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How to Be a Great Girlfriend


We’re not saying you suck at being a girlfriend, you’re probably a good old lady. But here are a few tips on how to be a great girlfriend:

1. Be present with him.
When you are with your boyfriend, be with him. Turn your phone off. Put it in your purse, or put it in a drawer, but put it away. Whatever happens “on your phone” can wait. We will all survive without incessant Facebook status updates. If you want to cultivate a deep connection with your partner, then you have to be present with him. Look him in the eyes and make him feel like you would rather be nowhere else. I know a lot of people think they can do many things at once; in other words, multitask. Not true. When we do one thing at a time, we do it well. When we attempt to multitask, we do many things poorly. If you multitask your relationship you might find yourself multitasking being single, because what a man wants is your attention. Your phone will be there when you are done, but if you keep texting while spending time together, you might wind up texting alone.

2. Love something he loves.
If your boyfriend is passionate, and I assume he is, then love something he loves. Think of all the things he’s passionate about, pick one, and share it as a common interest. Learn a bit about that passion and collaborate with him on it. This can be something you both have in common, and something you can both talk about. Preferably it shouldn’t be about sports or a TV show, because those generic things don’t reveal his true character. Find out what he loves. What is in his heart? Have that in common. Relationships succeed through synergy, not separate lives. If you can’t find something to love that he is also passionate about, then why are you with him?

3. Put the “friend” in girlfriend.
Men want a best friend companion with whom they also roll around naked with from time to time. Sound simple? That’s what we want. We want someone who is down for our interests, small talk, and humor, but can also fulfill our carnal base needs. Men are simple… very simple. Talk to us like a friend, be playful and fun, and don’t overcomplicate things as we aren’t very complicated people. Have the potential to be his best friend, and show him this potential. He’ll keep you around if you do.

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  1. Great sound advice. Easy enough right? Works well on the other foot as well. I think if both men applied such simple common sense into their relationships, things would be a lot less complicated for us all. The interesting question is, why don't we employ common sense in our relationships and dating endeavors? We inevitably make things much more complex for ourselves. Something as simple as tucking away the cell to be engaged with your significant other (or hopeful) while together is almost unheard of in these times.
    In any event, great advice.

    Mr SoBo

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  2. I have to kind of disagree with number two. I think that a couple should have things that they like to do together. I do not think that one person should try to like or love something that the other person loves. I do think they should not criticize that thing the other thing that the other person loves.

  3. This is such a great article and I think it also holds true for boys. If you want to be a great boyfriend, just change all his to her, him to her and boyfriend to girlfriend in the article and you'll obviously the best. Thanks so much for sharing, this article really helps

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  4. I enjoyed reading these tips! Number one doesn't really apply to me at all because I'm not a crazy person over technology, nor am I crazy over my cell phone. So I would be all good! lol.


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