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Man Says Women are Intellectually Inferior and Intimidated By Him


We all know at least one interesting fellow like this one in the story below:

MILWAUKEE—Describing his mind as both “a blessing and a curse,” local man Benjamin Walker, 27, told reporters Thursday that his intellect was probably just too intimidating for most women to engage with romantically.

“I’m a very, very smart guy, and I guess most women are pretty scared off by that, you know?” said Walker, confirming that women often seem extremely uncomfortable and agitated around him, most likely because of how cultured and well-read he is. “After I’ve been speaking to a girl for just a few minutes, she’ll usually start to get this look in her eyes like she wants to bolt and I can just tell that she’s feeling so intellectually inferior that it’s impossible for her to continue with the conversation.”

“Which is understandable,” Walker added. “I am able to speak confidently and at length about a wide range of subjects, so it’s probably hard for most women to follow along.”

According to the Milwaukee resident, whenever he is talking to a young woman and begins to expound at length on one of the many topics he is well versed in—such as Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers or the British graffiti artist Banksy—she begins to appear highly overwhelmed by his mental capacity and quickly grows visibly restless and distant.

Walker, who acknowledged that his imposing cleverness and quick wit likely caused women to feel insecure about not being as smart as he is, confirmed that females frequently displayed an averse reaction to his impressive mind by noticeably “checking out” of the conversation or attempting, no doubt in fear and awe, to exit the discussion as quickly as possible.

The 27-year-old, who graduated from Syracuse University in 2007, told reporters that he subscribes to The New Yorker magazine and keeps up with the news on a daily basis—all facts that Walker said seem to persistently leave the opposite sex speechless when he inserts them into conversation.

“I should really be more careful, I suppose, because I can see that my intelligence can be a major hindrance to meeting women, most of whom are probably looking for a guy with a more ordinary or slowed-down intellect—you know, someone more on their level,” said Walker. “Sometimes, after talking to a girl at a party, for instance, I will try to approach her again and she’ll purposefully avoid eye contact with me, just so she doesn’t have to deal with the embarrassment of contending with my staggering mental faculties.”

“It’s tough, because I really try my best to relieve their anxiety and say, ‘Hey, look, don’t sweat it, I’m used to people not being able to keep up with my mind,’” added Walker. “But that never seems to help. They’re too petrified by that point.”

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Have you ever met a person to so oblivious to how other’s perceive them like the guy above? What was your worst date with a guy? Have you ever been intimidated by a man? Have you been intimidated by a man because you believed he was more intelligent than you?


  1. LOL…….sounds like he's personality inferior. Perhaps woman are turned off by his superiority complex and tendency to be a cocky jerk. Any woman in her right mind isn't put off by intelligence. Sounds like his degree defines who he is and something for him to stand on to look down his nose at others.

    That said, I've found some men without a degree or six figures to their name much more fun to hang out with.

  2. No one likes to be spoken at, they like to be engaged in the conversation of topics that interest both people. He might be missing the point that the topics are boring to the women because they would rather talk about more interpersonal topics, especially within the first few conversations. If he wants a sparring partner he should join a debate team but if he wants a woman he's going to have to learn to shut the hell up about his intelligence and try to have a two way conversation that focuses on finding common interests.

    1. pretty much everything RoyaleT said – Cosign.
      This guy needs a serious check. There are women (he just hasn't met yet because he's not in the right social circles) who can run circles around him in conversation. There are women who know a lot more about more events, and things than him. I can't wait until the day he meets his match and someone who can seriously verbally spar with him. Then he will really know what intimidation is.
      Or hopefully he will grow up and get a clue before then.

  3. I dated someone like that. Turns out his narcissistic behavior was a clinical personality disorder.
    Walker should get that checked out.

  4. Its definitely not his intellect. lol

    Girls don't really process what we're saying as much as how we're saying it.

    Recently, I was explaining the differences in human pain thresholds between vascular tissue and smooth muscle tissue in my characteristic deep, soothing voice while looking her in the eye and holding her at the waist.

    I wasn't even halfway through my explanation when she jumped up on me with a look of lust.

    You could be reciting War and Peace… if you're doing it right it wont matter one bit.

  5. He is an idiot!! If his intellect was so high then he'd be able to engage any woman no matter what level of "intellect" she had or so he thinks she has…This fool is going to be lonely for ever SMH

  6. I have to throw him under the bus. I used to be like him, but not as extreme.

    His social awareness needs an boost & his ego & narcissism needs to turn down.

    You gotta engage their (women) imagination, not their logical mind.

    So, he has to use more adjectives and talk in abstract about feelings & sensations.

    But I am sure he will find his match once he learns some Game.

    Good Day

    And women are not intellectually inferior, because his FEMALE EQUIVALENT is just as intellectually potent & just as annoying. They are just built differently & process information differently than men.


    Also, it is nothing wrong with stereotyping people. Women have their stereotypes, but his stereotype was grossly inaccurate.

    He needs to put down the Molly.

  7. Ol boy just selfish with them convos lol. Gotta respect the fact everybody doesnt know everything you know. Speak on things both of you can talk about, so things can just flow. This dude all types of wack for that thought process.

  8. "After I’ve been speaking to a girl for just a few minutes, she’ll usually start to get this look in her eyes like she wants to bolt and I can just tell that she’s feeling so intellectually inferior that it’s impossible for her to continue with the conversation.”

    Yeah dude lol keep telling yourself that. Sounds like he's lacking some major soft skills.

  9. yeah this is an onion story, not real. but has some truth to it. i know people like that who like to flaunt what they think is intellectual prowress in front of everybody they meet. really douchey. however i have run into individuals who get intimidated by my intelligence. i'm a laid back type guy and never flex my brain muscle but at the same time i'm not an idiot. some people like to find a sucker to manipulate and tell whatever the hell they want to and have them believe it. i'm not wired like that and that can throw people off.

  10. some clowns like this guy feel a need to TEST & CHALLENGE potential mates. Granted we all do that to some degree, but he sounds like a real jerk about it. Extreme intelligence cannot compensate for your ass NOT having a clue and being socially retarded…and rude.

  11. I can't even attempt to cosign on this. I will say that now ladies know how we feel when we hear that pseudo-faux argument that men are intimidated by (fill in the blank)! To me it sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher: WAH WAH, WAH WAH WAH, WAH!!!


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