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Revisited: Are Black Men Obsessed with Latinas?



About three years ago, I penned a piece on SBM titled, Are Black Men Obsessed with Latinas? Since today effectively ends Hispanic Heritage Month, I thought I would post it again with some thoughts three years removed. I want to note that since 2010, I really haven’t done any articles about Latinas because I thought it basically just fell on deaf ears. This site lost Latino/a readers because… well you know how us Black people can be at times. I’m going to post the piece in its entirety and then provide commentary. Keep in mind that a lot has changed since then, but a lot hasn’t. I hope you guys enjoy the post, Are Black Men Obsessed with Latinas? 

Have you ever noticed that when the bell rings for recess every kid runs out to the playground to play on their favorite playground equipment?  One kid goes to his locker and pulls out his brand new basketball.  And when he walks on the playground, every one of his classmates gravitates towards him and his new basketball.  It’s almost like they forgot about the kickball or the dodge ball, and the slide is now a thing of the past, it’s time to play basketball.

This was a bad example. I think a more appropriate point would be that overall interracial hasn’t been an option for much of our history. Most people stay to themselves. I believe that Latinas are now accessible to Black men and that leads to the propensity for them to date them. However, keep in mind that just because you have access to something new does not mean you are predisposed to partake. (Example: I’m not on Instagram.)

Ever get the feeling that Black men are the same way with Latinas?  They seem to drop Black women like an old kickball and move onto the new shiny thing they see.  I think the short answer to the question, Are Black Men Obsessed with Latinas is, yes.  However, speaking of myself personally, I don’t think I am.  I find all types of women attractive.  I’ve dated women from all around the world.  I’ve personally said to my friends, “I really don’t think Black women like me.”  I believe that people typically will date the people in their environment.  And unless you want to mash it up every weekend, your dating pool is Black women, Latinas, a couple of white women, and an occasional Asian chick.  The last Asian chick I dated was bat sh*t, and I find a lot of white women who only date Black men in clubs now-a-days.  That just freaks me out.

I should have never said, “I really don’t think Black women like me.” That was stupid and not really what I meant. Actually no, that’s what I meant at that time but in the last three years I think that’s changed. I’m not sure if that’s a reflection of me or just that as Black men and women mature they want different things. I think that characteristics that I have always had are just more attractive at this age than they were three years ago.

I think that some Black men are obsessed with Latinas though.  I think stereotypes about long hair, long real hair, and lighter skin do exist.  People believe that having kids with Latin women will produce better looking kids.  However, this surely goes both ways.  Sisters would be lying if they didn’t admit that for like a cool 15 years they were checking for Al B. Sure.  I think that most men who are obsessed with Latinas for their looks will soon find out that they come in so many different forms, you’re likely to find that Latinas look just like Black women.  I remember as a child I would just get so tickled at, “it was dry and straight, now it’s wet and curly!”  I still find this amusing today over 20 years later.  However, it’s still a dumb reason to be obsessed with Latinas because not all of them have curly hair.

I still agree with this.

Some Black men are obsessed with Latinas because of the language.  Some people find Spanish, Italian or Portuguese to be a more romantic language.  However, this has nothing to do with Latinas, I think it’s just that it’s in a different language.  If you were dating a girl who spoke Mandarin Chinese and she just went into a rant during coital activities, you would get turned on.  I am not sure of the fascination with someone who has an accent, it can be sexy, but I think communication is important to me, it’s more important that I understand what you’re talking about.  I’ve never been one to say, “Oh that’s so cute you can’t say “museum”.”  That just seems stupid to me.

And this too.

Black men tend to think that Latinas are more submissive.  Black women and Latinas listen up, men always think things are greener on the other side.  Black women need to own up to their street cred though, men, all men, Blacks and others think that Black women have an attitude problem.  A lot of men choose to date outside the race because they just can’t deal with that attitude.  If you go back to that prior statement I made about Black women not liking me, it’s because to be honest with you, I’m not backing down.  If you tell me something that I don’t agree with, I will not be suckered into a confession.  Black people we have to be honest, we are confrontational people, we are in your face.  However … so are Latinas, women are women, they are all a little crazy, they all are a little too emotional, and they all want what they want.  The bossiest girlfriend I’ve ever had was a Latina.

Sometime in the last three years, I stopped saying that Black women have an attitude problem and concluded that they are just defensive. In addition to being defensive, they have a right to be, they’re always being attacked both internally and externally.

Black men tend to think that Latinas are more catering to their men.  This ish is just false.  I’ll explain.  Why do Latinas serve their men?  Because that’s how they were raised.  If you meet a Latina who was not raised to serve men, guess what happens?  You ain’t getting a Corona until the Bills win the Super Bowl.  You can meet several Black women who were raised in homes where the men were catered to and they will do the same thing.  What you should do is check and see how she was raised before making a decision about who you want to date.

I agree with this too. With a strong focus on, “What you should do is check and see how she was raised before making a decision about who you want to date.”

I’m getting ready to step into some stinking poo as I try and close this out.  So do Black men put up with a Latina’s crap before they will a Black woman’s?  This is a good point.  If you will let a Latina do it to you, but you don’t let Black women do it, chances are, you have some type of issue.  I have had to check myself before and be honest with myself, taking that pin out of her hair and her long black hair flowing all over her back while in the reverse cowboy position just isn’t worth it when she cusses me out right after.  A lazy woman is a lazy woman is a useless woman.  Having your Latina laid up in the house all the time, not doing anything, is not doing anything for you.  I need to know that if I go to the trunk to get my 45, my Butter Pecan Puerto Rican is going to get the switchblade too.  We have to work together.

I just realized I never answered the question. I don’t think they do to be honest. I think the first time you date a girl, you’ll let her walk all over you. After that first time, you get past that and you never revert. This has not a thing to do with race. I’m sure that some men have put their heart on their sleeve for a Black woman and got burned and became wiser for it. If anything, it’s that people are just more inclined to let pretty women get away with just about anything, like I stated in this post.

So I put it all on the table, I’m interested to hear your thoughts.  Do you think Black Men are Obsessed with Latinas?  I’d like to hear from Latinas on this one too.  Damn I wish we still had Migente so I could post this on my page.

Three years later, i’m going to say that I still agree with this post for the most part. I don’t think that much has changed in my opinions past what I’ve decided to share with you today. I still agree with about 85% of this post. To be clear, the answer for me was NO. I think that got missed in the original post. If you’d like, you can view the comments from the original post here.

I believe that we cycle readers every few months so I’m sure we have a bunch of new readers with thoughts on an old topic. I’m asking today the same question from before, do you all think Black men are obsessed with Latinas? If so, why? And if not, what leads you to believe that?


  1. Some BM definitely are. Around my way Hispanics (mostly Dominicans) & blacks live in the same areas & you would think that means their exists some great black-brown coalition & harmony but that couldn't be further from the truth. As someone that frequently gets mistaken for Hispanic I can tell you with certainty & conviction that many Hispanics absolutely HATE black people. I've been in barbershops, at the gym, school, work & a group of Hispanics mistaking me for one of them goes on an anti-black rant, start making black jokes or just general off the wall ish about us. I consider it to be a privileged situation I'm in seeing as these things are not going to be said by a Hispanic if they are (knowingly) around blacks & thus many blacks get swooned into believing that because one Latina likes them, the rest of their people will-False

    1. Cont-I don't mean to go too far left & generalize all Hispanics either, that would make me guilty of the same thing as (some) of them & other non-black people are. Rather, there is no novelty/grass is greener effect on me by Latinas because I've seen how ugly they can be, Instead I just judge them as individuals & ultimately no, I would not date nor do I put anyone on a pedestal. I can make an exception for a Latina that self identifies as black (Panamanians come to mind) but its just not likely to happen otherwise.

      1. I couldn't agree with you more AAA to some extent. The one thing that bothered me the most about this article reflection is the following comment:

        " I think that most men who are obsessed with Latinas for their looks will soon find out that they come in so many different forms, you’re likely to find that Latinas look just like Black women."

        I'm really starting to hate the word "Hispanic/Latino". People, especially Americans, tend to forget that being Hispanic/Latino is NOT, I repeat NOT a race!!! It's more or less a culture/heritage/language that's shared between people in a specific region. Latino's can be black, white, or even of asian decent. Just like being American isn't limited to being White, but you have people of African decent who can be American, Asian decent who can be America…etc. Dammit, my African Ancestors have been living in America for the past 400 years at the exact same time white counterparts came to this country to rape, pillage and conquer, and I have American culture, so does that make me any less African than those who live and are from Africa, just because I have American culture and grew up in America??? Of course not! (Blacks in Africa and Blacks in America are still….Black, just like White's in Europe and White's in America are still….White….we just have different language and culture!) The same can go for Black latino's, White latinos, and Asian Latinos! I just believed that Americans have this idea of what a "Hispanic" person is suppose to look like based on what the media portrays (always showing the racially "white " or how we hispanics say "lighter skinned" latino's) or where one is living within the US (for example in the south you have Mexicans & Cubans, while in the North you have Dominicans and Puerto Ricans). I would classify myself as both Afro-Latina and as African America (Dad is African America-racially black, Mom is Puerto Rican-racially white). I feel that because America is so hell bent on classifying people on their skin tone and not necessarily their heritage,that if somebody doesn't look like the stereotype of what "white washed" America fed to them of what latino is "suppose" to look like, from the media, then you can't be "Latino/a". Literally ANY ONE can be hispanic from looks alone!!

        Now being of both African American and Puerto Rican decent, I will tell you from a Puerto Rican stand point that latinos, especially us Puerto Ricans identify with Nationality and heritage/culture first before looking at race, not to say that there isn't racism in Puerto Rico, because there is (not as much as there is here in America though), but the majority of Puerto Ricans, especially those that are still on the island look at Nationality, heritage, and culture FIRST before looking at your skin tone/race! Now as for the Puerto Ricans that are on the mainland (aka the US), they have been white washed and become so Americanized that they put race before heritage, so those Puerto Ricans will be ignorant enough to be racist or surprised that someone who is of African decent and racially black (example: Zoe Saldana, La La Anthony, Judy Reyes, Dania Ramirez, Carmelo Anthony, Victor Cruz, Don Omar, Tego Calderon, Romeo Santos, Joan Smalls, Arlenis Sosa..etc) to be hispanic/latino. Trust me, there are a lot of Black Latinos out there who are proud of being Black and of our African Heritage just as we are proud of our latino culture/heritage. Majority of Puerto Rican culture (about 75%) is largely African influenced from the slaves that were brought to the island (look at Salsa, La bomba, y La plena). Just like here in America where you had the English colonize the land, and the Indians killed off, and Africans brought over as slaves, in Puerto Rico you had the Spanish colonize the land, the taino indians killed off, and the African's brought over to replace the indians to work as slaves. There is even this saying in Puerto Rico if anyone claims only their white lineage and fail to recognize or acknowledge their African lineage "Y tu abuela. Donde ta?"—> meaning—> "And your Grandma. Where is she?".

        I am a Black woman, I am a latina woman. This whole fetish with white washed ideals with what latino is suppose to look like is disgusting!!

        Now I will admit Dominicans (not all…but most) have issue with acknowledging their African Heritage and will blatantly deny it, and that is due to their F**ked up history (google Trujillo and Haiti). I even had this dominican man try to convince me that I wasn't black. SMH….but that is for another post lol!!

        Oh check out this short video..hopefully it will clear up any misconception of what a latino is suppose to be or look like : http://youtu.be/tT7_oQzDYMw

        1. “This whole fetish with white washed ideals with what latino is suppose to look like is disgusting!!” You clrearly dont understand that a Latino and a Latina are Southern Europeans and we are from Portugal, Spain, Italy and sometimes France. That is the expectation of what a Latina and a Latino is supposed to look like because that is who we are. Blacks, Asians, Middle easterners from Latin and South America are not real Latinos and Latinas. Go read the dictionary definition of Latino and it clearly says the truth: that Latinos are people from Portugal, Spain and Italy who are racially Southern European. Or go travel and see for yourself. A Latina looks like Camilla Belle (shes Brazilian), Megan Fox (her mother is Italian-American), Angelina Jolie (her mother was French-American),Madonna (half Italian half French American) and Rita Hayworth.

  2. All black men – no, but a good amount –maybe. I actually was talking to a friend and he said a lot of his guy friend’s only date very light skinned mixed black women or Latina women.I think black men are only super obsessed with a certain type of Latina woman usually one that is very light (because yes there are Latino women who are just as dark as black women) and have very straight or curly hair (def no kinks or anything that looks like an afro).

    As a black woman I don’t care who you date. But what I do care about is the fact that (some) black men will put every other race of women on a pedestal except for their own. It’s like some black men view women of a different race in a better light.

    1. Example:
      White woman: expects to be financial taken care of (not a house wife), in a relationship / expects her man to have a hold of his finances, not dating the mail room guy etc…brothers have no issue.

      Black woman: A black woman will say the same thing and have the same financial expectations (not trying to start from the bottom) and get called a gold digger.

      Latina woman: get’s attitude, cruses him out in English and Spanish. She’s spicy/ firry.
      Black woman: does the same thing. Get’s called crazy, bi*tch, lonely

      1. "Black woman: does the same thing. Get’s called crazy, bi*tch, lonely"
        EXACTLY!!!! smh
        Sistas honestly should just date whomever as long as he's a good man. Who cares?
        Black men CANNOT take it when a BW is w/ a dude of another race. Its funny to see.
        Don't believe the hype ladies! We are Beautiful,Loving,&Gracious Queens!
        Don't let them make you think differently 🙂

      2. Not me, I’d pick a chocolate queen over a Latina any day. Most Hispanic women are hoes, wear clothes that are too tight, and their asses stink. I wish Latinas would stop talking for black men and assuming that we all want them.

    2. It’s like some black men view women of a different race in a better light.

      This is spot on. I would say by default 90 percent of black men do. Even the ones who aren’t brave enough to say it openly have this view. A black man naturally sees a non black woman and will see the best in her unless she is doing something clearly foul. But at the same time I must say that black women contribute to this with their action and sayings.

      1. Hold up now because A LOT of black women do the same. I've seen too many times (just this past Saturday actually) where a group of black women haven't given a black dude talking to them the time of day but when a white dude says "Hi" they start cooing, smiling, and turning into shy school girls. This whole "better light" idea most definitely goes both ways but most people (usually black women) don't want to admit it.

        1. I think you are incorrect, there are several black women that I know that say they only date or love dark skinned men, while the amount of black men that say that in regards to women is probably 1 or 2 at most.

          In case you didn't know, lol…or are around some different type of black women, white men say hi to us all the time. I don't know anyone that gets geeked over it…

          If the same quality of dark skinned, latina or white man wanted to date me, I wouldn't put one over the other. But with black men they often times require a black woman to bring more to the table than a mixed, latina or white woman.

          Black men have to understand that most black women that are dating other races have done so sort of reluctantly so that they can be happy. We can't stay loyal to men that 80% of only date other races exclusively or mixed girls. sorry.

  3. I think black men are obsessed with foreign women in general because they are more male friendly. I don’t think it has much to do with skin color at all, women have invented this sentiment to make the “hit” a little softer. I know a plethora of men who would choose a very dark skin Hispanic or South Asian woman over a black woman just based on how they treat men in comparison to black women. Black men are still shocked when a woman fixes them a plate or defers to their decision and since most non black women have this kind of character it makes them more appealing choices.

    1. I think a lot of the men are super sugar coating and defending the obvious. The pictures online and the comments on the Brazilian and other foreign websites tell a different story.

      Zoe Saldana is considered a darker skinned Latina.

      As far as the South Asian, no need to explain that one.

      I know several chicks from the south who will spoil their man, food, clean, cook, you name it so please don't act like domestic black women don't exist in this world.

  4. I agree with AAA, most men are with dominicans and puerto ricans. Maybe it's the way they're portrayed in videos (in the late 90's and early 2000's that's mostly what you saw being sensationalized) I don't know why but I'm going to be honest how many sub par looking latinas and cape verdeans do or have you come across on average? Nothing against the sisters but I'm calling a spade a spade.
    My recent post A Closet Freak: A Man’s Point Of View

    1. Sir….. Please come down to Miami. There are such a wide assortment. Generally, there are people that are funny-looking, or unattractive, or beautiful. Same with Latinas, you'll see them all here. With big butts, small, big chest and small, big and small body as well. (There are also an abundance or fake butts and chests, though that's another story.)

      All I'm saying is that I cry foul on the last two sentences of your comment.

      I'll give you exotic. Because mostly anyone of another ethnicity/race is going to be exotic looking.

      1. Yes, there are ugly and pretty in all races, cultures, sexes etc… But there are times when some very plain jane looking Latina woman are deemed “the baddest” because of a few things

        1)simple because she’s Latina (and most likely not a dark skin Latina)
        2)Very long hair. Or very “nice hair”. Their face could be blah and body ok
        3)Have a very curvy shape/ big butt. Hurt face but big butt.

        In order for BW to be seen as Beautiful we have to damn near look perfect or have non-black/mixed features.

    1. The guys are seriously reaching on this one.

      Have you ever dated a southern girl or I even know girls from Philly and New York that cater to their man.

      I think the men should just admit that they like certain looks in women.

  5. That 1st pic from Devious Maids sums it up. His character is so pathetic to me. I mean she treats him any kind of way and he just eats it up. *shrugs* I think (ALOT of) black men are just brainwashed not to love themselves thus why they run after other races for love &acceptance.

  6. Yo soy Latina and Ive only dated African Americans and Afro Latinos …nothing to do with race. I love black skin, I think its beautiful. Like the author says in the article I dont think it has nothing to do with race, it has to do with how the female was raised.
    The main difference ive noticed between Afro latino men and African AMerican is that Afro Latinos expect you to cater to them, because thats how most of them were raised and thats what they grew up in, their mom catering to their man. My mother use to always say " the woman takes care of the man & home so that the man can take care of the family"

    Some african American men I dated act surprise, but is because they might have grown up in a single parent home…My X is African American and his mother catered to his dad so my x expected for me to cater to him….

  7. Obsessed? Not at all. Are some of us attracted to them? Sure, but men like pretty women (as a rule). If she's attractive and we think we have a shot with her, we'll go for it if that's what we want at the time. Thinking a Latina woman is attractive isn't necessarily saying black women aren't (if somebody is believing I'm saying otherwise, that's their problem, not mine). A lot of it comes down to rarity in terms of availability and a newness of options. Some of us feel like we have to exercise ALL of our dating options.

    Either way, it really doesn't matter. It's their lives, their choices, their consequences.
    My recent post New friends

  8. The 1 point I do agree w/ Dr. J and Paul B. on, I think for most guys, it all comes down to access. If you grew up in a n'hood where you only saw little black girls of various hues, then that was your "taste". by default. But as an adult, if you moved away, went into the military, or went to a school near a metro city, your taste obviously would shift to all the new "looks". Now, like w/ anything else, after you've dated a bunch of different types of women, you're going to develop a very specific preference. It doesn't mean the rest are bad, you just know what works for you.

    The flip side is guys gotta be more honest w/ themselves. Life isn't any easier or different w/ a Latina than it is w/ a black woman. Pretty women come w/ pretty women problems, regardless of the ethnicity. Some Latinas have anger management issues, can get fake outraged over the smallest things, and will steal your expensive basketball shorts too.

    I can't recall if it ever turned into a post, but on 1 of WIS's post, the comment section segway'd into about how some interracial couples are actually more culturally different than they are racially. Latinas are far more than straight up Cuban/Dominican/Boricua/Colombian/Panamena/Venezuelan, etc. So there's that.

    1. I agree jdouleu. I think the access and environment ur in plays a part and I also think men just happen to love really attractive women. It's not rocket scientist, it's common sense. In fact we're All attracted to and drawn to beautiful things and people. Women typically will befriend women they find attractive. "Birds of a feather" and all of that jazz. I've had men I've dated tell me they prefer my hair "natural" and curly because it makes me look more "exotic" ie Dominican or mixed. I see a lot brotha's at work checking out biracial, multi-racial, women. Indian women. I have a cowrker who's girlfriend is Brazilian. The accents and the fact that they speak another language is a turn on and yes the exotic looks. Hell I love hearing people with accents talk. It's sexy as hell to me when someone can speak another language. I've had latino and caribbean ex boyfriends. Loved hearing them talk.
      I agree with Amaris that "obsessed" is too strong of a word to use. One fact I think we all can agree upon is simply that, All men like and are drawn to aesthetically, physically, beautiful women.

  9. the straight hair/curly switch up still gets me every time yo…..anyway, I think There’s an exotic nature to latinas broths find alluring, it’s a different language, different culture (albeit in the same Hood yo ass in). I think that’s what draws men to other races in general, mere curiosity, I wouldn’t say that’s an obsession, tell them that’s it’s human nature. Keeping it in the same race, black men up north love them some black southern women, it’s a different culture. Like Miley twerking, broths being intrigued by different isn’t exactly new, Latinas is the most notable because, they’re easily accessible….rip migente

    1. Exactly Trist. Yeah I miss migente. Thats how I practiced my spanish…lol 🙂 I've upgraded to conversational spanish meetups so I'm still good. Muy Bien Papi. 🙂 lol

  10. That's the beauty of being single, you can try different things that intrigue you. It's not always that deep.

  11. I think "obsessed" is a strong word. I don't believe they are, however, I do believe there is an unwarranted intrigue due to the perceived aesthetic and personality traits of the "stereotypical Latina" in some circles. I also believe that some Latinas both know and exploit this fact, as when you are my color or darker, you don't get um.. "treated special" by your own people. Latinos are really dumped into two categories back home- White, and…not. So when you find yourself suddenly in a place where your "look" is "in", revered or even cherished..I don't condone it but I understand why a person wouldn't ask the questions that would make "cherished" look more like "fetishized". It's the same as why some BM never ask why they are "celebrated" in places like Brazil.

    My recent post StyleWatch; Evelyn Lozada Launches Vida Lux Cosmetics!

    1. When you are a woman, looks matter, point blank, and some women naturally gravitate to where their "look" has the most collateral. Like the difference in Kardashian sisters and their preferences. It's no mistake that each sister likes what likes them back.

  12. I was talking to a male friend a few years back. I had brought him out to the club because my friends and I were there, and I thought he and one of my friends might hit it off.

    She was into men who spoiled their women, lavished money on them, and had a talent she could brag about to his girlfriends. He was a handsome musician who toured the world, playing in many famous musicians' bands, and liked pretty arm candy around at all times.

    When I talked to him after they met, he said he wasn't digging her. She was stuck up and snobby, and he wasn't into all that attitude. He wasn't wrong, but his dating choices made it seem like he was into that. Whatever.

    The conversation moved on and it was mentioned that she wasn't Black but actually Panamanian. When this was revealed, he ACTUALLY SAID, "Oh, well now I might like her more. I'm tired of dealing with that same ish from Black women, but I'm open to whatever ish other women have."

    I looked at him really differently after that day. Is he a fool? Yes. Is he the only fool who thinks this way? No. So yes, I think many Black women are more into Latina women than Black women, and will put up with more from them because they are considered "exotic", and therefore, "better".

    1. +1. And let’s not act like all exotic women are gorgeous or that all of the exotic women some of these brothers are dating are super models. Being non-black to a number of black men put’s you on a pedestal.

  13. I like that answer buffbrother…lol
    When is the post coming regarding how men feel about sista's dating outside of their race?

  14. We aren't obsessed with Latinas. But like many have mentioned in the comments, Latinas (not all but most from what I've seen growing up) are raised to cater to the man in their life. I have had this conversation with many black women about fixing and bringing the man a plate of food. How many sisters really-really fix a bruh a plate and bring it to him? When he's done, take it away? Not too many by my account. That is some of what seems like obsession, IMO.

    1. Unfortunately the majority of black households are raised by single black females, a lot of black women do not see this example; being from the south with old school grandparents and parents this was the norm for me but my grandfather and father also worked very hard from dusk til dawn).

      "My mother use to always say " the woman takes care of the man & home so that the man can take care of the family" < THIS

    2. How do you treat your woman? Well enough to deserve being served so regally? If so, then I doubt you'd have trouble getting the treatment you desire from a woman of any race.

      On the other hand, should you have a chip on your shoulder about not being served, while still committing various other relationship faux pas and not treating her very well, then I doubt you'll find the treatment you're looking for, in ANY race.

      I, myself, am an example. I'm a Southern girl, and raised in a two-parent household. Both parents cooked, cleaned and raised the kids together, so it wasn't all "Leave it to Beaver" style people like to think all the South is, with the woman in the kitchen and the man having a beer, watching a game and waiting to be served. They are both attorneys.

      Fast forward to now. I DID NOT have the example that men should be catered to any more than you should cater to yourself, and that it should be a partnership. But I DO serve my man in the manner you speak of. He's committed to me, he treats me how I like to be treated, and we have an amazing relationship. I also take pride in my culinary abilities. Have I served ALL men I've dealt with this way? No. Only those that deserved it. They all got one nice meal in the beginning and if they acted out, they could serve themselves after that.

  15. They don't see any more special or "exotic" than anyone else.
    I grew up primarily in a caribbean and latin environment so that may have to do with it.

  16. I definitely don't believe that black men are obsessed with Latinas, but I do agree that the type of women men in general gravitate toward have to do with the women in the environment they were raised in or in which they reside.

    Amplifying on the statement, "What you should do is check and see how she was raised before making a decision about who you want to date" I believe that as the Latin community grows and reproduces, some of the core "Latin" values are lost within new generations so the stereo-type has faded over the years. But yes, the way she was raised [or he for that matter] is going to dictate how she will be as a girlfriend, lover, wife, etc. That being said, most women [even the "independent" feminist], of any heritage, is willing to please her man if he treats her right, and if their love is affectionately mutual.

  17. I think they are definitely interested no doubt. I mean I’m a 140 lb ,5’5, long black hair, slightly tan (aaliyahs color) Hispanic chick. Im peruvian and alot of the times am mistaken for being black or mixed black/hispanic. I have to say the majority of the stares/looks u get are from black men. Living in a really diverse neighborhood(with majority hispanics) anyone can get with anyone. I dont think they are obsessed but if your a pretty latina your going to catch attention from any race/ethnicity.

  18. Italian, Spanish and Portuguese are our native languages. We, the Latin people invented our languages.
    Latinas are people with racial ties to Portugal, Spain, and Italy (sometimes France). There is no such thing as black Latina, Asian Latina, or White Latina. In South America, a black person is a black person regardless if they speak our native language and practice Catholicism, same with a white person (like Gisele Bundchen) who is a Brazilian citizen but is racially White and not racially Latina. I live in Boston and Im Latina, Latinas are not obsessed with any particular race and neither are other races obsessed with us.

    1. Someone mentioned that “they have seen how ugly Latinas are” please be more specific if they were real Latinas who are European or racially black or racial native of the americas. Because you cant really believe that a black former slave is exactly the same as a person from Portugal. Again Latina means White Southern European people from Iberian, Keltic, Roman tribes.

  19. Lola you couldn’t be more wrong we latinos don’t expect to be catered to by our latin women at all stop fronting and lying because you wanna cater to blacks cause you wanna show your not racist. I’m Latino I work two jobs I cook I’m organized yo habla espanol. And all I need my latin woman to do is just be loyal and don’t bullshit.

  20. Lola quit lying I’m Latino I have a latina as my woman. I work two jobs I cook and I’m organized you just saying that cause you believe big dicks only come with black men they come in all nationalities . When it comes to my latina all I want from her is loyalty and honesty I cook for myself if she cooks for me I say gracias mi amor. So get dick out of your mind Lola and speak the truth.

  21. Hi. I am chilean who lives in Canada. Here black men are not too much into latinos. They do not even look at me lol. I am a light skin latino with brown long hair and I can not find any black man for years who wanted to be serious. Well, that changed 5 months ago when I started to date a humble black guy who loves me as I am. He says I am beautiful, humble, I know how to cook and I am romantic.
    We also go to church together. But our case is weird. Normally black are not into latinos and light skin latinos are not into black.

  22. I myself am tall with a beard and attract all sorts of women. I am often mistaken for dominican. I fell in love tih latinas because when thet are interested im you they come directly at you. I am Catholic, work with food and every neighborhood i ever lived in was 5050 black spanish. Latinas habe a large population which means more women, more beautiful women. Latina women know thwt there are many beatiful women in their culture and are very competitive. This is awesome for you as a laid back man with a love for beautiful women with long hair, hipe thighs amd camel toe. Also from my experiences latinas are very observent and cant tell before ever dating you that you habe moral, charscter amd passion. As for wowing ANY WOMAN outside your culture THE FIRST STEP IS MANNERS and Class, WHILE STILL BEIMG MANLY. LET YOUR EYES DO THE TALKING. Never be rude but also domt hold back your gave of amazement. Back to latinas. The first test are what kind of man are you under alcohol. Will you still view them as a friend after she turns you out? Will you still love her and adore you after toh find out she is a demonic freak? Whatever DONT LET THE SEX CHANGE YOUR GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH HER. Last test is can you take being roasted by her brothers, cousins, family and lots of friends who think she is crazy for datint a black guy. PS they know she is beimg BAD FOR YOU ANS HATE IT. Latima women can feel you gazing on them and love ALL THE ATTENTION. Some anyway,there are some who are super sexy but secretly shy ans prefer to fantacize or gaze rather than ride you look you im the eyes and tell you all the bullshit you ever wanted to hear amd make sure papa bust on the harest of his life. They are intrlligent and play games as a hustle. They know how to move up at work, get in good with landlord, and if they are pretty DEFINITELY WILL NOT BE CAUGHT WALKING. You must have transportation and usually a place to go if you want a hot mami. If no place to go you must be man enough to make love to her anywhere or risk being killed in her families home or husbands home. Shit is real these atr JUST MY EXPERIENCES. Every time insay im done another abnormally beautiful latina either works with me, or decides im her nee tall bearded passion. Finnal thought is no black man and latino I EVER KNEW STAYED TOGETHER MORE THAN 3 YEARS. IVE KNOWM BROTHERS to marry latinas and it still didnt work out and the latina ended up with a latino man. Family comes first to them and the family is usually against mixing especially with b
    Negro. If you are rich this is not a problem for being able to provide without struggle is core


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