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4 Reasons Why Some Women Have Sex


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A lot of women who are married or are in monogamous relationships will often say that their man wants to have $ex more frequently that they feel like it. The result is that a lot of women end up having $ex even when they don’t want to. Below are some reasons that women end up rolling in the hay even when they don’t want to:

1. They understand that relationships are give and take – Let’s face it, most men who watch “chick flicks” with their wives and girlfriends typically don’t do it because that’s what they have been looking forward to all week. It is more likely that they do it because they care about her and will tolerate a “chick flick” here and there or will occasionally go shoe shopping with her because that’s what she wants. The same goes for the ladies; even when she is not in the mood for a little “nooky”, she might go along just because she wants to put a smile on her man’s face.

2. They are afraid of losing their man – The truth is that not every woman is completely secure in their relationship and even if they are, maybe their man is not completely trustworthy. Some women will do the do a little more often than they would like because they are afraid their man will get his needs met somewhere else or he will leave and try to find someone more compatible in the bedroom.

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What are some other reason a woman [or man] might have sex even if they’re not in the mood?


  1. Yeah, I've been guilty before of #2. But that was because I was young & dumb. Now I know that I don't need to "put out" to keep a man. Having sex is not a MUST HAVE for all men – and they don't all get it from someone else either.

    There are good men out there that are willing to wait if it's for the woman that they really want – for the ONLY woman that they want. THESE are real men.
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    1. cosign Chocolate Vent. Even in marriage (which is apparently where this happens quite often) there are men who are faithful and can keep it in their pants when their wife isn't up to it or cannot have sex.

    2. I think you are missing the point of the article. It isn't talking about casual dating. Its talking about serious relationships and marriage. Now what is the excuse when you are married and you aren't making sure your man stays sexually satisfied?

  2. personally i never thought about the subject; sex isnt or at least shouldnt be a chore. If she’s giving it up because she feels its her womanly duty, she’s afraid of a Nikki or she got about 20 minutes before her show comes on…eh, keep that. I rather seduce and if shes not in the mood, id go see whats on #thehub i’ll leave it at that.

    Roles reversed if im just not into it, I would hope she has the maturity and resolve to understand that it isnt some red flag for bigger issues, not to go googling “is he still attracted” or “is he cheating”, and instead she could benefit from a visit to #thehub.

  3. #1……

    Well …..Afterall he basically owned it right…?? (marriage certificate). He had papers on it.

    Now if I don’t wanna give it up, you ain’t getting none. #EndofStory

  4. Wow, this article is…odd. 1. They make it seem like men always want sex and only want to have sex. Sometimes guys have issues that make them not want to do it. Problems with family, work, etc etc. 2. Women want sex with men, just as much as they do. I know some ladies that complain that they aren't getting it enough from their spouse. When you are with a spouse sex should be a fun, bonding time that is enjoyed by both. Granted every now and then one may want it more than the other, but if one isn't completely into it, we should respect it and try again later.
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  5. "if one isn't completely into it, we should respect it and try again later."
    Exactly Payne. This is what Should happen, unfortunately thats just too much like right so that probably doesn't happen too often. At least thats what couples i know say.

  6. All these reasons are true. I personally know women who have done all of these. I've never gave it up when I didn't want to.
    I can rock with the 1st reason, its good enough. I'm sure there are times when a woman is tired as hell. Especially when u have kids and babies and after a woman has had a baby and she's nursing and has sore nipples and her body is still in recovery from childbirth. But, out of love for her husband/man she gives it up even though all she wants to do is go to sleep. Not necessarily done out of insecurity of losing him to another woman, just done to keep her man happy and satisfied. Especially if she feels he is deserving of it because he's extra good to her and understanding and patient with her.

  7. I know a couple who went through some serious problems due to lack of sex in their marriage. They have been married for a while now but after having their first child the sex took a huge drop. And it wasn't that he was looking for sex daily either. It got to the point where he felt completely neglected. Developed a moderate porn addiction and almost got into an affair. Luckily that latter part never happened and they got marital counseling to help out there problems. But point is that regardless of what is happening in your life you have to make time for your spouse. All the excuses of "i'm tired", "The baby…", "Well work….", whatever….they simply aren't going to do. Not in a marriage. Not if you want it to last.

  8. #1 and #4 are probably the realest of all four. It really is give and take and sometimes even if you aren't fully in the mood you do it to please your mate. Plus, as #4 states, it really doesn't need to tke long. Especialy for women who just want to do it for their man. If you ladies aren't in the mood for the marathon then us dudes can get a quickie out in a couple of minutes. 60m sprint style lol

  9. I think that most men in a monogamous relationship get that there will be times when he wants to have sex and the wife/girlfriend does not. The problem comes when those times start coming frequently. Hopefully a two-way conversation will occur as to why this is so that the problem can be rectified.


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