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Male Entitlement: A Man’s RIGHT to Holla


male entitlement

Men have a large and difficult burden placed upon us.

We are the ones given the responsibility of “starting the mating process” aka … the holla.

The fact is, most s*xual encounters, marriages, and relationships all started when a guy decided to make a move and let his intentions be known. There are some forward-thinking women, but they aren’t doing numbers.

What this means is that the entire process of going from stranger to interested is managed by men. It’s just a burden that we take on to keep people moving forward and multiplying (survival of humanity really). Ya’ll birth the children, we’ll birth the conversations.

So, just as carrying a baby entitles you to the respect of all other people and the best gifts on parent-related holidays, we get something too. Our responsibility in managing the approach means that we get an important entitlement:

Men are entitled to try to “talk” to you at anytime, anyplace, anywhere … period.

I say this because we need to spend a lot of time searching for the right person. If you limit our ability to talk to you when you’re walking down the street, or mash our cart into yours while you are shopping for carrots, or to come up and put our arm around you at the club, we won’t make quota. Then, we would spend our lives searching for, instead of finding the right one and signing up for a life of commitment. Then we would all just be single guys trying to holla (irony!)

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Please, I am kindly asking, great women of SBM … please don’t knock any man for attempting to get to know you.

I will be the first to say with this entitlement comes some rules. I do think that all men should:

  • Lose Gracefully. If you don’t get the number, no punching, names, or throwing rocks (literally and figuratively). It happens, keep it moving
  • Know When To Quit. Steve Urkel and family matters messed up a lot of guys. The thought that continuing to talk to and stalk a girl for 7 years was normal and OK, because in the end you would get together. It’s not.
  • Be Respectful. I remember when I other people would yell “hey you wit the phat ass. lemme talk to you.” I’m not saying to walk up in a bowtie like Fonzworth Bentley, but we all know the line not to cross.
  • Don’t Cockblock. The end goal is for everyone to get as much as they need. If you don’t have the ability to close, let someone who can step in. Respect.

And with that same note, women I think there are a few things you should do to make sure this whole thing works and everyone leaves satisfied:

  • Decline Politely. If this potential suitor has followed the rules above, there is no reason to do anything but laugh and say “no thanks” or “I’ve got to run”.
  • At Least Hear Him Out. Personally, everyone deserves a chance to impress you. Before making a snap judgement, at least give him a chance to save himself.
  • Don’t Be Mad. If he decides to approach your friend, or decides to end the conversation on his own, let it slide. Not everyone wants you and a little bit of rejection is ok.
  • Don’t Hate. If he wants to talk to your friend after, go ahead and let him (not saying you have to introduce them). I kind of met my wife because of this (long story). Sharing is caring.
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Once we all acknowledge this one little thing that all men get as a birth right, we’ll be on our way to better and happier gender relations. Being happier as a people is all about understanding how to make people happy.

SBM aka “What you mean I can’t talk to you right now!?!” aka Retired



  1. Hopefully this conversation doesn't get derailed…I agree, it starts with a little humility, if ur in a rush say so, otherwise there's nothing wrong with lending a few minutes to a kind stranger, women act so appalled a man who isn't their type attempts to introduce
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    1. Tristan sir, goog morning, Men do the same thing. I'm a person that will strike up a conversation either a guy, not that I want him. He may look like he got common sense. Lol. Men will hive the woman a dirty look, everything that looks good ain't good for you, it's the unattractive men who push to far,

        1. @sincereluv4life

          Yes, if same dude was attractive, he wouldn’t be penalized for “pushing too hard”

    2. @tristan

      women act so appalled a man who isn’t their type attempts to introduce

      Which kindly calls into question the whole street harassment movement.

      Doesn’t matter what you say, and how you approach, it is about whether you are wanted or not.

  2. I like the article. But the word “entitled” is going to get you in trouble lol. When people feel entitled to something, they ignore those rules you set above. Women have an issue with street harassment; they don’t have a problem with men politely approaching them. But even with that men should be mindful of where they are approaching these women, so that anytime and place thing is a little iffy.

  3. Good read lol I always had the idea that women shouldn't be so taken aback when many guys try to talk to them. I always tell them that they probably won't see you again, they gotta try and give it a shot at least once. If he's respectful just be as respectful toward him.

  4. Entitlement is a very dangerous word but I am in full agreement with everything you wrote. I am awaiting the backlash though as I am sure there are some women who will read this and be in stark opposition to it. Some weeks back didn't we have a similar discussion and in the comments women express that they actually do believe that men's attempts at courting should be relegated to specific venues and outlets? That is utter crap. If you see a woman, you find yourself attracted to her…. APPROACH. If she isn't feeling you then concede defeat with respect and honor.

  5. It won't kill you to smile, say thank you and keep it moving. Some women just walk around like their face hurts or they just caught a whiff of somebody's wind.

  6. Morning, as a BM, I'm a witness to and "was" a willing participant in the "numbers game/making quota" etc. As you mentioned, someone has to "start the mating process". The problem is many Men don't have the social skills or sadly, the desire to approach Women with respect. Myself, as someone who wants to be successful 100% of the time, I never approach without her smiling or giving signals first and definitely do so without a sense of entitlement. The tough part about this is, in the communities I grew up in, the numbers game, getting notches on your bedpost culture was always in effect. In truth, 99.99% of Men that I see every day and grew up with never heard of Street Harassment or movements like Stop Telling Women To Smile. In short, outside of these Social Media platforms and the few thousand people that actual pay attention to these campaigns, awareness is zero, and that's a huge part of the problem. Also, when I brought up "street harassment" with "the fella's", they were like, "I bet if Idris Elba or a Brotha in a 5K suit is trying to holla, the same Sista that's holding the stop street harassment sign in her hand, would throw that sign in the garbage and join him for coffee". Finally, if we continue to have a "right to holla" mindset and don't start teaching our Sons at an early age to respect a Woman's space and the right to walk down the street without being "hollared at / harassed" we're going to have this issue. Thanks for consideration, Michael W

    1. "Finally, if we continue to have a "right to holla" mindset and don't start teaching our Sons at an early age to respect a Woman's space and the right to walk down the street without being "hollared at / harassed" we're going to have this issue."

      Thank you for this last piece.

  7. I agree with this post. At this point in my life, I'm not looking for a relationship or for any men to just have in my phone, but I'm never above speaking or having a friendly conversation anyone. If dudes weren't trying to get at me I'd think there's a problem, whether that problem is with them or me. I try to be polite when declining people's advances but some men need to see the rules above. After a minute of "Come on, baby girl" and "I can't just be your friend?" I just have to walk away and let them know I appreciate the compliment from a distance.

  8. Lol the same women complaining about harrassment are usually the same women who get upset at men who have a certain preference of women. So called “good” women don’t want men to “harrass” (lol) them, but will condemn men for only chasing h*es. I’m engaged so I have been out of the game too long I guess, what am I not understanding?

    1. "So called 'good' women don't want men to 'harass' (lol) them, but will condemn men for only chasing h*es. [W]hat am I not understanding?"

      A truly "good Black man" is supposed to wait indefinitely to approach–in a venue, at a time, and in a manner the woman prefers. If you don't already know how to do this, you're not qualified–in which case, you'd likely be harassing women you approach and should err on the side of caution by not approaching.

      Should you find that making a connection with a non-Black woman isn't as difficult–they might even indicate interest in you to encourage you to approach–you still should wait to be chosen by a good Black woman. To do otherwise would be to throw Black women under the bus by treating them as invisible and unwanted. If you were truly a "good Black man," this wouldn't have to be explained.

      1. “Should you find that making a connection with a non-Black woman isn’t as difficult–they might even indicate interest in you to encourage you to approach–you still should wait to be chosen by a good Black woman”

        Now this was funny

  9. I agree w/ everything in this post. As long as men are respectful most women don't mind being approached. I personally love the attention, it's a lil' extra validation for all the time I put into to looking cute. I also understand the kind of attention I get now in my twenties is temporary cuz we all age & looks fade, so we might as well enjoy our youth while we have it.

  10. I totally agree with your lists for the men and women, and if a dude spits some totally whack lines so to speak, and the female likes it and goes with it more power to him. I do feel guys should at the very least be respectful. But in the end a guy has a right to talk to any woman he wants and that exudes confidence because no man should EVER feel a woman is too good for him to approach…never
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  11. so if men are entitled to approach a woman respectfully, does a gay man have that same entitlement to just walk up to another man and try him respectfully? I mean he doesn't know he is out of your league until he tries right?

    1. @guest

      Gay men are entitled to approach, I don’t know about respectfully, but if they don’t accept that NO, then violence will ensue, and both of us will go to jail.

      It is not the same man-woman interaction.

    2. guest: "so if men are entitled to approach a woman respectfully, does a gay man have that same entitlement to just walk up to another man and try him respectfully?"

      Yes. The same rules apply, especially the first three (Lose Gracefully, Know When To Quit, Be Respectful).

      I've been approached by gay men on more occasions than I care to count, but as long as they do not persist after I tell them I'm not gay, there is no issue. Take the L and keep moving.

  12. Repost

    Anybody can answer this, if you feel so inclined.





    Because we keep forgetting, that MALES respond to incentives. And women & simp-azz men demand a hell of a lot from MEN, but have NOTHING TO OFFER, and fully expect men to respond positively to fulfill their self-interests.

    Now, my stance is CLEAR. If women do not plan on approach men as a collective, then women have NO SAY in how MEN should approach.

    Just say NO. And if he violates your space, have that tazer or pepper spray ready.

    You demand alot of from men but have nothing to offer in return, FOOH.

    1. I can't say that you should only respect women, I think anyone is worthy of respect unless proven otherwise. I do not see why it is hard to give anyone respect. People act like you are pulling teeth to approach a woman( or a man) with manners. The same question could be why not approach someone respect? Not to mention if she declined you today, it may not mean no forever. If one's game is that adequate he may still get her down the road.
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      1. @paynewell

        I get where you are coming from.

        But i am the opposite. You are the sh-t on my shoe until proven otherwise.

        It is what it is.

  13. "Men are entitled to try to “talk” to you at anytime, anyplace, anywhere … period."

    No one, of any race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or class is ever entitled to anyone else's time. No one on this earth owes anyone a second of any of their days. Where did this idea come from?

    "Personally, everyone deserves a chance to impress you. "

    No, everyone does not deserve a chance to do anything, actually, other than walk down the street in peace.

    "Once we all acknowledge this one little thing that all men get as a birth right, we’ll be on our way to better and happier gender relations."

    Are men who are interested in men entitled to try to talk to you any time, any place, period? Do they deserve the chance to try and impress you? Are you obligated to hear a man out when he tries to holla at you on the street? I'm not even trying to be funny. Just wondering if you feel these entitlements are universally applied to all men, since it is a male birthright.

    1. Hmmm: ”No one, of any race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or class is ever entitled to anyone else's time.”

      I didn’t see that anywhere in the post. He wrote a man is entitled to approach, not to their time. If a woman doesn’t want to be bothered, she is in turn entitled to shut down the approach however she likes, but no one is above being spoken to. The gracefulness a woman uses to end the conversation is a different matter.

      "Are men who are interested in men entitled to try to talk to you any time, any place, period?"

      Yes. Again, if told flatly, "I'm not interested", then he is obligated to cease and desist. Again, losing gracefully, knowing when to quit and being respectful is paramount.

  14. No one is ever "entitled' to anyone else's time, energy, conversation, etc. I agree with the sentiments around men approaching women with respect and knowing when to walk away and women not being unduly rude in any response they choose to give, if any. But entitlement for the sake of mating (because "it's a man's job to initiate the process," no less) is teetering on the wrong side of sexist.

    1. @lena

      Get off the sexism track. The mixtape will never drop.

      What you have to understand, that some of is men have to work to get laid, or to get anything meaningful poppin’.

      Personally, I have learned to come to terms with that. And been quite successful.

      Women, even if they like you, are not going to the necessary work to get something going. When asked to approach, women have vehemently said, “no thank you”

      – because they don’t like to be rejected 10x more than we do
      – and they realize at that moment, how hard it is to make a connection with anybody, especially if you are attracted to them.

      But yet, you still want men to regulate the way in which we approach.

      No Thank You. Catch this fade.

    2. No one is ever “entitled’ to anyone else’s time, energy, conversation, etc

      Considering the way a lot of your black female counterparts criticize and ostracize black men for interracial dating it is shocking to hear a black woman say this. From the YouTube blogs, articles and comments about black men from the average black woman you would think that every black man owes a black woman a left lung, right kidney and 50 percent of his paycheck.

      1. "From the YouTube blogs, articles and comments about black men from the average black woman you would think that every black man owes a black woman a left lung, right kidney and 50 percent of his paycheck."

        Don't you know any better @Obvious?!?! Every black woman is entitled to every black man and his possessions. These are strong, independent women we're talking about!

  15. I see the thoughts behind the post. At the same time, I can’t necessarily agree with the logic. What we (men) *are* entitled to is mutual respect, and if the majority of us approach women in a row respectful manner, then I reckon, even if a woman isn’t interested, we should be afforded the respectful decline. But to assume we have the right to approach any and every woman? Nah.

  16. Absolute side eye. I'm not even going to take energy out to craft a thoughtful response cause clearly you wrote this to waste my time while I'm at work. I'll birth the babies and you'll birth the conversations? Goodbye with that comparison. Good. Bye. This is ridiculous.

  17. This is why I am more inclined to be impressed by a woman who makes the first move. I refused to get caught up in the minutia of entitlement and miss the message of the post. Frankly speaking most of us feel entitled in some form or fashion, its part of what causes friction in our relations, but by all means, continue this senseless war. I hear your points ladies, however I must ask. Are you willing to approach guys and initiate possible romantic endeavors?

  18. This is called street harassment. No one owes you anything. This was one of the most disgusting blog articles I have ever read.

  19. This is called sexual and street harassment. No man has the right to invade someone’s space because he feels entitled. This is one of the most disgusting blogs I have ever read. The power of your thirst is strong…GET A SPRITE!

  20. The wording of the post is what's being hated on. I think 99% of us agree that every human being has the legal right to attempt to befriend another human being. There is nothing illegal or immoral about that.

    To me that's what the post is saying. But because it has a sexual element and uses the word "entitled" is what is putting the women off.

  21. I don't know ANY woman willing to deal with the constant rejection that comes with having to be the one who makes approach. This burden is put on men because women can't handle it.

  22. Here's the thing: We as men do have the right to approach any woman we find attractive, but they equally have the right to reject us and go about their business without being constantly harassed or threatened because they said no. They could have a man already or simply be uninterested in us even if we approach them in a respectful. Just because we pursue doesn't mean we are entitled for them to say yes; the only thing we are entitled to in that situation is a response from them, even if it's not the response we want.

    Besides, some of those women hare in relationships and are faithful to their significant others and rightfully shouldn't need to have a full conversation with you to say they're not interested, because we as men know that if we can get women to get talking long enough, it gives us hope, so if they're not interested it behooves them to shut it down quickly. Would you want your girl having long convos with a guy that's trying to get at them? I hope not. Would you want "new friends" calling your girl because, in the interest of being "nice", she gave them the number? The fact is no means no, and her no should be respected as much as her yes it. If the woman gave you her number, would you still stick around her at that moment? Not likely, you'd get the number and go on your way. Why is it so hard to have the same response of going on your way if she says no?
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  23. Ok let's have some clarity here. A lot of people have there azz on their shoulders because of this word called "entitlement." Here's some truth: The ideology that it's "a man's job" to approach, is the epitome of entitlement within itself. Entitlement breeds further entitlement, can we see the pattern. We can play this game all day long. Until we change our antiquated perceptions about gender roles in regards to dating, things will continue to deteriorate in my opinion. Disagree if you must, but judging by the comments and the current state of dating affairs I feel confident in my stance.

  24. —–Personally, everyone deserves a chance to impress you. —— and there lies the damn problem right there. Every crack head NEGRO off the street hound be able to HOLLA at any black woman? No matter her status? Oh yeah, I forgot, we are JUST black women, we should be GRATEFUL FOR THE ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!

    So the crack heads that just stepped off the prison bus next to my car wash should be ALLOWED to speak to me, correct????? NO SNAP JUDGEMENT THERE!!!!!


    1. @thatDaDiva

      It is about how cute & old you are.

      2. Ex-cons sleep with black women of all socio-economic levels & women like you get them the green light

    2. "Every crack head NEGRO off the street hound be able to HOLLA at any black woman? No matter her status? Oh yeah, I forgot, we are JUST black women, we should be GRATEFUL FOR THE ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!! "

      See, if professional women of status actually behaved like women with sense, your indignation would be warranted. However, it's the opposite. Collectively, black female doctors, lawyers, nurses, CEOs, etc. have been hollered at by thugs/druggies/losers and many of them do proceed to have relationships/have sex with those guys. If y'all really cared about not getting approached by random "crack head" negroes, you wouldn't be having relationships with these guys. Hell, you wouldn't be talking to anybody who approached y'all.

      Let's call it what it is: In the eyes of many sistas, a normal/good black man who approaches them is "entitled" and doesn't deserve the time of day. Yet, Pookie, Ray-Ray, Jamal, and Tyrone don't catch any attitude when they approach the sistas even though their pants hang off their asses, they each need a haircut, and none of them have 2 nickels to rub together–let alone a job.

      But then black women as a collective get mad when decent/successful black men decide not to marry them, or at least take their dear sweet time in the dating field.

      Go play in a lion's den.

  25. This is why I usually keep quiet. Whether an approach is street harassment or not depends almost entirely on if the female thinks the male is attractive. If she thinks you look good, then you can pretty much say what you want. If not, then so much as saying hey becomes street harassment. Of course there's guys who cross the line but that's a different story.

    1. I feel you @ThoughtCriminal, I have the blessing/curse of being the only guy at my job. I get to hear all of this misguided ideology and man-bashing on the regular. I don't mind having these conversations, but if they are only going to be one-sided I usually refrain. I see that there are some open-minded sistas on here. However I do notice that when a lady makes a point that illustrates what they do wrong as a collective, those comments generally tend to get overlooked. Let a comment highlight the brother's flaws, and here come all the amens, +1's, and hallelujah's! SMH

  26. Men and women are both capable of approaching each other, and I'm sure men would love for women to do the initiating for a change, yet it happens so rarely it doesn't even factor in. Women have the same right as men to start convos, they just choose not to– but why is this the case?

    It's been my experience that many (if not most) women lack strong social skills and are scared of putting themselves out there to possibly get rejected. It's like what your parent/uncle/scout leader told you about bees and snakes– "They're more afraid of you than you are of them."

    So, men having to approach women is not entitlement– its picking up the slack. Aside from cowardice, there's nothing stopping women from approaching men.

  27. Entitlement is one of those words man… especially in our community.

    I don't think we're entitled to your time, however I do believe that if I show you respect you resectfully decline. Isn't that the golden rule, or karma, or whatever the spiritual flavor of the week is?

    I have a question to the women of the conversation…

    Is there a certain joy in rejecting a man? Like a certain advantage of power?

    Not speaking from experience or anything, but I've observed from my trolling of certain social media sites that there seems to be a sense of enjoyment by the women who oust potential suitors by screenshots or videos and whatnot. The guys could've very well deserved it too. I'm not passing judgement I'm asking if you've ever felt that way.

    1. Not trying to snub you but have you heard Wale's "Bad"? It's the same as man getting a rush of confidence from his ability to pick and choose a handful of women. A woman would get her ego boost from her ability to turn down options.

  28. I agree with the article, especially since (as it is debated under many articles) I think a relationship is likely to work out better if the guy is the one wants it (precluding dishonesty). You gotta hunt to eat and eat to live, you have the right to try. Just follow the rules.

    1. Yeah, I agree.

      But approaching black women these days is scary. They either avoid making eye contact with you or have a scowl on their faces that let's you know that you better not even try. And when they travel in packs…((shudders))

      Why should men even bother?

        1. Sweeping generalization, I'll admit.

          But tell me @IAmRichJOnes that A LOT (maybe even most) of black women aren't unapproachable.

          When many people (of both genders and different backgrounds) and the mainstream media agree that black women are generally unapproachable, it's not a confidence/maturity issue. There's a reason why that belief came to existence.

          Of course, not all black women are unapproachable or mean. But I'd be DAMNED is most of them aren't.

          I wish people would stop brushing off valid criticisms of women's behavior as "sweeping generalizations."

        2. I'm not brushing off. I'm just challenging your thinking. Because if you see all black women that way, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I've been places where women do come off hostile, but I've seen enough smiles and started enough conversations that I can't help but disagree. I also think it's dangerous to use what mainstream media is saying as fact. By that logic, you're also a criminal.

        3. Ok yeah @IAmRichJones and I can’t help how the media/larger society views. BUT I CAN make sure that I avoid behaving in a stereotypical manner. Hence why I don’t engage in criminal activity.

          Thus, going back to the sistas, A WHOLE LOT OF THEM should stop walking around with a scowl acting like they caught a whiff of a foul breeze. If they’re not going to throw attitude at whitey, they SHOULD NOT give attitude to brothas who respectfully attempt to approach them. And too many sistas are guilty of that.

          Unsurprisingly, these are the same women complaining about their lack of suitable dating options and about black men who date outside their race.

          With a lot of black women, brothers can’t win for losing.

        1. Of course you resort to an ad hominem (personal attack, for your basic self) towards me instead of advancing a logical argument addressing the points I made in my comment.

          But I’ll play your game. You and women and who have your nasty attitude contribute to the discord between black men and women. Instead of taking some constructive criticism (or at least utilizing some introspection) you seek to demonize anybody and everybody who calls you out on your lack of logic in your words and actions. With beauts like you in their camp, it’s no wonder why sistas are the last picked for marriages/relationships.

          Scowl at that.

        2. I had to reply to this because I do believe that I am guilty of one moreso out of habit than intention that would be the expression/scowl thing. I have been told on more than one occasion that I look serious or I always have a serious expression. Now I remember reading that walking around with a smile makes you more approachable. I walk around with a neutral expression, unfortunately my neutral expression is kind of a frown. Let me get to the point, a person's facial expression isn't a testament to their personality. I may look intimidating or serious but I smile when prompted (joke or something delightful) or greeted with a smile. Other than that I'm in chill mode and chill mode doesn't include a smile. That said I am working on it. I don't see myself just walking around with a smile but I have made the commitment to smile at anyone that I share eye contact with.

      1. While I hear your frustration let me give you the woman's side. Simply put, it can be really scary at times to be approached by men. You don't know if she's had some bad experiences earlier that day with disrespectful catcalling or just overall effected by just being a black woman period in this society. It's not easy. Just type black women and dating on Google and YouTube and look at all the negative responses there are. Doesn't make me feel supported, loved or appreciated for my attractiveness. This is where the unrealistic expectation comes in. You may expect us to look happy or approachable most times, which makes sense in your view, however from our view that can bring every Tom Dick and Harry that you seriously don't want to deal with. I know I can't stand being approached in the middle of the night while I'm trying to just get home safely (hence the tendency to travel in packs). We are constantly concerned for our safety since we are not as physically strong as men. And before you rush into the "well I'm a good guy" we women have had the Jekyll and Hyde experience of being approached by seemingly nice guys who turned out to really be crazy. Remember, we don't know you from jump. And while I agree, even just from a safety perspective, it's just better for the woman to be respectful in her response and keep it moving if she's not interested. While I'm not saying it's a good thing if we do have a scowl, I just say keep that in mind and maybe get a bit more creative in your approach.

  29. I really don't think a man should approach the woman unless she is giving you some sort of visible cues, (for example, making eye contact, smiling at you, etc.). Otherwise, what ends up happening is a lot of guys approach women who really just don't want to be bothered. I get the point of the article and I understand where he is coming from. However, the average, halfway decent-looking woman probably gets approached numerous times a day or a week (which is also why some of them decide to look mean after awhile, lol), and so even though this may be your first time approaching that particular woman, you are not the first person to approach her. And unfortunately, so many men see that woman, and they view her as attractive and thus they approach her, whether she is giving him encouraging signs or not. Many times men approach women as they are coming to and from their destinations; as they are headed to work; as they are on the phone; as they are reading etc. I am saying this from a personal standpoint because it has happened to me in virtually all of those settings, basically when I'm doing something, am occupied, and quite frankly, don't want to be bothered. It is not the job of the woman to have to entertain every offer. I am not a fan of rudeness by a woman either, but after experiencing men approaching me literally every single time I am not out with my fiance, and particularly often here in New York City, I actually understand why some women walk around with the permanent stink face. lol. I am actually trying to work on being less approachable because maybe I look too approachable, too nice or something. lol. The point is, just because you can approach a woman, it doesn't mean that you should and sometimes it just isn't the time or the place.

  30. I’m always respectful of men who approach me. I understand that for some (if not all) men to try to talk to someone they find attractive takes courage. Courage I know I don’t have, to be honest.
    I just wish they knew when to stop lol. If I tell you I have a man (lying or not), please stop. Dudes always say, “Does he mind if you have friends?” Yes dammit.

    Also, I dated a girl before and guys would approach us knowing full well we were together and still try to get at one of us. The amount of blatant disrespect we received while together was unreal. Dudes asking – or demanding, even – to watch us have sex or let them join in. One dude tried (very, VERY hard) to hijack our date and take us both out. He was overly aggressive to the point where I honestly believed he was gonna rape us or something and his friends were just standing there laughing. *sigh* Men are entitled to greet a woman; I don’t think I’m above saying hello to anyone, but the problem is a lot of them believe they’re entitled to our time and our bodies.

  31. Consider a Presidential Address from our fearless leader, President Barack Obama…My fellow Americans, I come to you today to discuss a serious problem that we here have in these United States of America, our epidemic of single moms. As many of you know, I was born of a single mom, my father siring children with several different women. So I have a bit of skin in the game on this one, so to speak. So what I have to say now will make sense from an economics stand-point.Gentlemen, you have to marry the sluts. You have to. For the good of the country. You must. Please turn in your bachelorhood, marry a single mom of your (or the government’s) choosing, raise and financially support all her children that she bred with how many different men she let cum inside her, and willfully become her cuckhold. Do this for the country. You must. You must do this because you are going to support them anyway with your tax dollars since these women will be getting public housing, welfare assistance, healthcare assistance, and tuition dollars to educate all their children at public university. You are paying for them and all their bastard children whether you like it or not.My way, you at least get to f-ck the women you are paying for. So there is some good there. And so you will no longer have to live a bachelor’s life of disgruntled, bitter, masturbation to p(ro)n, you can get laid. Routinely. Provided she doesn’t instantly change her mind about having sex with you and call the cops and have you thrown out of the house that you paid for or the apartment that the government paid for. In such case, obviously, you would still be required to pay for all the children that she had with other men that you will never meet.I am therefore recommending to Congress that they craft a Bill that I will sign. Call it the Finance Undeserving C-nts viaKnighthood You Otherwise Useless male Act. Part of this Bill would be to “conscript” all unmarried, hardworking, Beta males, whether they are MGTOW or not, into a marriage of the government’s chosing if you can’t hurry up and man up and marry a slut. Gentlemen, you have a small window before the F-V-C-K YOU Act mandate goes into effect. In which case, we’ll set up a website and we’ll pair you up with a slut.Thank you. God Bless you. And God Bless America

  32. If this post was true, Northern Europeans would have been extinct by now. You will never, ever, ever in your life be hit on on the street or in the subway there, not even if you're Cindy Crawford. So your logic fails you there.

    Why would guys set themselves up for failure, anyway? Wouldnt it be wise to wait for SOME kind of encouragement from the woman?

  33. My issue is with men who don't even bother to ask if I'm married or dating someone exclusively, they just feel "entitled" to getting a phone number because he showed up. Then when I tell them I'm married they ball up their face, say "you married?" like I told them I had AIDS. Some even have the nerve to tell me they don't believe me. *smh

    1. That does have some truth to it. I hate "walking contradictions." I also hate when ladies pick and choose who to be righteous with. I knew a girl who told me she would date me but she was in a relationship and doesn't cheat, but turned around and got with a dude I am acquainted with who is engaged, and on top of that, got pregnant. That's that ish I don't like!!!


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