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This It Is Podcast: The Steelers Stink


After ranting about his 49ers getting beat handled at home by the Colts, Dr. J and William H. Strafe talk to UntilIGetMarried.com’s @jozenc after his Steelers stunk it up at home to the Chicago Bears on Sunday night.

We also discuss the NFC East being the Cowboys’ division to lose and Sweet Pea going upside Jacoby Jones’ head.

Click here to check out the show.


  1. They really do stink. I believe Todd Haley will be gone after this season. They need to focus on re-building through the next two drafts. Many key players are either old or gone.

  2. 9-6 last week

    BUF vs CLE = CLE

    BAL Vs MIA = BAL

    NO vs CHI = NO

    NE vs CIN = BE

    DET vs GB = GB

    SEA vs. IND = IND

    JAC vs STL = STL

    KC vs TEN = KC

    PHI Vs. NYG = NYG

    CAR vs ARI = ARI

    DEN vs DAL = DEN

    HOU vs SF = SF

    NYJ vs ATL = NYJ

    SD vs OAK = SD


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