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It’s the End of Days for Derrick Rose’s Knees, Tracy McGrady’s Suits, and NY Sports Fans


DRose crutches

There is a lot going on in sports right now. But every once in a while, something happens in the sports world that stops you dead in your tracks. These things are bigger than a game.

No more scrolling on Twitter. No more conversations with loved ones. No more laughs with friends. Some things make you stop and reevaluate everything.

This happened to me late last week.

Tracy McGrady wore this suit on national television, and I had to put my phone down and stare into the distance like I was posing for the cover of my R&B album.

TMAC Choppa Style

Dudes buried in Choppa Suits are rolling in their graves.

Steve Harvey wept.

This should keep TMac out of the Hall of Fame.

I mean, even 2 Chainz (aka Young Tetris) wouldn’t wear that.

Even worse, he’s been this way for years.


ANYWAY, once I pulled myself together, I started thinking about the other atrocities in sports that happened recently. Of course, nothing will compare to that suit. But here’s what I’ve seen:

Derrick Rose died…again –

No jabs here. This is just sad. Rose suffered a torn meniscus over the weekend, and underwent season ending surgery yesterday.

As a Chicago transplant, I experienced the devastation firsthand. Rose’s injury occurred on the eve of the first real snow of the winter; which had sports fans across the city walking around like they smelled a silent (but deadly) fart…all day.

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Of course it doesn’t help that the Bears are extra mediocre and the Cubs (still) suck. The Blackhawks are good, but nobody really cares about that until the playoffs.

Rose going down was a gut punch for Bulls fans who had just had their hope restored.

At least Chicago isn’t New York –

For Chicago sports fans, the suddenness of Rose’s knee injury had the sharp pain of a band aid being ripped off. New York sports have been a slow simmering dumpster fire for several weeks.

The only team in the NYC area above .500 are the Rangers at 12-11. Let’s sprint through the rest of the teams to detail the Misery of Manhattan: Dawwwwww.-Jonathan-Daniel-Getty-Images

The Giants were dead, came to life like a Walking Dead zombie, then had their head bashed in by the Governor Cowboys of all teams. Turns out they still stink, and the four-game win streak they rode into Sunday was indeed a mirage.

The Jets are who we thought they were. Fun couple of weeks though.

The things everyone feared for the Knicks last season has hit the team like a tidal wave this season. Carmelo Anthony has to do all the heavy lifting. PLUS, JR Smiff is shooting 32%. AND, Tyson Chandler is hurt. AND, Amar’e Stoudamire is just about done. AND, the supporting cast hasn’t hit enough threes to make up for the team’s defensive shortcomings. Tough times in MSG.

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The Nets are a trainwreck. Everyone who thought they had championship aspirations seems like an idiot today (to be fair, it wasn’t just us). The splashy acquisition of the entire Celtics roster hasn’t panned out, and Deron Williams (though hurt) hasn’t been up to the challenge of leading this team – averaging just 9.3 points per game(!!) before going down with a foot injury. Jason Kidd seems in over his head, and he better figure it out soon.

To top it off, the Yankees signed the least likeable player in baseball for four years, and Alex Rodriguez is making an ass of himself.

The Mets get half a bar.

Overall, it’s tough to be excited about much going on in sports at the moment. If this keeps up, I may have to start watching Scandal.

Just kidding.

Please, hit the comments and tell me what you’re excited about in the sports world. Or pile on NYC sports fans. Do you think Derrick Rose is headed to a TMac-style career? Actually, now I’m upset all over again at having mentioned TMac.



  1. 1. You need to watch Scandal for the politics. Yes Olivia Pope is a stupid black IR h0e, but more importantly, Scandal really exposes you to the dark-side of life.

    Jack Nicholson said it best in "A Few Good Men".


    2. I am a Warriors fan this year, but as a top on-line 2K14 player, I was DEVASTATED when Rose went down. Broke my heart. Playing with the Bulls w/Rose in 2K14 is EASY MONEY.

    I think the Bulls are still a contender for the East, but they ain't winning a damn thing without.

    I would just tank the season, and get a ping-pong ball. I heard that next year's draft at the top is AMAZING.

    3. Tracy McGrady like myself, needs a GAY TALENTED Black Male to help him out in the fashion department. We cannot be great at everything, so you hire smart people to do the heavy lifting.

    4. The Knicks are a GREASE-FIRE, and need a ping-pong ball as well.

    The very day they signed Amaré to that $100 Million dollar contract, I was furious. It was a bad deal then, and now, it goes without saying.

    Jim Dolan, like Jerry Jones, needs to hire smart people to run the franchise, and be an owner. Knick fans (I know it ain't happening) need to boycott & don't support the Knicks until they put a CHAMPIONSHIP contending roster on the floor.

    It starts with TRADING Melo. He is not a two-way player (Defense like LBJ, Paul George, Westbrook etc.) & not an offensive facilitator for his teammates (CP3, KDTrey, Rubio).

    And my Redskins are finished. Then there is that…

    Good Day.

    1. I get roped into Scandal half the time because I'm a married man, and that is one of the sacrifices I must make. It isn't the worst show ever. But it's definitely not for me.

      It's gonna be tough for the Bulls to tank. They won 45(?) games last year without Rose. And the East has played worse this year than last. They'll end up with a 6-seed or so. That's the curse of having a solid coach and defensive system.

      Melo might be gone at the end of the year anyway. At that point, Dolan needs to take a long look in the mirror. He won't of course, and it'd be fun to see what they do next if Melo does sign elsewhere.

  2. Can't believe someone with Detroit roots has the nerve to talk about NY like that…. Joe is becoming the trinidad james of blogging.

    McCann isn't likeable… that doesn't mean he isn't good. Plus the most clutch player of all time is next on the shopping list.
    Giants did not get destroyed by the cowgirls, they lost on a last second FG. Not our year, but don't really care. No other NFC east team is competent enough to ever hoist the trophy. So all this is a re-loading year for my GMen.

    Knick sign Love and Rando in two years… suck it! Mets will trade for a Stanton or sign Cruz and keep all the amazing talent. But 2015 you will be eating your words when we are winning so many trophies the cannon of heroes has a waiting list. Even the Islanders have the best young player in Hockey.

    1. LOL, it's rough being a Detroit sports fan. But that makes me the expert on sports misery!

      I'd argue a last second FG is just as bad as a blowout. Especially to a division rival. And ESPECIALLY to Romo when he's supposed to be unclutch.

      McCann is good, I just think his whole "defend the unwritten rule" thing is wack. Makes it easier to root against the Yankees though. So I guess that works for me.

      I thought Kevin Love was going to the Lakers…you're gonna have to fight Dr. J for that one, lol.

    2. Also, I have no idea what it means to be the Trinidad James of blogging, but I'm 100% in on it. Sounds fun. Now let me go find this afro wig…

  3. Why are people acting like D-Rose is gonna fade to the IR abyss? I didn't see when he got injured, but i have been watching Bulls games. Like most competitive, young players, he came and went right back to his "doing too much" style. His game is predicated on speed and the ability to stop/pop. That's obviously a lot of wear and tear on an athlete's legs. No different than D-Wade. Does Wade have chronic knee problems? Yeah, but nobody's writing his obituary year to year. Plus Rose is only 25, he'll be fine. If Terrell Thomas can come back and start after having glass knees since college and be productive, so can Rose.

    I knew the Nets were going to be trash, but I didn't expect Kidd to look so…I'm at a loss for the word. But the fact that he has a HC job and Brian Shaw still doesn't is disappointing.

    We're without our center, so I won't count my Knicks out yet. Melo actually hasn't been terrible on the boards so far. I like seeing him play above the rim. It's hard to pinpoint what the Knicks problem is. But being a Knicks fan is like dealing w/ a fine girl who has 0 personality.
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    1. @jdoubleu

      When Rose comes back, after two knee surgeries & not playing for two & two & a half years, he is DEFINITELY not going to be the same player.

      We are speaking of PROFESSIONALS, not High School Basketball.

      When he comes back in late 2014 (according to reports), he is going to need a year, to get use to the speed of the game (the same thing happened to Tom Brady off of a Knee surgery in Football, he needed a year. And Jordan coming back after his first retirement.)

      So, the concerns about Rose are EXTREMELY valid.

    2. I think Adonis captured my thoughts on DRose. He missed half of the lockout season, a full season, and now 70+ games this year. He's basically on the Greg Oden trajectory. That doesn't mean he'll be Oden, but you certainly don't want to see an MVP headed down that path.

      Brian Shaw is coaching Denver this year.

      NYK looked terrible on defense yesterday. Zach Lowe broke it down pretty well on Twitter this morning. If you aren't going to hit shots at last year's rate, you have to defend. They aren't doing either.

      1. I realized later this am I was incorrect on my Shaw reference, my bad.

        But Greg Oden? You think Rose is going to have it that bad? I kinda see his career to be more in the Grant Hill track. After that chunk of time, GH was able to return and was serviceable. Maybe Rose needs that miraculous Suns treatment Idk lol The other thing I look at is Rose will be like 28 when his Bulls contract is up. Assuming he can avoid any more injuries, like Tristan said, I think Rose will resolve to taking a 2nd role and still play like an All Star.

        So many ill-advised shots, stocked w/ guards who don't guard, a great guard who can't really shoot, Earl Smith and his silly fouls. To protect my sanity and balance my BP, I just watch my squad on mute at this point
        My recent post 5 Reasons Fitness Should Be A Priority In Your Relationship

        1. Greg Oden is the extreme case. I don't mean to say he *will* be GO. I'm just saying over the last 2.5 seasons, he's on the same path. He's not a 7 footer, and (as far as I know) he doesn't have structural issues (like Oden's legs not being the same length)…so it stands to reason he'll be better off.

          But this guy was an MVP! I think even a reasonable dropoff will be a huge blow to his career and the Bulls future plans. He's got a max contract. If he can't produce at that level, that puts his championship aspirations at risk (see the Knicks and Nets as examples of teams paying guys $20M+ for "solid" to "above average" play).

  4. Hey, not all is wrong in NY sports: the New York Red Bulls won the trophy for highest point total this season!

    …Ok, fine, I admit people don’t follow soccer like they do the Knicks. I’ll retreat back into my cave till World Cup next summer.

    1. Lol, well there's that. I take this to mean they didn't win the title?

      Also, are you one of the 34953495858939348 others who is "planning" to go to Brazil next summer?

      1. They won the season title (Supporters’ Shield), but they got KO’d early from the MLS Cup playoffs, the final of which is being played this weekend between Real Salt Lake and Sporting Kansas City. But Red Bull is in Champions League (North America’s, not Europe’s lol) next year, which is a major club achievement.

        As for Brazil, I’m conveniently using grad school as my excuse for not ponying up/selling major organs to fund a trip to see the games live. If I win Powerball though, I’ll see y’all in Rio!

  5. LOL New York.

    I feel bad for Derrick Rose, i don't think he's done as an effective player, just as a franchise player. He might need to Big 3 it up somewhere.

    LOL New York.

    Considering all that's happened I can't even believe my Patriots are too buckfoy calls away from 10-1

    LOL New York.

    Kobe got $48 million off 2 practices, damn Germans

    LOL New York

    I said the jig was up on the Falcons early, they were like the kid who wore his big brothers clothes when he was locked up, now he's out and they can't dress again

    LOL New York

    I'm holding out hope they don't trade Rondo

    LOL New York
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  6. As much as I hated the Chicago Bulls during the 90's, I have to admit I feel bad for Derrick Rose. The only player not named Lebron to win the MVP in the last five years seems destined to join Terrell Brandon and Baron Davis as talented point guards whose career was destroyed by injuries.

  7. Lol they clowned the hell out of T-Macs suit on Inside the NBA. Kenny Smith said he looked like he had on Malcolm X's zoot suit.


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