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EPIC Video: A Man Problem…That Starts With Women


Every man has been through this. Every woman has done this. Relax, relate, and laugh.


  1. Lmao… I haven’t done it to that extent. But I have done something similar. Usually I would have just been like ok, and then immediately dialed my home girl and replayed the conversation and then ask her”what does that mean”.

    This was a case of her ego being hurt.
    1)The guy clearly doesn’t talk to her often/ they don’t hang out often because he had to think about who she was at first.
    2)This is why women don’t ask men on dates / to hang out. Women like feeling wanted, like they are not chasing. She put her self out there and got the answer she was looking for but not in the right packaging. I guess she wanted to feel like she was on his mind, and just by luck she called. Instead now she knows he she wasn’t really on his mind.

    1. @Smilez_920

      As for number 2, it is hard out there for some females, but said females have a whole lotta lip service, on how men should initiate.

  2. LMFAO….im cryin………im cryin….LMFAO

    It's gonna take at least 30 minutes for him to get his vibe back…..my mane was just minding his own biz, kickin it dolo….

    and ended up stressed the eff out!

  3. I think that every man has experienced this scenario before. Men and women process information differently. Some might not agree with this but I feel as though men have to take the lead on these type of issues since we are the natural leaders. We have to just give women honest straight answers to their questions, even if it hurts their feelings. In the scenario above I would have just said yes instead of saying I don't care. If it's no then I would have just said so. Easy enough right?
    My recent post Work Wednesday

  4. DEAD.com…rofl…so funny! Maybe this is why I'm single, because I shut phone conversations like these down from the jump. I don't do complicated, at all!!!

    P.S. +1 for the use of "monkey azz" lmao!

  5. Rofl. Married 20 years and this still happens (missed communications) but doesn't go on as long.
    Me: did you put the garbage out last night?
    Him: does the garbage man pass today?
    Me: ok.
    Him: what's wrong?
    Me: Nothing.
    Him: I usually put it out in the morning.
    Me: oh. Ok
    Few minutes later he's putting the garbage out. A simple "no" would have been great.

    1. After 20 yrs, he knows that the mere fact that you asked about the garbage, meant that YOU preferred for it to be taken out then…not in the morning. A simple "oh, OK." means a lot more than what was said & he knows that.

  6. I understand that he was just trying to play it cool and say "I'm not trippin" but that made her feel like she was the hunter, and she wants to feel hunted…although technically she CALLED HIM and he's probably not all that interested in her. I've never done that to a non-boyfriend [or that badly, for that matter], but it sure is funny and relatable!


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