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How to Be A Good Housewife in 10 Easy Steps [WikiHow]


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A housewife is a married woman who is not employed outside the home. Most often, the husband works during the day and earns income to support the family, while the wife takes on most of the non-financial responsibilities, such as maintaining the home and, if applicable, caring for the kids. It is up to the couple whether this arrangement works for them. Sometimes it’s a temporary situation, such as if children are too young to go to school and the cost of daycare is greater than the woman’s salary. For other couples, it may represent a commitment to traditional values. Whatever the reason, if you have chosen to be a housewife, here are some suggestions to help you flourish in this role.

1. Discuss expectations with your partner.

Discuss realistic expectations, and how to meet them as best as you can. The definition of a good housewife depends on which house you live in. It is also very culture-dependent (see below). Do not presume that you have the same expectations because you may find out the hard way (through arguments) that you don’t. Sit down and talk it over. What are the things he is hoping you will keep up within the home? What are his responsibilities in the home? If you are primarily responsible for keeping the house clean, he may take responsibility for cleaning up after himself: putting his dirty laundry in the hamper, placing things where they belong after he has finished using them, emptying the trash near his desk, putting his dishes in the dishwasher, etc. If you are also caring for young children during the day, you may be surprised by how difficult it is to also keep up with household tasks. Your husband may need to help significantly with the cooking and cleaning, if possible.

2. Maintain a great appearance.

It is all too easy to stop paying attention to your appearance when you have a husband, but maintaining attraction is a key element of a long-term relationship. While it was important to keep a good appearance during dating/courtship, it is even more important in a married relationship or any committed relationship. Try to spend some time each day making yourself look pretty, wearing clothes that delight him. If your husband oftentimes tells you he likes when you wear a certain garment or outfit, by all means, take the hint. Good grooming and hygiene are vital, so keep yourself neat and feminine by having a pretty haircut, nice nails, and smooth legs/underarms.

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3. Learn to cook.

Plan ahead, with the aim to have a delicious meal on the table when he gets home from work. It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and it is absolutely true! Microwave meals are not suitable cuisine, so find a recipe book you like and start experimenting. Having a great meal ready is a good way to let him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about his needs. A good meal can be an expression of love and a warm welcome for your partner when he gets home.

4. Be mindful and be a good wife.

and considerate of your spouse’s needs. Lots of men need space when they come home from a hard day at work, so welcome him home with a big smile and allow him to relax and unwind. Have his favorite meal and drink ready, and let him relax after a tough day of work. Be available to spend time with him and comfort him, but if he wants to spend time alone or with his friends and not you, take a step back and let him have his way.

5. Listen to him.

A good wife listens to what her spouse has to say without interrupting. Show empathy and learn how to have great conversations. The key idea is that to be a good conversationalist, you should strive to listen more and talk less, by engaging the other person to talk more about his interests. That is the mark of humility, respect, selflessness, and generosity.

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As you might expect, this viral article received some negative and positive responses. For 2013, do you find these tips helpful or offensive? Would be you ok being or marrying a housewife (or house-husband, if you’re about the progressive life)? What do you agree with or what would you change about the list?


  1. I would never be a housewife – BORING! Plus I didn't go to college for nothing.
    But I don't think any of these things are offensive, they are all very true. True indeed

    Men are visual, so why shouldn't we keep our appearances up for our husband after we get married? Cooking is a no brainer & so is listening. Men just need to know that we talk 2x or 3x as much as we listen, so beware! But we will listen.

    We will only stop being mindful about these things when he's not upholding his end of the bargain. Like gaining a pot belly, not sending us flowers anymore, no more date nights & complimenting us on what we have on.

    Relationships are give & take, ya'll
    My recent post Murphy’s Law Makes House Calls

    1. Eh. Being of a certain age (lol) I have a good number of Stay-at-Home-Mom friends, and their days are FAR from boring. At least we get breaks mandated by law. To that end, maybe the wife also needs a "break" after a tough day. After all, all he has to do for the day is his job-according to this list the housewife is a maid, caretaker, groomer and therapist that, by the way, has to get all this done while looking perfect. Boring indeed.
      My recent post StyleWatch; Evelyn Lozada Launches Vida Lux Cosmetics!

      1. Yes, but that's what both people do in a marriage anyways. Even if a woman works she still has to be a maid, caretaker, groomer, therapist for her husband, etc. There's no difference. It's just she's not contributing financially.

        There's nothing wrong with a woman wanting to stay home to raise her children, it's just not for me. I would want my children seeing me get up & working, not folding clothes and waiting on my husband hand and foot.
        My recent post READERS: Question of the Day – Lifetime Supply of What?

        1. You mention there's "nothing wrong" with being a SAHM, but then insult it a sentence later by classifying it as "waiting on my husband hand and foot". There is a HUGE difference between running a household full-time and what the author is describing above, which is revolving your life around your husband's (which hey, if it's your choice is your choice-many households are just fine and dandy conducting themselves this way). I see where your view is coming from, so we will just have to agree to disagree.
          My recent post StyleWatch; Evelyn Lozada Launches Vida Lux Cosmetics!

  2. I don't find any of these things problematic, as long as they are MUTUAL. I don't think GUYS should let themselves go after marriage either. I think they should consider their wife/significant other too. I think they should discuss expectations and listen. As long as these points cut both ways, there's nothing sexist about this article. If they don't, and a man's only job, according to this article, is to bask in the glow of how awesome his housewife is, as a taker and never a giver, never a PARTNER, then nah, none of this applies if that's the case. If THAT's the case, maybe it should be re-titled "When to Seek a Divorce Lawyer".

  3. I couldn't be a housewife. As much as I say I want it, I just don't like to clean LOL. I can cook and do laundry but sweeping, mopping and chasing after the kids 24/7? You can miss me with that!
    That being said, I actually have NO problem with this list. It's common sense stuff that you should have in every relationship. As long as it's a personal choice the woman makes and a mutual discussion and conclusion are had, go ahead and God bless. I respect housewives so much. My mum was one and in a lot of ways still is (she has a store but family comes first ALWAYS) and she basically runs my dads company, my company, our personal lives and the household. It's too much, she loves it but I could not deal with it. I would crack under the combined weight of all our problems. Watching her has made me realize that housewifing is not a life of ease even when married to a fairly wealthy man. It takes an extremely strong and smart woman to be a good wife and an even better woman to be a good housewife.
    My $0.02

  4. was this intended for sarcasm? a commenter mentioned that it sounds like it's fromt eh 50's. it is. my professor showed us a 50's magazine ad and this is verbatim what they ad suggested as how to be a good housewife. and as my professor read each "tip" the class couldn't help but laugh and scoff. yall can't be serious with this one.

  5. This sounds like it was written from a typical man. However, it’s very true. Being a housewife myself i have learned to do all of these things and I can say with complete confidence that our relationship is the best it has ever been in years. This post is very accurate to the life of a housewife.


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