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Good Pick-Up Idea or Wishful Thinking?


We posted this to our Facebook page earlier and saw an enthusiastic response, so wanted to see what you thought here on the blog. What do you think of this idea? Fellas, feel free to chime in too.




  1. Terrible idea.

    First, there is some logic to buying girls drinks in clubs that doesn't translate to bookstores: girls in clubs are more likely to be promiscuous, and drunk promiscuous girls are easier to sleep with by an order of magnitude because they rationalize away their ho-ish behavior by claiming they had been drinking.

    Second, buying her anything at all is a novice move– it places her on a pedestal and lowers your sexual market value. She should be buying YOU stuff. You're the man, you have the value, you took the risk by approaching her, and you bring the emotional excitement by engaging her. All she's doing is standing around waiting like a knot on a log.

    Buying a woman anything in that initial interaction is a simp move. High value men don't buy girls drinks in clubs, nor books in bookstores.

  2. Lol this made me laugh. I love books and I think a bookstore is an underrated and underused location for picking up. You know what would be cute is if you bought a book for a girl whom you MET at the bookstore and gave it to her on your first or second date. Like "I remember you looking at this book but you left without getting it, i thought you might enjoy it" omgcute<3

  3. you can get a coffee if we sit down to talk. for the environment that serves the same purpose as the drink in the club, during a first impression the only permanent takeaway should be interest in me.

  4. I reposted this in some group and this got Good Reviews, the Dirty, Nasty, Pseudo-Intellectual kind of responses. Though, this was under the FB group Intelligence is Sexy, didn't know SBM did this first………..

    I Myself am not afraid, intimidated or feel emasculated by a Woman who has her Own and/or can do What I can Do, maybe even Better than I at 25. Whether I am Catering or Being Catered To doesn't bother or matter to me, I'm Enjoying Myself either way

  5. Bookstores are overrated as pick up spots in my opinion, unless you live in a "cool" part of town. I typically won't drive 30 minutes to the part of town with all the young hip professionals live, just to read/buy books, when there is one 5 minutes from my place with families and kids there. Even the times where I'm at one of the cool bookstores, maybe you see one or two approachable hotties per hour, versus a club that might have 50 bad jawns. Yes, your % of success will be higher, but your volume will be lower. I'd rather go 1/10 at a club, than 0/1 at a bookstore.

  6. I don't think book stores are overrated at all, you don't have to worry about her girlfriends on the side messing up your game because chances are people go to bookstores solo, you don't have drinks coming into play, and some stores have coffee shops built in so you can sit and have come latte' or something and chit chat….Also if you're at a club and see a cute female chances are every dude in there has hit on her anyway and although we all have more than likely scored at a club it's harder to carry on a conversation. Besides which sounds better "Yo where did you meet her at?"…"I met her at a club OR "Yo where did you meet her at". "I met her at Barnes and Noble"…..just sayin'
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