = NYG

      Giants should have won against Dallas, they are über desperate at 0-2, and will take it out on Killa Cam.

      GB vs. CIN = GB

      I should have picked them last week. Will be close. But I will rarely pick against A-Rod willy nilly

      STL Vs. DAL = DAL

      I hope they lose, but I don’t like losing money.

      DET vs. WAS = DET

      MUST WIN for RGIII. He is on injury alert also. I will pick against them & hope they win.

      TB vs. NE = NE

      Tampa Bay will play them tough, but home cookin’ & excellent QB/Coach play will prevail as always.

      ARI vs. NO = NO

      Saints gon’ give Arizona that work.

      SD vs. TEN = SD

      Upset alert, but I will go with the better QB. Chargers have a Lamar Odom quality to them.

      Great team, underachieves. Like Dallas.

      ATL vs. MIA = ATL

      Miami is good. But runs into a buzzsaw.

      BUF vs. NYJ = BUF

      I will pick against the Jets all season, and will be more right than wrong. And EJ Manuel is looking excellent. Get that negro some help and the Bills can contend for that elusive SB in the next 10 years.

      IND vs. SF = SF

      Racist Indiana will get that work. San Fran just got it’s azz cracked in Seattle. Angry team that wants to keep pace.

      JAC vs. SEA = SEA

      I changed my pick last week because I forgot how formidable at home they are. And they do not disappoint.

      And Jacksonville is trash.

      CHI vs. PIT = PIT

      Pittsburgh cannot be that bad. And Chicago cannot be that good. We’ll see.

      OAK vs. DEN = DEN

      BUT, it will be closer than we think.

      Good Day.

      1. I think Pitt might be that bad. We'll see tonight, but they are very injured and perhaps not that good anyway.

        I don't think Atlanta is a buzzsaw AT ALL. I think Miami takes that one. Their defense is pretty good, and the offense is coming together. That'll be one I keep my eye on for sure.

        Otherwise, I can't argue much. Still figuring out who a lot of these teams are.

  2. i’ve learned week 1 is a poor barometer, most of the good teams havent hit their stride yet, most of the bad teams still have that new car smell to them. My 5 takeaways

    1. Jacksonville looks #ReadyForTeddy, but im not sure if he’s box office enough to stop them from blacking out

    2. Why do the Patriots suck at drafting WRs

    3. The Eagles looked good…..for a half.

    4. As much as we sweat RG3, that was Kaepernick’s 11th start

    5. LOL at the afc north

    1. Even Jacksonville’s box score looked boring. That Oakland/Jax game next week is punishment.

      Kaep is a monster. As much as I’ll defend my Green Bay pick, he torched them with his legs last time and arm last week. I think it’ll be a right game, but I’d ride with him in any spot if I was a Niners fan. Where do you rank him among the 2nd/3rd year starters?

  3. Bottom line: packers vs niners is NFC championship game! No other teams in the NFC even look to be close to the level of these two teams which is why it was the best game of week 1 by far!!

    Can’t see anyone stoping Payton manning and his broncos in the AFC!

  4. "He finally exorcized his fourth quarter and “NY Giants in Dallas” demons, leading the Cowboys to a 1-0 record"
    disclaimer: I live in Dallas

    Tony Romo has been in the league too long to make these cheerleading statements about a 1-0 record. That kind of praise is given to rookies and sophmores. Stop letting Jerry Jones sell you wolf cookies.

    Until he "exorcises" (win & in) games (at least) …please stop it.

    Peyton Manning had a monster game and no one even talked about it…that's elite ish

    You call Tony Romo elite, but you praise him for lil ish.

    Your comments would better suit the likes of
    Andy Dalton
    Matthew Stafford
    Cam Newton
    Josh Freeman
    ….you get the idea

    1. "Peyton Manning had a monster game and no one even talked about it…that's elite ish "

      If throwing 7 TDs in one game the only thing that gets you to be labeled elite then I guess Peyton Manning is the only elite QB in the league, lol.

      The whole elite debate/discussion isn't even really about the talent of the player in question, but how people define the word "elite".

      1. "The whole elite debate/discussion isn't even really about the talent of the player in question, but how people define the word "elite".

        I disagree. We know that elitism is the top 10%. All of a sudden, when QBs are involved, we start lowering the bar.
        QUICK QUIZ
        -Elite runner
        -Elite swimmer
        -Elite tennis player
        -Elite boxer
        All of those examples live in the top 10%

        You don’t have to throw 7TDs to be elite but a clue to elitism is when your bad game makes more news than a good one.

        1. "I disagree. We know that elitism is the top 10%."

          We do?? LOL. Why not 15% or top 5%? Who came up with 10% exactly? And why is that across the board in all sports?

          Are we taking 10% of starting QBs therefore suggesting that there are only 3 elite QBs in the NFL? Or are we taking all starters and back ups and some third strings (for those teams that keep 3 QBs) and deem there are only 7-8 elite QBs?

          I could go on and on, but you get my point. Bottomline is you definte elite as top 10%….other folks would disagree and some may not even measure on relativeness at all *shrugs*.

        2. We do?? LOL. Why not 15% or top 5%? Who came up with 10% exactly?

          good point. and i'll thumbs up that.
          I'll take that for using a % sign

          …"or are we taking all starters and back ups and some third strings (for those teams that keep 3 QBs) and deem there are only 7-8 elite QBs? "
          I can't let you get away with that logic, because we can go all the way to including anyone who's ever thrown a football, (or vitual one via Tecmo Bowl). That doesnt get us anywhere though.

          My post is to show the inconsistency of calling someone elite (based on any scale) and then praise an accomplishment as minor as winning a game (exorcising personal football "demons).It's not an arguement of elitism in general, but it does point out the low expectations of our (the author's) elite players.

        3. "I can't let you get away with that logic…"

          Well, that wasn't my logic, lol…I was highlighting your logic and putting it into an example to display how irrational that was, lol. So we agree… "That doesn't get us anywhere.."

          And my post was just to suggest that more often than not people usually bicker over what the definition of elite is at it's core. No one disputes that someone such as a Tony Romo has talent and is one of the more talented QBs in the league from a skill-set stand point…people just dispute whether those talents, among other factors, puts him into what one's perceived definition of "elite" is.

    2. I mean, I DID say there are 15 weeks to go, and I could certainly eat my words. Romo finally beat the Giants in Dallas. Among the headlines of Week 1, that stood out to me.

      I only caught some of Peyton’s performance. Was 7 hours ahead + the delay. Obviously one for the record books, but there’s not much to say besides “amazing day from a great QB.”

      1. True. You did throw a disclaimer…well after saying that we can "eat it"
        I'm not sure that balances but, ok
        I like the guy. I really do….and how he positioned himself to get that paper?…Brilliant.

        His apologists seem to view him as a 3rd year guy. Living here, I've seen them do EVERYTHING to make this guy a palyoff guy.
        cutting T.O.
        offensive scheme changes
        horribly imbalanced run/pass ratio (J.Garrett)
        getting rid of the "bad apples"
        creating a "Romo friendly offense" ***(big catchphrase here in Dallas)**

        …and it all leads to 7-9 or 9-7 with a win and get in…better said "don't throw a crucial INT and get in" game. Do y'all ever get tired of that?

        1. All true that the Cowboys built the team around Romo, but that’s what you do for your QB. That said, the defense got 6 takeaways from NYG and still gave up 31 points.

          That isn’t a new thing. As much offensive tweaking as the team has done, I wonder how many times the defense has been in the top third (on a plane, haven’t Googled it).

          About the “eat it” thing, just being funny. I won’t make any grandiose Romo claims after Week 1. I even wrote about NOT overreacting after Week 1 last year. Just happy he played well so close to me defending him.

        2. Tony Romo arguement…….check!

          …thanks for indulging. This convo (in person)can get someone (me) hurt around here, especially this time of year.

          I do think Romo-Dez will be exciting to watch this year…might even give'em 10 wins. But, then I watched Eagles/Skins last night and thought…I hope that'll be enough.

  5. "Well, not really. Good for Pryor for playing effectively against the Indianapolis Colts. "

    Seeing you're a Michigan fan I'll take this comment as a huge compliment considering the circumstances, lolol. Honestly, I can't lie, I was surprised he got the starting nod and that he has not…well…not sucked. He isn't playing great or overly good…he just hasn't been terrible like Tebow … He leads the league in rushing after week 1…that's all you need to know about this year's Raiders team.

    As far as the Bengals, they made the playoffs the last two years…so not overly sure what you mean by "the Bengals being the Bengals" unless you're extrapolating them over the course of their entire history as opposed to their recent one.

    1. Yeah I’m taking the long view on Bengals history, lol. That was a vintage performance.

      I usually keep my OSU/Michigan beefs in college. If Eddie George had been a Lion, I’d be all-in. Buckeyes are fun to root against August to November.

  6. RG3 was rusty. He will get things clicking sooner than later. My problem with the eagles is that they really look good, but that faced pace offense will only be sustainable for a short period of time.
    One main takeaway I noticed was the number of black QB's. There were a total of 8 which is 25% of the league. Says alot in my opinion. Oh yeah, I didn't know Carolina Defense was that good…
    Week 1 always comes with a few surprises and Kap is the TRUTH!!!!


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