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[Audio] Women Paying for Dates, Selfie Gate, Wealth Stats, and More


selfie gate

We’re back for the third episode of Two Guys One Show (show website). Topics include younger millennials’ growing dislike for Obama, Selfie Gate, the ultimate man stand against a woman’s excessive shopping, WIM’s rant on (independent) women paying for dates, surprising wealth stats, and more. We also introduce a new show segment that led to a great discussion.

Episode Title: Two Can Pay This Date

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  1. That NYPD story sounds like something out of a terrible script. How is your aim that bad that you hit innocent bystanders but miss the target? -_-

    You guys hit the nail on the head in the networking discussion. I work in sports and from top to bottom, it's solely about where you went to school. If you're trying to get an internship at an agency, you could have a 3.0 and a basic business degree. But if you went to USC and the person interviewing you went to USC, you're gonna get the gig over the guy/girl who studied sports mgmt/mktg program at a lower tier school. Having gone to a school that doesn't have a hugely popular sports department, the networking struggle is something I've had to get creative with to navigate. Curious what you guys think about this http://blogs.hbr.org/2013/12/are-we-networking-or

    The women paying for dates segment? I think part of the issue is most guys wouldn't let a woman pay because it's not the "right" thing to do. It's nice when they offer, but how many guys would actually accept? I never have if I liked the young lady. So maybe the onus is on us to go on a #nofree99 campaign. Might shake things up for 2014.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. And yeah, makes sense that not many people would comment on these joints here — especially when they come with the expectation to read, not listen. We'll be trying other platforms as we get more episodes under our belts. Youtube may work if we get into live shows/hangouts. I've seen some folks really take off from that.

      My recent post Listen to Episode 2 of Two Guys One Show

  2. when you raise minimum wage you discriminate against low skilled and low educated workers. which is mostly black people unfortunately. if i have to pay employees more money then im going to get the best and brightest and people i really want. you have a felony mr. mcdonalds black guy? sorry, i'm going to hire this educated clean cut guy and give him less hours because he is more efficient than you. so i end up spending the same amount of money i would have spent on you at a lower pay grade. apartheidists in africa were pushing for minimum wage laws. let that sink in.

  3. This was a great episode, actually my first time tuning in. I'm in my sophomore year of college now and coincidentally I was looking up the best and worst paid majors while listening to this podcast, so the segment about "Is a college degree the new high school diploma?" was very insightful. Lol, I was rationalizing with myself over why I should chose a chemical engineering major over anthropology. I will definitely speak on some of these insights when I go back to my high school to talk to the seniors.

  4. Thanks for the shout out on the previous show!! I invited some friends over to listen to it 🙂 !!! I was at the Mandela Memorial where Obama and the Selfie Gate occurred! I took dozens of selfies with my friend and no one said anything, i actually got photo bombed! It was a celebratory mood at the stadium, regardless of the rain and the fact that our own President was met by resounding booo's- it was fun for all and Im glad your President joined in! Mandela was a man of the people and I think your President is too. Let them be! Michelle was sombre through the entire event, I was sitting behind the camera man so I could see them clearly. The media always tries to portray Michelle as some neck snapping, teeth sucking, side eye killing chic and thats entirely untrue. She didnt get Obama and the Dansih PM to swap seats, Obama went up to give his speech (which totally blew me away!) and she moved up to his seat. The media went on a field day on this one when what should be investigated is that fake deaf interpreter!! That dude needs to start talking, pun intended!


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