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Stay Away From White People on Halloween



I’m not sure many of you are aware of All Def Digital, it’s Russ Simmon’s new venture to provide comedy sketches online. If you saw the Harriet Tubman sex tape… that’s All Def Digital (ADD). Anyway, these guys raise a good point about staying away from white people on Halloween. You know what? I am inclined to agree with them. I’m a bar crawl fanatic and I can tell you that without a doubt every year something very weird happens that makes me question why I allowed myself to be in a situation where there were no other Black people but myself in attendance.

Anyway, if you care about your safety and well being this year, you might want to stay away from white people on Halloween.

Check out the video below:

I also thought I’d share this info-graphic which outlines how to tell if your Halloween costume is racist or not (Click to expand):




  1. I in general avoid Halloween.
    It's Blood initiation night in Brooklyn.
    At my school the black population is really small thus no support.
    It's just not a great holiday experience in my life.
    Avoid people period.

  2. Based on my research, Halloween is a demonic holiday. I never celebrated Halloween to begin with though. Halloween started in Northern Europe by the pagan Druids who lived in ancient Ireland and Scotland. It was a ritual to sacrifice people to the god of death, Samhein and bring up spirits from the dead. Trick a treating was a way for people to go door to door to look for people to sacrifice to the Samhein. Then they would gather people who were chosen to be sacrificed and made go in a tub of water with apples . They had to capture an apple with their mouth and if they couldn't, they were sacrificed to the god of death, Samhein.

    The Catholic Church tried to ''Christianize'' such a holiday by adopting it and calling it Hallow's Evening.

    Honestly I don't celebrate it and don't want my future children(I have no kids) to celebrate Halloween. I would avoid people who dress up and celebrate such a holiday whether they are White, Black no matter what race or ethnicity. I don't see why people would celebrate such a holiday


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