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SBM Sports: NCAA Football Cavemen vs. Condoleeza Rice



Well, that sucked.

The Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys played an instant classic on Sunday. Tony Romo had a chance to move past his reputation while proving me right, if only for a week.

We all know what happened, and, no matter what you think of Romo, you are further entrenched after “The Interception.” I won’t spend any more time defending Romo. Bill Barnwell of Grantland.com did a great job of that yesterday. Check out the first section of that piece.

Anyway, the college football landscape has faced a growing controversy. Condoleeza Rice, the former Secretary of State, has reportedly been named to a small selection committee for the 4-team college football playoff which starts next year.

If true, there is only one word to describe this development: finally.

First of all, the adoption of a playoff system is a welcome addition to college football. While we’d all love an 8-team playoff, four will do for now. Including twice as many teams in the championship hunt makes the BCS championship much less ridiculous. Kudos.

Secondly, including Rice, someone with a passion for the game, though she lives outside of it, shows evolution in a sport that has a ways to go in this area.

Of course, no measure of progress is without resistance. Caveman Logic has slowly crept up in media reports. Pay Dye, former Auburn football coach, was the latest critic. His comments aren’t the first, and they won’t be the last in this vein.

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To ease the collective agitation from Dye (and those in his camp), I offer three reasons why Rice is a fine choice. Stop dragging your wife by her hair, and pull up a rock by your cave fire:

More smart people in a group are always better –

Every. Single. Time.

And let’s face it, this isn’t rocket science. Having a smart, neutral observer is a welcome addition to this group. Rice’s lack of “football experience” makes her a rational mind you want making key decisions. She isn’t biased by history or relationships.

To be fair, I work in corporate America and often see the “analysis paralysis” that can come about when there are too many smart people together. But, this group will be different for one important reason. Business decisions are hard to make because everyone is in ass-covering mode. No one wants to get fired for making a decision without a majority behind them. This group, like the March Madness selection will be anonymous. Have a complaint? Too bad, you’ll probably watch anyway.

Rice will help ensure all worthy teams are considered, but won’t hinder the decision making process.

John Clayton –

Respected football analyst.
Respected football analyst.

Clayton is the nerdiest football reporter in the history of ever. He’s never played the sport, but is a fixture on ESPN because he busts his ass and delivers quality reporting. People talk about his appearance, and even jokingly call him The Professor, but when he’s on TV you take his work seriously. That’s all that matters.

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The same goes for Rice.

She has long been a passionate fan of the game, likening the strategy on the field to military tactics. Her knowledge made her a serious candidate for the Pac-12 commissioner position in 2009(!). She’s smart and knows the game, to pretend otherwise makes no sense.

Change is good. –

Football Evolution

The other names reportedly included in the selection committee are Oliver Luck, Dan Radakovich, Barry Alvarez, and Pat Haden. All Athletic Directors at major universities. All old white men.

These guys fit the bill for a group like this based on their time in the game. Frankly, “old white guy from a power football conference” is just what you’d think as well. What’s the harm in including a smart, knowledgeable person that isn’t pressed out of the same cookie cutter?

Change is good. Diversity of opinion is good. And the administrative ranks of college football could use the shake up.

Those are my two cents. What do you think? Are you excited for a 4-team playoff? What do you think of Rice being included? Hit the comments and let me know!


  1. I believed in Antonio Romo, so ready to get my i told you sos out and…..sigh

    i like a college playoff period but ultimate i would like to see something similar to a one sided nfls playoff, 6 teams, top seeds a bye. I like condi on the committee, its a sign of the times, nerds been getting in the sports game, whether its analytics, legal cases, front office, sports is beyond brutes now, its multibillion dollar corporations that command the best and brightest now *polishes sports management degree*. add in the internet, even the average sports fan is smarter (contrary to twitter folk), that jocks only label been gone, we nerds in this bish.

    1. Man…Romo, Romo, Romo…

      Found out today that he had his OLman stepped on his foot on the the fateful play. No one will mention this of course, lol.

      I'm glad nerds are invading sports as well. Gives me a shot. *polishes own Sport Mgmt degree* I have done a few internships in sports…didn't want to do ticket sales though. Working toward my niche right now. Good luck in your own hoop dreams.

      1. I mentioned that he stepped on his OL foot yesterday. I also mentioned that "when plays break down, I just don't trust him." He tried to extend the play and instead of just taking the sack he forced a pass into a receiver that was covered by two men and there was a LB cheating on the pass. He tripped, located a receiver, zoned in and fired. Easy pick.

  2. My issue with Barnwell's article is the point that no one wants to answer… Does the defense deserve part of the blame? Yes. But let's think about this for a second. The Broncos gave up 48 points, but not 51 points. Do you know why? Because Peyton didn't throw a pick deep in his own territory. The defenses in that game were both a wash. I don't think Romo deserves all the blame but about 75% is on him. You just can't have it any other way in this league. Nobody has ever watch Peyton choke in the playoffs and said, "You know what it was the defense's fault." And the Colts defense was HORRIBLE for years. However, I digress, I was sitting with my boy who is a strong Cowboys fan and the look on his face when Romo threw that pick was all the satisfaction a brother needed.

    Let Condi prosper, the lady knows what she's talking about.

    As for the playoff system in college football. It really doesn't matter until Alabama isn't the powerhouse that it is anymore. And the SEC Championship is the real championship. Somebody needs to do something about that, first.

    1. I think Barnwell (and I tried to do this), just wants to offer a counterweight to the avalanche of criticism out there. Certainly seems like he's getting more than 75%. Especially considering he kept them in the game. But of course that doesn't matter…only mistakes do.

      Peyton took his share of blame as well, so I hear that point. Romo just needs that ring protection. We don't know where to point blame now that LeBron won his.

      1. I feel like this with this "only mistakes do" mantra. Had Romo thrown 5 picks in this game but in the end he lead a game winning scoring drive it would be just fine. It's that it's always the other way around for him. He plays great for like 58 minutes and then bad for two. The honorable Tim Tebow teaches us that you can play horrible for 58 minutes and still win games and playoff games at that. Why can't Romo be that way? Why must he only stink at the very end?

        1. Where is Tebow now? Those first 58 matter.

          No one is perfect, and I know it SEEMS like Romo always ends up losing the game, but he had the most 4th quarter comebacks of anyone last season. Fifth most of anyone since he's taken over as starter.

          This is LeBron all over again. Don't fall for it!

  3. "Oh, whoa ho ho! I knew I was gon' see…
    I say, I knew I was gon' see you again! Knew I was gon' see you again! SMH

    This season Denver has scored an average of 37 pts. The Cowboys defense desreves some blame, but really, what were they gonna do?…hold Peyton to 35 pts?…No.

    Good game Tony, but in the immortal words of Dennis Green. They(Cowboys) were who we thought they were. As long as the OWNER gives jollies for a losing effort, they will always be that way. Winning teams, QBs, PG, SS are all held accountable for failure. But, not "America's Team"… irony?

    I love me some Condi. Because America is America, there will be more good'ol boys trying to 1up each other in derogatory statements. Condi is a G and easily the smartest person I've ever had the pleasure to meet. She'll be fine.

    1. I agree that Jerry is a major factor in the Cowboys…malaise? mediocrity? Not sure exactly what to call it. He's the ultimate micromanaging boss. Hard to prosper in that situation. Was on an email chain where someone said "Jerry the Owner needs to fire Jerry the GM." Agree 100%.

      I don't think it's too much to ask for a defense to hold Peyton to 42 points. The defense deserves blame with no qualifiers. Romo absolutely does as well, but let's hand it out evenly is all i'm sayin.

      1. I just don't stand for Romo glorification/ excuses.

        I'm the first to acknowledge the good game. And yes, his foot got stepped on during the INT play. Whatever. ‘cause that’s why he threw into 2x coverage…ok. Did you see his face as he stepped on the field for that drive…he was like John Starks vs. the Pacers…(he didn’t want any part of the free throws that were the Broncos horrid defense)

        It’s all bigger than T. Romo. Insert whomever into the Cboys ( just glad it was an entertaining game ) “proud of 2-3 record (said J.Jones) network and the results will be the same.

        J.Jones has a scoring hard-on so heres what’s coming next…
        1.More, and I mean a lot more passing (more INTs
        2.Less and I mean a lot less running (more INTs
        3.More blaming the defense for everything. Remember J.Jones fired R. Ryan for losing a game in which Romo threw 5 INTs

        It’s really not even his fault anymore.


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