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So a few weeks ago, I wrote an article on 5 things women need to do to keep men happy. We had some great participation, and some feelings were hurt. I received a few tweets, Facebook messages, and comments by some who were offended by the title or the notion that women NEED to do things to keep men happy. I say, drink a tall glass of Wake The F*** Up, and realize that this wasn’t another blog meant to demean women. This goes both ways [insert innuendo]. Men, you aren’t off the hook either! When you get a new car you wash it, detail it, and add your favorite accessories to enhance its value. You want the car to be in better condition than when you first bought it. That’s how you should treat a relationship. Men have a few things you need to do in order to keep a woman happy:

LISTEN *DJ Khaled Voice*

There’s a difference between hearing someone and actively listening. A woman will tell you all the details of her life, because it’s important for her to vent. She takes special interest in your life, so she will give you the raw detail of hers, so that you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in her world. Of course, she doesn’t always expect you to do that, but the fact that you don’t multitask (as much) when you listen to her or the fact that you can give constructive criticism or a viable opinion on her life issues will be appreciated. The fun in life is in the details, and she wants to have a LOT of fun. Indulge, because knowing her is important!

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Know Her

This goes hand in hand with listening. It’s important for women (and I would think men too). They want you to know their likes and dislikes. Know the right things to say when she needs motivation, or consoling. She doesn’t want to feel like she’s told you everything about her, and you didn’t feel that it was necessary to retain the knowledge. I mean, women might expect us to remember EVERYTHING, but you should remember the little things, and the big things within an acceptable percentage. Don’t just aim for a 65 here!

Make love to her mind and body

Men are from Long Beach, and women are from Pomona. We are wired differently. Mentally stimulating a woman can be as beneficial and in most cases, more beneficial to men who want to please her. Women need to be in a certain state of mind, and be comfortable enough to release. She needs to let her mind  focus on achieving ultimate satisfaction, and men need to assist. Make her feel sexy. Show her your own intellect. Don’t be dull! Allow her mind to be the canvas, and paint a picture of ecstasy and enjoyment.

Women will say that a physical relationship isn’t as important, but this is a swindle. Part of being a balanced lover is being able to please her physically. Think about the NFL scoring drives that make it all the way to the red zone and loses a scoring opportunity due to a goal line turnover. Lay it down correctly. Be attentive and she’ll let you know where and what to do. If she says keep going, KEEP GOING!! Follow this rule and you’ll have a happier home.

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Be a man!

Women need you to just be a man sometimes. Kill the bugs, take out the trash walk the dog. Take charge when necessary. Lead. Have a backbone. Don’t let her walk all over you. Be firm, be strong, be compassionate, be reliable, and above all else, be you! This might not be “politically correct” but when has that ever stopped us! It takes more than that to make a man, but these are some of the basic qualities a man should exhibit. It will do wonders in earning her respect and admiration. Plus, it’s only right!

Don’t tell women what they NEED to do!!

LOL… This was one of the funniest responses I got to the previous post. Nuff Said!

Ladies, what else can men do to keep you happy? Fellas, do you take exception to any of my suggestions?

All I want to do, is be happy *MJB Voice*


This article originally posted in July  2011.


  1. **REAL TEARS @ "Men are from Long Beach, and women are from Pomona."**

    #1 & 2 are the key to #3. A woman's comfort level is a HUGE factor to her level of pleasure. She has to be placed in that mindset. It's really hard for us to switch gears so you need a bit of um…buildup. Do an unexpected chore and draw her a bath.
    The only thing I'd add is remember a relationship is a plant, not an Ikea table. You have to keep doing a bit of what you did in the beginning to keep it alive. Give her a compliment. Tell her you are proud of her. Surprise her for a date. Leave a note on the bed if you leave first for work with a simple "I Love You". A few small things make a really big difference.
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  2. I agree with all of the points listed. The only thing I would add is to support your woman. Support her thoughts, decisions and feelings. You do this in accordance to what you have listed….then you have a partner for life 🙂
    My recent post Financial Friday

  3. You've made mention of almost every important point to make a woman happy. As an addition to that, Respect her and listen to her.
    Respect counts most in every relationship. She will always feel happy when you respect her even when you are alone with her and no one else is around.
    Also, women appreciate it when a man listens to them and takes their opinion into consideration. This makes them feel as being part of every deal and eventually makes them happy.

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  4. 1. Don't cheat
    2. Pay her attention
    3. Put the toilet seat down
    4. Buy a bouquet of flowers er'ry now and then
    5. Tell her she's beautiful
    6. The little things

    That's all I could think of. For a woman like me, at least.

  5. To make me happy…

    Abolish all ideas associated with “woman/female logic.”

    Also, don’t assume I’m dumb. I don’t need you to tell me how to butter my bread.

  6. No lie but you need to run shit. I had one of those 50/50 relationships and it didn't work because I have her as much power as I had. In my new relationship what I say goes, and we couldn't be a happier. Not that I don't let her have her say, but I don't let none of that female emotional bullsh** ride.


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