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Preachers of LA Show: Fair Game or Major Conflict?


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With reality shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta (and other major cities), Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop, Jersey Shore, Bad Girls Club, {Insert} Wars, and Catfish, I shouldn’t be surprised that one came along about preachers. I really shouldn’t. But, with the first commercial for Preachers of LA show, I was. That shock then turned to conflict. A reality show…about preachers…men of God…in LA…most likely balling outrageously and ostentatiously…on Oxygen…with Jesus watching us watch. There was no way anything good could come of that. There was no way I’d be watching the show. Nope. Not me.

But yeah…

I found myself on the couch watching the second half of the premiere — conflict in tow. Let me be clear with you on a few things though.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to church, and it’s been a while since I’ve even had an in-depth conversation about God. Whenever I do get back in the habit, I’m not sure what type of church it’ll be because I have issues with so many of them. I shouldn’t care about this show. It’s not relevant to my life right now. But for some reason, here I am writing a post about it. You’ll see this come up later, but it’s worth something that the show even has me thinking about church. Anyway…

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By the time I tuned in, there was a lot of singing and dancing going on. Then there were two gang members (one of which was right out of the Gin and Juice video) on stage being saved. Then there was a bishop sitting in his chair at home while talking to his wife about something another preacher did that ground his gears. Then there’s a group of preachers discussing church issues during the “man cave” session in some house. That turns into a good discussion on if a preacher needs an entourage and other excesses, which led to a preacher feeling disrespected when his knowledge of the Bible was questioned. Of course there’d be conflict. This wouldn’t have aired without it!

The last thing we got was a preview of what’s to come…and it wasn’t all bad. Yes, you could see there are plenty of emotional scenes in store. But you also saw the preachers helping people afflicted with issues and giving them hope. My conflict and the show’s conflict is real.

I have a lot of questions. How did they find these preachers? What was said to these pastors to get them to agree other than “we’ll pay you”? Is the money they’re receiving from the show going into their pockets or into the church? Are they really gonna be manipulated into whatever drives ratings, or will they really be showcasing the good, the bad, and the ugly of what happens behind the church scenes? Is it possible that these “man cave” discussions — while heated at times — will drive online and offline discussion about what’s happening in the church? Will the show lead people back to the church or push them further from it? Will we see people’s lives improved by these preachers one minute, only to be followed with the rachetry that we’ve come to expect from reality tv? Should we be getting our reality tv entertainment from the church? And the most important question of all…

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Will those of us who believe in God receive afterlife demerits for watching Preachers of LA? And if we do, will those demerits be assigned on a per tweet, per minute, or per hour watched basis? This is the sh*t we really need to know. Ain’t nobody tryin’ to eat the apple that sends them to hell.

And it’s these questions that have me both conflicted and hooked into watching the next episode. I can’t call it right now. I’ll have to do a follow up in a week or two (or at the end of the season so help me God).

How about you? Did you watch the show? If so, will you watch again? If not, why not? Do you think Preachers of LA should be on tv? Do you think it will offer any redeeming value other than laughs and tweets? Are you as conflicted as I am about this? Share your thoughts freely in the comments.


 This post originally appeared on The Freedom Chase.


  1. “I need you to, right now, look at your neighbors

    Cause a lot of y'all think y'all goin to heaven huh

    And you ain't gon' go!

    So I need you right now to, look at your neighbor

    And say neighbor, say NEIGH-BOR,


    1. This why, on judgment day, I will boldly look into my God’s eyes and say…oh, I was supposed to follow that sh!t..really? Past comments aside, I am an avid believer God. It’s that passion for the divine that makes me hate this type of mess. I just hold a deep disdain for the church. And then there’s this sh!t. Before anyone says it, I know ALL pastors ain’t like these. Most have a good heart as I’ve met many. The rub is that this star-status of pastor-ship is the point nowadays….and church people be like…”I don’t feel the spirit of God in “so & so’s church.” Then I be like…(internally) b!tch, the spirit of God is everywhere!

      Count the church billboards that you see on your way home with the pastor’s face taking 2/3rds of it. What’s that about? Oh, you got a larger percentage of God at your church? FU. I hope they all kill each other.

      What better business is there than to sell what’s free? SMH

      1. i.e. water….. but besides that great points. I like the conflict in the show. If these guys can show how issues should be handled and christian men then i think it'll be a good look. If theirs a sh!t load of just material stuff then it could get ugly.

  2. I watched. It was interesting. I'm more appalled at how people are justifying the foolery aspects on social media. Glad Idont attend worship with these type of leaders.

  3. I know my comment will not be popular but here is goes. I absolutely hated the show. My question is if all those "wealthy" pastors suddenly lost their wealth or was told by the Lord to give it all away would they still serve Him?
    Matthew 19:24
    And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

  4. "Ain’t nobody tryin’ to eat the apple that sends them to hell"

    LMFAO!!!! I don't know what the rest of this is about but that line is now officially a part of my vocabulary!

  5. I must say that I enjoyed this show. A lot of times people are quick to judge a pastor, preacher, or Christian for that matter. They are held to a higher standard and when they fall short people condemn them harshly. I feel that the show will display conflict, conflict resolution, forgiveness and also that preachers/pastors/church members are all human thus they stumble and fall at times but they get back up again. If I can watch all these other ratchet reality tv shows that have no real message, and no positivity, I can surely watch this program which has a positive message.

  6. Well, I'm sort of a reality tv junkie – its all just entertainment for me. I don't paint all pastors with the same brush, rather I form my opinions based on 1-on-1 experiences and what I see. That being said, the show was kind of interesting to me and I will be watching. I think there is this assumption that this show will turn folks off to the church in droves…I seriously don't see that happening. If what already takes places is turning folks off in droves, surely a reality tv show won't do any more damage, if any. There is already enough scandal in churches to cover that. And most who are turned off by churches in general were already turned off for whatever reason…not do to this show. I do like that there is a contrast of opinion and idealogy between the different ministers on this show…and I think that is a good thing.

  7. I couldn't watch the whole thing. I only watched the first 15 min and some clips and it was just too much. Just he flaunting of the the over the top lifestyle and actions was just ridiculous. I do enjoy the random commentary and synopsis on social media though. That ish is funny.
    My recent post #yesgawd #truth

  8. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that this show makes black preachers look even more bad, crooked, and sleazy than many of them already are.

  9. These preachers on this show are the biggest crooks, pimps, and hustlers i ever scene so far in the church. Using Gods word to profit a dollar. When i first watched this low class show and its low class preachers along with there wives blinded by there manipulation and in religious bondage. Demanding 10% from there members which we are not obligated to pay because we are under grace and faith through Jesus. These are the most arrogant preachers i ever seen. Only doing things that benefit themselves. If Jesus was here , he would take another rod and smash these money changers up just like he did in the temple when they were robbing people. Sell everything you have you preachers and give to the poor, i bet you would never give that up . Your show made me sick to my stomach. No wonder why people don't want to go to church anymore. Your worse than pimps and theives.


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