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10 Very Drake-y Lines from Nothing was the Same

(source: DeadFix.com)
(source: DeadFix.com)

Drake’s third studio album, Nothing was the Same, which will officially drop on Sept. 24th- hit the e-streets about 24 hrs ago. If you do a little diggin’ maybe you can give it a few listens. In honor of Drake’s leak, Vulture.com serves up a list of ten of very Drake-y lines:

1. “Naked women swimmin, that’s just how I’m livin / donate a million to some children, that’s just how I’m feelin” (“Furthest Thing”)

2. “I needed to hear that shit, I hate when you’re submissive / passive aggressive when we’re texting, I feel the distance” (“From Time”)

3. “The family all that matters, I’m just out here with my kinfolk / off everything my pen wrote, we went from Bundy to Winslow” (“Tuscan Leather”)

4. “Girl, don’t treat me like a stranger / girl, you know I’ve seen you naked” (“Furthest Thing”)

5. “F*ck you b*tch, I’m more than high / my momma probably hear that and be mortified / this ain’t the son you raised who used to take the Acura / 5 a.m. to go and shoot Degrassi up on Morningside / for all the stunting, I’ll forever be immortalized” (“Worst Behaviour”)

6. “The one that I needed was Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree / I’ve always been feeling like she was the piece to complete me” (“From Time”)

7. “Told my girl to order in, I need the kitchen / yeah they know I got the hook-up, they just wait on me to cook up / baby I heat up the stove, you do the dishes, ya know?” (“Come Thru”)

8. “Money got my whole family going backwards / no dinners, no holidays, no nothing / there’s issues at hand that we’re not discussing” (“Too Much”)

9. “She used to say you can be whoever you want, even yourself / I show up knowing exactly who I was and never leave as myself” (“Connect”)

10. And still: “I done kept it real from the jump / living at my mama’s house, we’d argue every month” (“Started from the Bottom”)

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  1. not that I wanna go, it’s more I have to/like taking a boohoo in a public bathroom #raplikedrake

    hurt feelings hurt feelings and now I know/Cuz real talk I just stopped crying an hour ago #raplikedrake

    I got ya mamacita asking when I’m gon see her/I’m gonna play in her hair and sip some lime-a-ritas #raplikedrake

    even if I sit here an o.g. in the game/still hoping she got them emojis by my name #raplikedrake

  2. I'm on your team girl, won't let you drop the ball in that final quarter. And if worst comes the worst; like that underwire in your bra, I'll be your biggest supporter.

    2 girls 1 cup, 1 d**k all strapped, that lean got them tipsy, those hips got me dizzy, but their minds got me trippy. (Juicy j ad lib – trippy mane)


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