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5 Reasons You Need to Stop Stalking Your Ex on Social Media



Whether we want to admit it or not, we have all stalked our exes on social media. Though we’ve all done this, it’s never worth your time. Here are five significant reasons you need to stop doing this right now.

1. Don’t let yourself be defined by TLC’s ”Creep”

“So I creep, yeah

Just Keep it on the down low

Said nobody is supposed to know.” – TLC

2. It is only going to make you angry
Seeing your ex with another guy or girl is only going to upset you. Why would you willingly do that to yourself? You will compare yourself to the new significant other in every way imaginable.

This will make you feel insecure and angry and only prompt you to call your best friend to get reassurance that your replacement is fat and ugly.

3. You might accidentally “like” something on their Facebook page
That’s embarrassing. Now they know that you were stalking them, they will tell all of your mutual friends about it, and you are going to look desperate and crazy.

4. You will literally drive yourself crazy
Spending time searching every avenue of social media to find any mentions of a new special someone in your ex’s life will drive you insane. Instead, do something constructive with your time.

Go to the gym and get your best body ever or buy a fab new wardrobe so you will always look amazing and will be able to attract a new mate.

5. You can’t get over someone if you look at their pictures every day
If you continue this pattern, then you will just draw out the process of fixing your broken heart for much longer than necessary. Though I’m not usually one to quote Tupac, he made a great point when he claimed:

“You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could’ve, would’ve happened… or you can leave the pieces on the floor and move the f*ck on.”- Tupac Shakur

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  1. man look.

    my last gf, i blocked her on everything possible. her family loved me, i blocked them too. She sent me an email out the blue "missing my smile"


    nah b, never again. lol

    One ex i did have to stop checking on, i never hated her, we parted amicably, just was always concerned for her, wanted her to do better.

  2. If you dont have control of your emotions, sure– you should stop all interactions (passive or otherwise).

    But if you're grounded and can neutralize any potential bad behaviors, then i don't think it matters.

  3. The only reason is that it's unproductive, you can be doing better sh t with your time and unless they're like uber addicted you're never going to get but bits and pieces of the story, that song lyric could be about you, or one of her coworkers, that could be her new man or her new gay neighbor, stalking social media is only going to bring about a bunch of questions you won't get the answers to
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  4. Stalking an ex period is lame, whether it's on social media or not. It shows un healthy loneliess, and is totally pathetic. Even if you can play if off without being caught up, it's still silly. If you broke up with him/her you ended it so move on. If you were the recipient obviously something you weren't doing that caused it, so ….move on. Stalking anyone for any reason is not cool at all.
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