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Casting Call for Singles in the New York Tri-State Area


Casting Notice

Hey #SBMFam we got an email from a friend…

A New Docu-series that will explore the ups & downs of dating, is looking for NY & Tri-State-area singles who feel like they’ve exhausted all dating possibilities! Does this sound like you? Do you want to find your perfect match? Do you feel like giving up? Don’t do it! Join us! You must be ready for a committed relationship, be a bit courageous and be willing to let a group of unbiased Relationship Experts help you find a good partner! Paid. Men & Women, ages 25-40. Send an email with your name, age, contact info, 2 clear photos and your dating story to: LoveShowCastingGurl@Gmail.com

Email in the text above preferred for contact


        1. lmao…So they say but as a young single lady in the city "ain't much out here to have feelings for" (drake voice).

        2. **sits down with a beer**
          The tri-state area does present some…unique challenges. They don't hear us, though. LOL
          Speaking of meeting people in the city, we are long overdue a happy hour. **hint, hint**
          My recent post Marriage Isn't For You


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