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This Is It: Same Old Sorry Ass Jets… & Giants



William H. Strafe, Streetz, Joe Sargent and the rest of the seveneighteen crew discuss whether or not the Giants should just throw in the towel and tank the rest of the season. Later, Strafe calls Jets fan Landon (@Harlem4Dais) for an “animated” Hater’s Call ¬†after the Jets lost to the 0-4 Steelers on Sunday. (19 minute mark).

Click here to listen to the show.


  1. Well just think if the Giants tank this season. They could draft my boy Clowney, representing the Gamecocks. Him on one side and JP on the other would be a mean combination

    1. Word. we wont be down for long. Either clowney or matthews from TX A&M. Best thing that can happen is to end up with the top pick, find a team in love with bridgewater and pull off a deal like St Louis did with RGiii.

  2. Y'all would probably have to be in the Top 5 in order to get in a position to draft Bridgewater. Are you prepared to finish as one of the five worst teams in the league?


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