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9 Clear Signs a Guy Is Blowing You Off


Is he not interested? These signs will tell you:

1. Never Answers His Phone
One clear sign a guy is blowing you off that a lot of women actually overlook is when a man never, ever answers his phone. Do you constantly find yourself getting his voicemail? Have you gone to voicemail directly without the phone even ringing? That’s a sign ladies and one that you should take seriously! This is especially true if it’s your crush or even your boyfriend!

2. Too Busy to Go Out with You
If your crush is constantly stating that he is just too busy to make plans or that he is too busy to go to dinner or a movie with you, it could be a clear sign he is blowing you off. Ladies, if a guy really likes you, he’ll make time for you and make sure that he gets in touch with you. You should never be waiting on a guy and shouldn’t have to worry if he is going to be too busy to hang out with you.

3. Never Confirms Plans
Another tell-tale sign a guy is blowing you off is that he never, ever confirmed plans with you. He might not state that he is busy, but he is constantly telling you that he has to check his schedule or that he has to make sure that he is free. He never allows himself to confirm plans on the spot or even at a later date!

4. Never Ready to Be in a Relationship
Have you been hanging out with a guy that you thought liked you, but he keeps stating that he is just not ready to be in a relationship, that he is not ready to have a girlfriend? Well girls, that could be a clear sign your guy is blowing you off. He might just not be ready to be in a relationship with you or maybe, he just doesn’t like you that way. Remember that you’ve got to consider that option too!

5. Talks about Other Girls All The Time
Does your crush constantly talk about girls to his friends? Does he constantly discuss how hot that girl from last night was? This alone could be a clear sign your guy is blowing you off and maybe just doesn’t want to admit that he just isn’t into you. No guy, who is really interested in a girl is going to constantly be talking about other girls.

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Ladies, has a guy ever blew you off? #SBMFam, what do you do to give someone the message that you’re not interested?


  1. Yup, some of these sound familiar and it sucks if it take two or more of these before we finally take the hint lol. But as long as a woman knows what she wants, it'll only take one of these happening for her to bounce before she ends up getting her feelings hurt.

  2. Thats shameful that this had to even be highlighted. But I guess some people have issues with whats clearly in front of them. But then again if we would just straight up tell her we not diggin her then we wouldn't have this merry-go-round. Hmmm interesting. Carry on………….


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